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Mar 10, 2009

Understand Your Importance in Life

Often times people will feel like no one needs them in this world, like if they just disappeared, no one would even notice. If you think this way, don't, because whether you know it or not, someone loves you.

Think about the effect of your actions on other people. Many people have done selfless deeds, and didn't even notice. But little do they know, the receiver of your kind actions is probably very thankful. Like if you offered your unfinished bagel to someone in a restaurant, and paid no mind to it. They would've been having financial difficulties, and weren't able to afford food the day of their job application. Your kindness would've put them in a good mood, and allowed them to get the job. But if you weren't alive, they probably would've failed to get the job, and would still be in difficult times now. You perform countless kind actions everyday without even knowing, and your actions greatly impact others.

Understand the impact you've made on the world. In your mind, you may be just another face in the crowd. Another pair of hands, another imperfect human. But this is wrong. Your attitude defines everything about you, and all attitudes are contagious. Consider changing attitudes if yours isn't where it should be.
* Have a good attitude. If you simply smile to everyone you see, they are much more likely to have a good day, and so are you. The simple act of smiling makes you happy, and your mood will spread to others.
* Don't spread your bad attitudes. When you're having a bad day, and just can't seem to snap out of your funk, don't let others know. Try your hardest to show others a smile throughout your day. This will make them happier, and after smiling to so many people, you'll probably be happy too. If you frown at everyone you see, your vibe will rub off on them, and they'll all have bad days too.

Know what you are capable of. Understand that if you really try, you can accomplish anything you'd like to do. If you truly believe in something enough, and continually make an effort to stand up for your beliefs, you will make a difference in the world. Almost all famous people you've heard of have made huge differences in the world, most for the better. And many people you haven't heard of have made differences that affect your life to this day. Such as Rosalind Franklin. If it weren't for this unknown woman, we wouldn't know what DNA looks like. If she decided that she didn't make a difference in the world, we still probably wouldn't know.

Make an effort to help others. Try extremely hard to help people for one week. (Even though you really should be doing it all the time.) This means helping old ladies cross the street, carrying groceries to people's cars, and picking up things people have dropped. Once one week has passed, think about what would've happened if you hadn't been alive. That woman may be at the doctor for Arthritis because no one helped her cross the street, and she fell. That man would've dropped his groceries, having no one to help him carry them, and wasn't able to afford more food for his family that week. That kid would've dropped his mother's credit card, and since no one informed him that he'd dropped it, he lost it forever. Be aware of what your actions have done to these people.

Know that you are different from everyone else. Sure, you may be just a human. But don't let that be an excuse. You're unique, and that's what makes you you. Think of yourself as a puzzle piece; a necessity to complete the puzzle, but no one can fill in your place. If you weren't gracing this Earth with your wonderful abilities, that piece of the puzzle would be missing for all eternity, because only you can fill it in.

Consider finding a religion to believe in. This will help you understand your purpose in life.Always make an effort to help those in need.Understand who you are before trying to understand your importance in life.Gain perspective. Volunteer, even if just for an hour or two, at a soup kitchen, free clinic, homeless shelter, etc. Such life experiences are truly a "win-win." Not only do you help other people, you will likely have a greater appreciation for your own circumstances and opportunities.

Respect and explore religions. Humans who believe in a higher power, whether through Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, or just spirituality, share a sense of their own place and importance in the world and a sense of inner peace and strength, no matter how they relate to their God.
Everyone is on this Earth for a reason. You're here, aren't you?