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Nikon Ultimate Hunter's Package

Looking for a great gifts this coming Christmas? There is an awesome and mindblowing Black Friday Promotion from Nikon Sport Optics, NikonProGear and NikonHunting.com . If you are your other half enjoy hunting for hobbies .And when it comes to hunting optics .Nikon is your ultimate choice. And when it comes to Nikon Hunting Optics .You have arrived to the right place.Nikon.com presents the Nikon Ultimate Hunter's Package Promo .ProStaff 3-9x40 Riflescope with BDC Reticle.ProStaff Laser Rangefinder.Silent Technology Rangefinder Case.Mastering a Long-range shot with BDC DVD.$50 NikonProGear Gift Card . This great package comes together with high quality great equipment and save $144.90 . If you still looking for additional high quality,rugged binoculars, Nikon Sport Optics has got something for you – for a limited time only, get an extra $20 off on Nikon Action Extreme ATB 10x50 Binoculars! Nikon.com has them all.

That’s not all , just for the Black Friday Promotion, Nikon and NikonProGear.com are expanding the Gift Card Promotion ($25 and $50 value) to include all of the following products – Nikon Monarch Binoculars, Trailblazer Binoculars, Nikon Action 10x50 Binoculars and ANY Nikon ATB Binoculars. Plus you can get special holiday prices on ProStaff Riflescopes, Nikon Monarch Rifle Scopes, Buckmasters and Omega Riflescopes.

Purchase any best selling Nikon ATB binocular and get a Nikon pro gear gift card up $50.00 value.Shop at Nikon.com and give ATB Nikon this Christmas.
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Cope With False Hopes

Have you ever had false hopes? For example, let's say a friend says something like, "if you complete this task for me, I'll give you something in return" and you expected something in return, but didn't get anything. You feel cheated and used. Imagine the feeling...what do you do?

    Don't expect too much. You won't always get everything you expect, so you have to be prepared for a letdown.
    Know the people you're dealing with. If someone has let you down before, he or she is more likely to let you down again.
    Beware of NATO behavior. NATO = No Action Talk Only. Some people just talk as if things are simple, and that they will definitely help you, but when it comes to the real situation, they are the first ones to run away or make themselves unavailable. Cowards.
    Confront the person to explain how you feel. If you're a little wary of talking to the person, you can use text messages or e-mail. If they still can't get it, tell them not to make empty promises or say things like, "you are not man enough to keep promises, please don't give false hopes."
    Spread the word to others and tell them to beware of that person. If they don't appreciate it, once they experience, they will soon realize.
    Don't trust promises from a forgetful person. This is common sense.

     The steps depend on varying situations, there's no hard and fast rule here.
     Don't be too soft-hearted, and taken in by empty promises, as you will feel cheated over and over again.
     Have a backup plan and be prepared if someone who is a frequent empty promiser, promises you things that sounds too good to be true. Write it down on notebook.
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Recognize a Controlling Person

Those who try to control other people are, simply put, not nice-and probably have deeper issues . Here are some ways to recognize a controlling person and respond accordingly.

    Think about your own actions. Do you often find yourself altering your own personality, plans or views to fit someone else's, even if you are a strong person? If so, you might have been dealing with a controlling person.
    Keep track of your relationships. A controlling person will try to cause trouble between you and your family or friends. This is in order to isolate you from others. Be sure to stay aware of these traits.
    Be on the lookout for moodiness. People with moody personalities are often unhappy with their own lives and try to improve their situation by controlling others.
    Consider if you are often expected to change your plans for this person. Let's say you have your day all planned out and then you receive a phone call from a friend, and you tell them your plans. The person wants to join in with your plans, with the exception that your time doesn't work well for them, or maybe that isn't the place they want to go. The next thing that you know, your plans have totally changed. You end up seeing a movie that you didn't care to see, at a time that you didn't really care to go.
    Listen for compliments. Often people with control issues are not very good at giving sincere compliments. They do not want you to feel good about yourself because it may take control and attention away from them.
   Watch out for controlling people if you are very attractive, for they can make your life miserable. Your looks will become a handicap in a controlling relationship, for they probably have a jealousy problem too.
    Be on the lookout for not only moodiness, but temper outbursts by the other person when you disagree with them or don't do exactly what they want you to do. In their minds, you are challenging their authority over you.
    Remember just because someone is opinionated doesn't mean they are controlling. A good test to tell the difference between someone who is just very opinionated or controlling is if they willingly accept or tolerate differences between you and them and don't try to change any part of your core person or personality.
    While relationships are not democracies, neither are they dictatorships; seek a balance you are comfortable with.

     Controlling people often have difficulty dealing with problems objectively and will manipulate the conversation to blame others when their own mistakes are pointed out. Be prepared to firmly make your point, then end the discussion without allowing the controlling person to successfully shift the blame to you or others.
     If you are a person who likes to control others, step back and take a long look at the stress that you may be causing someone else.
     When controlling personalities sense that they are losing control, they can psychologically induce physical problems such as back pain, stomach pains, fainting or hives. This is simply their way of gaining control of the situation again by gaining the attention, sypmathy and concern of others.
     Controlling people often do not have close friends, and rarely are friends with others who are more attractive, intelligent, or well-liked than themselves. They tend to be jealous of popular, successful people, and will criticize those held in high-regard by others.
     Listen for compliments. Controlling people will rarely compliment others as this would divert attention from themselves and their desire to be the center of attention. Compliments, when given, are backhanded and actually point out some flaw or defect in the other person.
     Controlling people often demean or criticize others as a means of building theirselves up and appearing superior and in control.
     Trust your feelings and try to be honest with yourself. Don't be afraid to reach out to others you trust for your emotional needs.
     Relationships and friendship are not built on who is in control.
     The stronger a person that you are, the harder a controlling person will work to tear you down. It's like an ego trip for them.
     A controlling person may try to control the way you dress and speak, or they may even criticize your opinion.
     Controlling people can be both male and female; both romantic and platonic. Be just as wary of a jealous friend who hates your significant other as you are of your significant other especially if your friend is unhappy with his/her romances.
     if you are being isolated or pushed into spending time with only "their" family and friends without respect to your feelings or wants.
     It is likely that a controlling person plays head games, in order to hide this major fault that they have.
     Special note: there is a big difference between being in control of one's self, and trying to control other people. Having good self-esteem is a good thing, the other isn't.
     If you are a strong, secure person you may over time start to feel a bit weird about how you can never be correct in much of anything around this person. Especially if it is a topic they feel they know a lot about. Listen to these feelings, they are there to guide you.
     Controlling people are very manipulative. They will not like it when you try to stand up for yourself about something that is important to you. Always try to stay calm in conflicted conversations and do not lose your cool. Keep in mind that they probably will because you are challenging their control. End conversations immediately if they start to get verbally violent either by leaving or saying goodbye and hanging up the phone.
     When possible, force yourself to distance yourself from someone you believe to be controlling you. Avoid conversations, interactions, mutual interests and friendships/relationships where you are in their presence. Doing so will allow you to gain a more healthy perspective about your life, as well as force you to seek out your own individuality and independence away from this person. Do not provide an explanation to this person for your need for these changes. That will only invoke more attempts at control since they will know what you're up to and their manipulations will prevail. Just make the changes. Remember that the problem of control is theirs and not yours. The goal is to liberate yourself, not fix the problem.
     The longer that you allow other people to control you, the weaker you may become.
     If you find yourself changing your interests to those of the other person or giving up former hobbies or friends - you are probably in a controlling relationship.
     Remember- we teach people how to treat us. If you find yourself constantly "giving in" to the other person; you are not being yourself and are being controlled.
     Set firm boundary lines of what is and isn't acceptable to you when dealing with a controlling person. They will push these limits to test you. Stay firm and don't back down.
     Just because someone has a forceful personality doesn't make them a controlling personality. The test is " DO they allow you to be yourself or do they unduly influence your behavior ". You should know this instinctivly.
     Watch for people who try to play on the emotional side of you to gain your trust early in the friendship. Such as telling you what a hard life they had because they were bullied 6 years ago but they feel they can only trust telling you. Then when they find out what others have said to hurt you they'll bring it up constantly like

"How did you feel again when you were cheated on? Don't you think that you did something to deserve it?" They will seem sincere and caring at first but then they bring it up and use it to subtley insult you until you agree with them. This is sort of a mind game, influencing you to think of yourself the way they want you to. You will often find yourself feeling upset, angry and deflated after a conversation and then they will try to persuade you to do other things they know you don't like.
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My Inaanak

My friend marife (AKA angelrose from SF called me last night and chat for a while.While we were talking on the phone, I can hear her daughter talking on the phone. Angel said she got so quiet, and there she was sleep . Then asked her to send me a picture of my inaanak, and there she is.
Here is my inaanak, here mom took this picture after her nap. That is why her hair is all over the place, but she still cute. She is almost two. A terrible 2's .
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Online University Degree

Did you know that you can earn your degree without attending school physically? Yes! You heard me right. Now , you will be able to attend school and earn the degree you ever dream of .Capella.edu is an online university degree , it's an online accredited University.It's a new kind of university that adult learners could attend from any location.Capella University provides a high-caliber educational experience that moves you forward toward achieving your dreams and fulfilling your aspirations. Visit the link above , browse the program. Request a university guide and start your online application for admission.

Follow your dream , change your life ,take one step forward and follow your dream , pursue your degree at www,Capella.edu . Find the degree online that is right for you.This following blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit Blogitive.com
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Look Good on a Lazy Day

Having a lazy day in is great, but there's always the nagging doubt someone might call round or your brothers cute friends might arrive! You don't want to be looking a total mess, but you must still be comfortably unkempt. This look also works great for sleepovers.

   In the morning (when you eventually get up!) you face an important decision: to shower, or not to shower. As you're aiming to look mildly acceptable, with the worry that someone might see you, you should probably shower, although having a bath would be a better alternative, for extra chilling out. Freshen yourself up well, and brush your teeth, apply deodorant etc. If a friend calls around you don't want to smell gross.
    Next put on some comfy clothes. Pajamas are best, but whatever you feel most relaxed in is fine. Add some cosy socks or slippers, and something to keep you warm (bath robe or snuggly jumper). You obviously want to look presentable if you are called upon, so don't wear last weeks stained t-shirt or your oldest socks with the huge hole in.
    This IS your lazy day, so don't get hung up on make up or styling your hair. Just leave your hair to air dry, and if you must use make up, use it very lightly. Perhaps just some concealer and lip balm. You can't get comfy if you're worrying about your mascara smudging!
    Think about what you will do all day (see related articles). When you are getting comfy on the couch, try not to spill drinks or crumbs everywhere, and make sure the cushions and blankets don't stink.
    Enjoy your day, happy in the knowledge that if someone was to unexpectedly interrupt your day you wouldn't look like a total slob!

    Don't worry too much about looking nice. Your day is meant to be for chilling, but just in case someone calls for you, you don't want to have to dash around frantically sprucing up before opening the door.
    If you think you might have to go out make sure you have some clean clothes at the ready.
     To avoid someone ruining your day (therefore meaning you can totally slob out, woo!) unplug your landline phone, turn off your mobile, appear offline on instant messengers, and turn off lights so it looks like you're out. Obviously, if all else fails, don't answer the door!

    Having too many lazy days means you will damage friendships and become unhealthy due to eating junk food and not exercising.
     Trying to look great on a lazy day will ruin your fun, so just make yourself look presentable.
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Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic surgery is very popular this days. Specially at the Hollywood world. It's amazing how a surgeon can change the appearance of a person into an amazing look because of the advance technology we have this days.Grossmanplasticsurgery.com is one among many cosmetic surgery out here that you can rely one. And it's one among those finest corporate industry finest technological advancements in surgical procedures with an uncompromising commitment to achieving the most excellent result. Grossmanplasticsurgery.com is located in two location, which is you will find them in Hollywood and in Denver Plastic Surgery in Colorado.

If you want to turn the old you into new you by getting a cosmetic surgery? No matter what kind of surgery you are looking for . From breast augmentation,lift; tummy tuck or maybe just a simple VASER liposelection.Here is your chance.Visit grossmanplasticsurgery.com . Take one step forward and get the cosmetic look you deserved. You would not be sorry you did it. You will get an amazing result.
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Become Fall Festival Queen

Does your small-town school have an annual Fall Festival Queen? If this interests you, there are some things to think about.

    Decide for certain if you really want to be the Queen candidate for your class. Be aware that there are a lot of pressures, like if you don't win, your classmates may isolate you!
    Start making yourself visible to the "In" crowd.. they could be your sure ticket in.
    Hint to your closest pals that you would really like to do it but be subtle. (For example, instead of saying "I really want to be the Junior Queen Candidate!", say "I wouldn't mind if I were Queen this year, it may be fun!")
    Be nice to everybody. When it gets close to voting day, be extremely nice to everyone because you are seeking votes. You don't have to be subtle; just flat out say "Vote for me!"
    Be proud. On voting day, wear your class colors proudly! Don't overdo it, keep things simple. Pick out your cutest jeans and tie a ribbon in your hair to coordinate. Smile a lot and don't let anyone know you are nervous.
    Sit somewhere sensible. At the voting assembly, don't sit in the front row. That is too obvious and people will view you as desperate. Sit in the 3rd or 4th row, so it's not too hard to walk down if your name is called.
    Keep calm if you are picked. Do not cry or your makeup will run and that does not look good on the front page of the newspaper! If you're not picked, again don't cry because some people will try to make fun of you and there are plenty of other festivals to try out for.

     You don't have to be so-called perfect; you just have be determined, dedicated and consistent. And be nice to people; it's a good habit to learn young.
     Dress, float, skit, hair, pictures, etc all add up, so make sure you have some cash stashed back. Or, more sensibly and in line with reusing and recycling, ask around for donations of items to save costs.
    Sometimes acting like you don't want it at all is the best way to actually get it. If you take this route, be very nonchalant about it, and always reply very broadly when someone asks "Do you want to be candidate?"
    If your class has won three years in a row, it may not be such a good idea to get your hopes up, as the system will try to even things out.
     Have fun! It's really not that serious, so if you don't win, get over it.

     Don't overdo it on the make-up.
     Try not to cry; it's just not worth the energy expended.
     Do not force people to vote for you. You'll look desperate, mean or just plain pushy.
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Have a Great Sense of Style

Fashion is a great way to express yourself and show your personality through what you wear. That's why having your own style is so important. You need to have your own personal style, just like you have your own individual personality. For example, to show your bubbly and outgoing, you can wear bright, fun stuff. If you're more quiet and sophisticated, you can wear something to reflect that as well. And a great part about fashion and clothes is that you don't need a million bucks to LOOK like a million bucks!

    Find your style. In other words, find clothes you like, then look back at everything that caught your eye, and try to classify it all. For example, if you find yourself being drawn to bright, colorful, and bold pieces, you're style is probably very bold and maybe risky (in a good way). If you notice that you love to buy lots of skirts and dresses, your style is probably leaning toward a flirty, girly aesthetic. If you liked a mix of everything, then you're free-spirited and your style has no boundaries.
    Go to the mall and try out some new places. Now that you've figured your style out, you have a general idea of what to look for. Once you're at the mall, try out as many stores as you can, even if it means going somewhere you've never been into before. Some good, affordable places are Forever 21, Wet Seal, Rue 21, Charlotte Russe, Steve and Barry's, and The Buckle. Try any place that catches your eye.
    Stay away from Aeropostale, Abercrombie, American Eagle Outfitters, and Hollister (especially if you're a teen). Yes, they may have cute clothes, but everybody shops there, and you don't want to look like all the others, right? But, if you absolutely must buy something from one of those places, only buy 1 or 2 things.
    The mall is not your only hope. If you think the mall is too expensive or if you dislike it, try out other retailers. Kohls and JC Penny have awesome stuff. Other great places are T.J Maxx, Marshall's, Macy's, Boston Store, Target, or Sears. For especially unique and cheap items, hit your local thrift stores. Goodwill and Salvation Army have many one-of-a-kind items for under $10. Look for skirts, vintage dresses, cute purses, scarves, and jewelry.
    Remember: FIT is important, NOT SIZE. If you find something you like in a store, try it on! Look for a good fit, not size. You might have to bring a few different sizes into a dressing room, but what difference does it make? You could have the most perfect top in the world but it would look terrible if it's too loose or too tight. Don't get all hung up if you have to buy a size larger or smaller than what you usually wear. Remember, all stores are different; their fits are rarely identical. If you really like something, try on various sizes until you find one that looks best. If none of them do, don't buy it. It may be adorable, but if it's unflattering, you won't enjoy wearing it.
   Keep your body type in mind. Flattering your body type is key to looking stylish.

      Thin and Short: Look for medium-length shorts, loose minidresses, skinny jeans, and fitted jackets that end at your waist.

      Thin and Tall: You can pull off many different looks, but keep proportions in mind. Go for dramatic garments like ankle-length skirts and dresses, wide-leg jeans, and sweater dresses.

      Curvy: You should try wrap dresses, tops with vertical details (such as thin stripes or pin tucks), jackets that tie around your natural waist, and boot-leg jeans.

      Athletic: Look for pieces that create curves, like flair-leg pants, v-neck blouses,, ruffly tops, and skirts with pleats.Try wearing a wide belt around your waist.
    Choose flattering colors to complement your skin tone. If your skin is tan or if you're African-American,try warm colors, like orange, yellow, and red. If your skin is light you should go with cooler colors like blue, green, or purple. Don't worry though, even if you have light skin it doesn't mean you'll never wear orange again. If you'd like to wear warm colors and you're cool (or vice versa) then look for a different shade of that color; i.e.,f you're warm and you want to wear green, look for a deep, forest green. If you're cool and want to wear red, go for a cherry red.
    The Internet is a very stylish place. You can find extremely cute clothes online as well! It's perfect because if you buy your clothes from sites that don't have stores, it's very unlikely that someone will have the same piece as you. Some great sites are:




      The only downside to online shopping is that you can't try on anything. Be sure to take a look at the sizing charts and return policies and you should be fine.
    Shoes rule!! Shoes are a very important part of an outfit. Be sure to keep in mind your style and the season while shoe shopping.

      Sandals are good for spring.

      Flip flops are great for summer (buy lots of cheap, solid color pairs so you can mix and match).

      Ballet flats are perfect for fall.Boots and clogs are best for winter. Sneakers are also good options for cooler months. But if you are going to chose to wear sneakers, don't pick out just plain old athletic shoes: save those for the gym. Instead get stylish ones, such as Converses or Vans. Another fabulous option is to personalize your own! You can design your own Nike, Converses, or Vans at each of their respective websites. (Beware, though, this can be expensive.) A cheaper way to personalize is to buy different laces. One more option could even be to buy a cheap pair in a light color and draw on them in Sharpie! I recently bought these tan sneakers for $15 at Kohls and I took them home and drew all over them! I get so many compliments on them now. You could draw anything you like on them, from song lyrics to cartoons to patterns! The choice is yours.
   Accessories can turn a blah outfit into a wow outfit! Just like shoes, accessories like jewelry, belts, purses, hats, and sunglasses can make or break your style. The best place in the world for jewelry is Claire's! Their necklaces, earrings, and bracelets are super cute and very affordable. They even offer ear piercings from professionals! Get some basic hoop and stud earrings that will go with anything, and it would also be a good idea to get a cute, versatile charm necklace too. Bangle bracelets look great with loads of things. For belts, don't spend a whole lot of money on them. Just get two or three. Target has loads of belts and they're pretty affordable. Studded or braided belts look nice with pretty much everything. Also, at some stores a belt comes with a pair of jeans, so look out for that too. (I know Kohl's juniors does this.) Chunky belts that go around your waist look fabulous with a slouchy-neck or cashmere sweater. It really gives you an hourglass figure. Target is a great place to get cheap purses, too. I know, most articles will tell you that a designer purse is essential, but really, not all of them are that great and a lot of people don't like spending $200 that a purse that will barely hold their keys and their cell phone. (I know I don't!) Get something that's a medium-ish size, so you're not lugging around this giant thing wherever you go. (Unless you're into tote bags! American Eagle has some great ones, and it's one of the few times you should buy something from one of those teeny-bopper stores.) But whether or not you're into large purses, be sure it isn't too big. Put it over your shoulder in the store. If it's way longer than your waist, or way thicker than your side, it's too big. You don't want to look ridiculous lugging around something that looks like you could fit a body in. As for sunglasses, find out your face shape and what shape of sunglasses would look best on you. Round shaped faces should get square shaped sunglasses, and square shaped faces should get round-ish sunglasses, or aviators. They should be big, but not huge like Nicole Richie or Paris Hilton's. It looks ridiculous. But over all, for accessories, the general rule is don't over accessorize. If you're wearing five necklaces, a stack of bangles up your arms, a belt, big earrings, big sunglasses, and carrying a purse the size of a small elephant, you're not going to be able to walk. If you think it looks like too much (if you need to ask, it probably is) then take off one item before you leave the house.

    A good way to keep up on current trends and find new outfits you like is to subscribe to a fashion magazine. Seventeen is a very good one, as it has quite a lot about fashion and the clothes are affordable for the most part. But don't rely on trends too much, because trend means something everyone wears, and like I mentioned early, you do not want to look like everyone else.
     A cool thing to do is to keep a fashion scrapbook! Take an old, empty notebook (like one you'd use for school) cut out clothes you like from a fashion magazine you're subscribed to, and glue them into the notebook! It's really fun and it's cool to look back and see how your style has changed or stayed the same through the years.
     If you really like something, but it's too long, don't be afraid to get it tailored! Find a tailor nearby your neighborhood and have him or her change it to what you'd like. Most of the time it isn't too expensive, roughly $20 I think. But it will be worth it to have that dress altered to the perfect height to make you look like a goddess!
     Don't be afraid to take risks in the dressing rooms! If you see something you like but are hesitant to buy it because you aren't sure if it would flatter your body type, then try it on. For example, if you really like those shorts but have curvier legs, then why not take it to the dressing room? You'll never know until you actually put it on! And if it does look bad, who cares? It's not like anybody has to see you.
     Always flatter your favorite body parts! If you love your long, beautiful legs, show them off in miniskirts and short-shorts with flats! If you adore your skinny, tanned arms, flaunt them with halter and tank tops! You like your curvy butt? Proudly display it to the world with capri pants and jeans with designs on the pockets! Like they say, if you've got it, flaunt it.

     Dress respectably. In other words, don't look like a slut. There's nothing wrong with drawing attention to certain parts of your body, but know where to draw the line. The rule of thumb is that if you're going to show off your legs, wear a modest shirt. If you're wearing a low cut top, then replace your shorts with jeans. Never do it all at once. Don't wear skin tight, low riding jeans (especially with thongs!). Don't wear paper thin, super low cut tops either. Be sure you're bra isn't showing. (Straps are okay most of the time, only if it's a little bit. Like with tank tops it might even look good if it's colored.) You don't want that sort of attention.
    Never, ever change your style for somebody else! Now that you have a new style, a new wardrobe, some people will love it and some won't. Some may even be jealous! Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Ignore the dirty looks you might get. Who cares what those other people think? You're dressing for you, not for some living Barbie doll in your geography class. Accept compliments you get with a smile, and simply ignore the icy ones. What matters is reflecting yourself as a person through you're clothes, not the opinion of some jealous female dog. :)
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Cope With Living in a Boring Town

Whether it is Irvine, Singapore, Vermont, or Laguna Niguel, there are still ways you can have a little more fun than you can expect in even the most boring residences! Boring towns can be depressing, and they can REALLY screw up your life and make you feel like a total loser and that you're missing out on all the fun, but DON'T WORRY!

    Explore as much as you can! Go to every restaurant, club (if there even is one), neighborhood, and at least TRY to find something exciting! Excitement won't just come to you, you've got to find it for yourself! If things are STILL not interesting, then try looking in every nook and cranny, or you could try graffiti (except that is vandalism, and is NOT recommended at all, DO NOT ATTEMPT, UNLESS YOU ARE REALLY WILLING TO).
    Make some friends! Even the most boring of places can have the most interesting people! Try meeting someone new, and you will be surprised of the outcome. There may not be much to do around town, but you can always watch movies or play video games and what-not. You can even try to get yourself in a relationship.
    Explore nearby places. There could be some other towns around your own that may be interesting, but don't always expect that you can just mosey on over there anytime you want. Laguna Niguel may seem close to Los Angeles, but it's still 20 hours away!! Try starting out with closer towns, and if you're not interested, then try aiming for even farther towns.
    Find out where everyone is hanging. Find where all the cliques are at and you may just find out where the fun is at!
    Persuade your guardian(s)/spouse to move. It may never work for many reasons, but if you're lucky...
    Complain to the Mayor. If you're lucky, he/she may accept your opinions about the town, but you have to NOT be rude no matter HOW much he/she has virtually "killed" your life. They may most likely not accept your opinion, especially if you're a teenager, so this option may be used as your last chance.
   Screw around! Go crazy! Go through the streets and cause trouble! (not recommended, your faults are your responsibility)
    Use the library...

    Dig out local history, look for "interesting characters and dark skeletons".
          o Visit the "interesting characters"
          o Rattle the skeletons.
    Dig out statistical data and maps. Look for those "Hey that's weird!" numbers and "I don't know whats there gaps" in maps.

    Talk to old folk about yesteryear, it's what made this year.
    Go "urban exploring.

     Don't give up! There has got to be something there for you to do! Nobody makes a town for nothing!
     If you plan on becoming a carpenter, you may gladly make whatever you wished your town had to compensate on it not being there in the first place. It would gladly save the town, and it's better to make others happy rather than just yourself.
     Some towns will be boring, but remember that it is never your fault :)
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Wanna go fast? You need a turbocharger

Most people treat their car like their baby. Well, the more you take care of car, the more it last longer right? Do you want to add boost on your car to make it faster or run better? If so , check Turbochargerpros.com , they have everything you need to upgrade your car .From audi turbocharger from any other model, and take note they have everything on stock. Turbochargerpros.com has the best available, best prices and wide selection of replacement turbo and more.

I would want to boost up my car's AC at Turbochagerpros.com which is really need need it during summer. Guy's if you are looking on upgrading your very own car, visit the link above and find the best turbocharger for your ride.
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How to Recognize Symptoms of Early-Stage Alzheimer's Disease

What kinds of behaviors should you expect from a loved one who has just been diagnosed with early-stage Alzheimer's disease? Here 10 common symptoms of early Alzheimer's.

Alzheimer's disease is progressive, meaning it worsens over time. It is also terminal, meaning all who develop it will eventually succumb to it. As Alzheimer's rides its course, it renders those who suffer from it increasingly dependent on the care of others. This is true for all people who develop Alzheimer's, but the particular symptoms and the degree to which they show themselves vary among individuals.

For convenience, the progression of Alzheimer's is often divided into three stages: early/mild, middle/moderate, and late/severe. The symptoms and signs of Alzheimer's have been identified by observing people with Alzheimer's disease as a group.

An individual may not show all of the symptoms in each stage of progression. For example, many -- but not all – Alzheimer's patients develop severe psychiatric problems, such as delusions and hallucinations. Among those who do, the symptoms appear in the middle to late stages of Alzheimer's.

It may help friends and family to familiarize themselves with the typical stages of Alzheimer's disease so that they know what to expect in the coming years. The early/mild stage of Alzheimer's is characterized by declining ability to form new memories, impaired ability to organize and manipulate complex ideas, and, sometimes, by personality changes.

Symptoms Mild Dementia/Early Stage Alzheimer's disease

     Diminished short-term memory
     Misplacing belongings in odd places; losing valuable belongings, like wallet or purse
     Difficulty finding the right word: "Tip of the tongue" syndrome
     Person seems "not himself" and shows uncharacteristic behaviors
     Lapses in judgment
     Difficulty with mental arithmetic and handling money
     Disorientation in unfamiliar places or situations
     May become apathetic or withdrawn, avoiding social situations
     More difficulty with routine tasks at work or at home, or may take longer to complete tasks
     Irritation or anger in response to increasing memory lapses

Specific Examples
     Asks the same question repeatedly within the same conversation
     Puts car keys away in refrigerator
     Unable to recall word for "car" and then says in frustration, "The thing you drive to work in."
     A normally shy person becomes uncharacteristically outgoing or talkative at a family gathering
     Agrees to buy services or products he/she doesn't need from telephone sales person
     Finds it difficult to balance checkbook or figure out correct amount of money to pay for an item
     while shopping Forgets to eat, skips meals, or eats the same food every meal
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Small Changes Equal Big Impact on Your Cholesterol

Exercise and
adopt a healthy diet. This age-old advice still holds true for those of
us who need to improve our cholesterol profiles. In this Health Alert,
Johns Hopkins nutritionists provide practical advice to help you
achieve your cholesterol goals – even if you also take statin

You hear it all the time: Watch your cholesterol. Elevated cholesterol
levels, along with high blood pressure, smoking, and excess weight,
increase your risk of coronary heart disease. But what exactly does
watching your cholesterol entail?

It means lowering low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, the type
that narrows arteries, while striving to boost high-density lipoprotein
(HDL) cholesterol ("good" cholesterol), which helps remove LDL
cholesterol deposited in artery walls.

Total cholesterol levels should be less than 200 mg/dL, with LDL
cholesterol as low as 70 mg/dL if you have coronary heart disease and
as high as 160 mg/dL if you have no risk factors for coronary heart
disease. Ideally, HDL cholesterol should be above 60 mg/dL or at least
above 40 mg/dL in men and 50 mg/dL in women.

But to take the next step by making lifestyle changes to get your
cholesterol levels in the right range, you need a game plan. That
applies whether or not you've been prescribed a cholesterol-lowering

Small Changes, Big Impact -- Try making gradual heart-healthy
changes in your current diet. You're more likely to stick with your new
eating plan if you start slowly:

  • Add a vegetable serving to your lunch or dinner.

  • Substitute a piece of fruit for cookies, cake, or ice cream as your dessert or snack.

  • Drink low-fat or skim milk at lunch instead of soda.

  • Cut back on meat portions by a half or a third at each meal. (Shoot
    to eat 3 oz, the size of a deck of cards.) Select only lean cuts; trim
    away fat; broil, roast, or boil (don't fry!); and remove skin from

  • Eat one or two meatless meals a week.

  • Choose whole-grain foods. (Look for the word "whole" instead of
    "unbleached" or "enriched" as part of the first ingredient listed in a

In addition to dietary changes, experts recommend burning 1,500
calories a week with exercise to impact levels of cholesterol and
especially triglycerides, which breaks down to about 20–30 minutes of
daily moderate-intensity activity like walking, swimming, or cycling.

While lifestyle is important, oftentimes using a medication, like a
statin, is the most effective way to reduce LDL cholesterol. Still,
dietary changes can help ward off the need for drugs or help your
medication work more effectively.

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Get Moving To Lower Your Blood Pressure

If you are like many older Americans with high blood pressure, you probably lead a fairly sedentary lifestyle. But studies show that beginning a physical activity program at any age can improve your heart health. And the good news is that the studies also show that the level of physical activity does not have to be strenuous to reap the benefits.

Some of the heart benefits of physical activity are related to lowering of blood pressure. What's more, getting moving will also help reduce cholesterol, blood sugar, and body weight and lower the likelihood of such hypertension complications as heart attacks and strokes.

Physical Activity and Blood Pressure -- How does physical activity lower blood pressure? Part of the explanation is that exercise produces weight loss and increased sensitivity to insulin (a hormone involved in the control of blood sugar), which in turn decrease blood pressure. But more directly, physical activity makes the heart stronger, and a stronger heart can pump more blood with less effort. This means less pressure on the walls of the arteries as blood flows from the heart to your tissues.

Physical activity also appears to improve endothelial function, the ability of blood vessels to dilate in response to increased blood flow, and may decrease the activity of the sympathetic nervous system, which causes blood pressure to rise when you are under stress.

Getting Started -- The key to getting started is to find a physical activity that is safe for your specific health situation and enjoyable enough to do on a regular basis. For most people, that's a simple walking routine.

   Talk to your doctor. The first step is to check in with your doctor. This is particularly important if you have any chronic health problems like heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, or arthritis; are over age 50; or haven't exercised in a long time.

     Start slowly. If that means you walk for only 10 minutes every other day for the first week, that's fine. But over the next weeks and months, slowly increase the frequency and duration of your walks. Ideally, you want to build up to exercising five to seven days a week, for 30-60 minutes at a time. But studies show that less frequent activity (such as three times a week) and shorter bouts of activity (for example, three 10-minute sessions a day) can be beneficial as well, so don't give up on exercise just because you are unable to do the ideal amount. Every little bit does count.
   Keep it moderate. Walking and other aerobic activities should be at moderate intensity. You should be able to carry on a conversation while exercising. If you are gasping for breath, it's not moderate. The actual definition of moderate intensity is based on heart rate.
      Maximum heart rate is 220 minus your age. For most people, moderate is 50–70% of that number. For example, if you are age 60, your maximum heart rate is 220 – 60 = 160. Then multiply 160 x 0.50 = 80 and 160 x 0.70 = 112. A moderate heart rate for you is between 80 and 112 beats per minute. However, if you've not been physically active in a while, moderate might be starting at 30–40% of maximal heart effort and building up slowly over a month or more.
      You can check your heart rate by finding the pulse in your neck or wrist, counting the number of beats in 10 seconds, and then multiplying that number by six. Alternatively, you can purchase a sensor to monitor heart rate.
    Add some strength and balance exercises. Once you're comfortable with a walking routine, you can start some light weight training and balance exercises two to three times per week.
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Prepare a Turkey Dinner

Thanksgiving is a time to share your love and thanks for all you've been given in the past year. But this holiday is also focused on food! Are you in charge of the meal this year? Recently married, divorced, or out on your own? Create a delicious Thanksgiving dinner using these tips.

   Decide on your menu, which usually includes turkey and/or ham. Prepare it the night before because you will have to put into the oven early in the morning. Baked at a low heat, it usually takes 7 to 8 hrs to roast, depending on the size. Start to bake it, tent covered with aluminum foil, so it cooks well. About an hour before it is done, remove the foil, and allow the skin to get browned and crisp. Check the packaging on your turkey for more specific directions.
      Serve scalloped corn as a side dish. This is a baked corn dish using cream-style corn, eggs, and crackers. Put it into an 8x8 dish into the stove so the top gets golden brown and the whole dish is crunchy and sweet.
    Remember the creamy mashed potatoes. Use fresh, or boxed, which ever is easier, and consider adding garlic or cheese for a fresh twist. Hard-boiled eggs cut in half and stuffed with a mixture of yolk, mustard, and mayo also belong on the table. Another favorite? Classic cranberry sauce, either canned or homemade.
      You may also want to serve sweet potato casserole, made with yams, marshmallows, and brown sugar. This dish caramelizes in the oven and becomes sweet and tender. Alongside this serve the stuffing, made from a box or from scratch.
      Decorate your dinner table to fit the festive holiday spirit. Place a simple tablecloth on the table and use your holiday plates and glasses.

    Are you one of those families with more children than adults? If the kids are fairly young (under 9) and close to the same age, consider designating a "kid's table" just for them. Set out some crayons, coloring books, and snacks. When dinner is ready prepare them their plates and serve them like grown-ups. They'll create some wonderful Thanksgiving Day memories. Beware, however--not every child will want to sit at the kid's table, and the older ones may be offended if you suggest they sit there.
     Before eating, it is proper to say a few words of thanks. Each person should tell what they are thankful for. Go around the table until everyone has spoken.
     Place the food on the table and eat family style. However, buffet-style may be better for those with smaller dining tables.
     Having new guests at the table this year? Be sure to ask what their preferences are--are they allergic to paprika? Leave a few deviled eggs plain. Are they a vegetarian? Consider preparing a few all-veggie dishes. The last thing you want is to make everyone feel awkward when your son's new girlfriend has to sit at the table and not eat. Welcome all guests with open arms and a varied table!
     Do not expect to clean up the table right away. It is very nice for family and friends, to sit around the table, drinking coffee or tea, and just relax. Dishes can wait. Family conversation comes first.
     When cooking the chicken, do not let small children go near the oven to avoid burns.
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It's traditional to send holiday cards to friends and family in December. And in recent years, businesses have realized that it's also a great way to connect with clients and create a friendly atmosphere for employees. Ordering, writing, addressing and sending all of those cards while also dealing with holiday gifts, decorating, parties and guests can be exhausting! This year, consider sending Thanksgiving cards instead!
   Create a mailing list including all of the family members, friends and/or business associates and employees to whom you want to send a Thanksgiving card.

    Shop online for bulk Thanksgiving cards. If you're sending Thanksgiving cards in lieu of December holiday cards, it would be too expensive to buy them one by one at the local card shop or discount store.
    Make sure the site can print your sentiment on the cards.
    See if they can print a return address as well. It will save you time and cramped hands!
    Make sure the order will be delivered well before Thanksgiving to allow for signing, addressing and mailing the cards.
    Write a newsletter for family and friends if you typically would send one in December. Be sure to include a section about why you are grateful for dear friends and family members.
    Business owners, include a note or comment telling clients or employees why you are grateful for them.
    Include a photo for family and friends
   Set up a website to allow recipients to add their blessings and gratitude to create a virtual Thanksgiving community. Businesses could do this as well, and allow customers to post personal or business points of gratitude.
     Make sure everyone you're sending it to celebrates Thanksgiving. Customers in other countries might not understand the purpose of the the holiday or the card.
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Celebrate Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving means many things to different people but for most it means the wafting aromas of roast turkey, spicy pumpkin pie, and all the trimmings that go with the holiday. For others it could be an easy day spent watching football games and kicking back with an easy meal. Below are some ideas on how to celebrate this most quintessential holiday.
   Select the menu several weeks in advance. Most people fix roast turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, a couple types of vegetables (for example, squash), cranberry sauce, several pies and a bread.
    Write down the grocery list. Check the pantry for what you don't have and prepare a list for the items you will need. You may need to visit the local Farmers' Market, the butcher's, the supermarket and the bakery. It helps to divide the list into these different items to avoid confusion.
    Shop for the Thanksgiving meal in advance. Pre-order the turkey and any other items that might experience a rush. If you can freeze items in advance, buy these the earliest to help reduce the last-minute purchases. Baked goods are best bought fresh on the day if possible - or bake them yourself.
    Prepare the menu and choose your recipes. For menu and recipe ideas, there are some external links listed below.[1] Otherwise, you might like to try wikiHow's own excellent selection:

           Make Cranberry Sauce
           Make Great Thanksgiving Cookies
           Make Pumpkin Pie
           Make a Vegetarian Thanksgiving Dinner
           Prepare a Turkey Dinner
    Defrost the turkey following the package directions. This may take several days depending on the weight of the turkey.
      The traditional pumpkin pie for dessert
      Bake the pie or favorite pies and dinner rolls Make Dinner Rolls a day in advance.
   Roast the turkey and complete the meal preparations on Thanksgiving day.
      See how to make a beautiful and easy Thanksgiving dinner table. Arrange the table decorations the day before Thanksgiving if you have a separate dining table available. If not, lay out the items somewhere ready for quick deployment on the day.
    Clean the house several days in advance.
   Prepare casual foods such as appetizers, sandwiches, soups or chili for a casual get together.

     When trying a new Thanksgiving recipe, prepare the dish in advance as a test run.
     Choose simple Thanksgiving recipes if this is your first time preparing the Thanksgiving holiday meal.
     It is okay to buy some prepared food items to help round out the meal. Not everyone has the time or inclination to prepare everything from scratch.
     Try to use make-ahead recipes to ease Thanksgiving Day stress.
     Remember to heed the time needed for defrosting. You probably know of a friend of a friend who was still trying to thaw the turkey on Thanksgiving morning.

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Explain the Things Other People Do or Say

Everyone has experienced this situation.

One of your friends or colleagues has behaved strangely, and a member of your group is determined to hold it against them.

How do you explain to them the thinking a reasoning behind your friend's actions?
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[edit] Steps

Never try to explain something you don't know anything about. You may make the situation even worse, or be barking up the wrong tree. It would be better to stay out of the situation completely.
Don't be patronizing. If you don't understand something, being made to feel like an idiot isn't going to help.
Try to explain using real life experiences, or neutral circumstances. Choose something that you are sure the person you are explaining to will understand.
Try not to get annoyed. It may be frustrating if your correspondent still does not understand after a few attempts, but persevere.
If it goes horribly wrong, try to get another person to explain. It may be embarrassing, so try a few get out clauses. A common one "I know what it is, but it's really hard to explain" or "Oh, wait, i think ______ can explain better" or even "I'm not a born teacher".

If it's sexual and you're explaining it to the opposite gender say it scientifically and never use common rude gestures.
Stay calm and positive toward yourself.
No one is making you explain. Never feel pressured, even if you do know the answer

Never make yourself out as a know-all, unless you want people constantly coming to you for advice.
If you don't know what you're talking about, keep quiet. Botched explanations are more damaging than no explanation at all.
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Seem Like Never Get Use to It

I am talking about the weather folks. I have been here (US) for almost 12 years and yet I am still not use to the cold weather. I like it better when it's summer. Autumn is not bad either. But when that cold air hit your face , you will know that winter is here. I know snow is pretty much enjoyable with the skier and snow lover. I can actually enjoy my self at the snow once in a while, sled is gun. But once the below % temperature hit in , that isn't so fun.

I could still remember.I think , it was 2000 after I just had my second child. One morning coming home from work. I was working night shift, from 4:00Pm til 1:00 Am  . Was coming home from work, it wasn't snowing but I saw the powder of snow down the road sparkling. I told my self it was so pretty , while admiring it. I wasn't paying any attention that the road was kin of sleepery . I was going speed limit. As I turn on one of the road street. My car span, it happend so fast.I didn't realized that the road has a compact ice. My car actually turn 360. I was so scared, the good thing was , there wasn't any car coming from the opposite direction or else I will be dead by now or someone else got hurt. I guess God was watching over me that time.

I still drive on the snow though even though that horifying experienced happend to me. Just had to pay attention my self and more cusious .
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The Pink Sisterhood

This tag is from Youngest .Thanks my friend for this tag. I feel so special

1.Put the logo in your blog.

 2. Add a link to the person who shared it with you.

3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs

4. Add your link to the list of participants below

5. Leave a message for your nominee on their blog.

Passing this on to all my friend over the blogosphere .

The Pink sister hood:

Rosilie ,Arnie ,Jacky, Bonz ,Monica , Chris , Imelda , Justine .
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Laguage Tag

I got this tag from Youngest . This tag is about 8 facts about each person who received this tag. Thank you sis for tagging me .

The rules for this tag is included at the logo.

1:Interior design is my passion. From contemporary to classy styles. I am not a pro but I can desing (LOL)

2: True, love music! From Stevie Wonder to Luther Vandrous .From Soft jazz,R & B to Pop.

 3: Terrified with germs.

4: Cooking! Cooking is one of my passion. My specialty is Spinach Salad, and homemade biscuit (yum!)

5: Love to shop! Of course I am a women! LOL , most women love to shop until they drop.

6: Site Seeing. Love to explore little things.

7: Photography. Yap! That is my passion as well. Love taking scenic picture.

8: Love sport. Yeah! I got hooked into football and basketball. Watch everygame. (when I am not busy though!)

Now, It;s my turn to spread this tag to the following person:
Rosilie ,Arnie ,Jacky, Bonz ,Monica , Chris , Imelda , Justine .
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Perator Tactical Pants

Attention shoppers! Christmas is around the corner. If you are wondering what gift you should buy for your relatives or for your love one. Well! http://www.operator-tactical-pants.com is a clothing website.They sell 5.11 Tactical Pants , the best pants in the world. It's an comfortable pants,outstanding pants ,in such a low prices . 5.11 Tactical Pants sold so quickly.These pants are LOADED with features. You better buy yours now before they run out.
So, hurry! Click the link above and shop.
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Dinning Ware

Hey ! Folks, we all know that Thanksgiving day is just around the corner. Do you held Thanks Giving Day at your house hold? Thinking about replacing your dinnerware? If so, Williams Sonama has the wide variety of dinning and entertaining ware for you.

This is Avignon Dinnerware & Serveware

With its graceful details, our Provençal-inspired earthenware mixes well with other dinnerware and table linens. The pieces are encircled by lightly hand-distressed rims. Dishwasher and microwave safe. Made in Portugal. Dinnerware is sold in sets of four.

Dinner Plate, 11" diam.
Salad Plate, 9" diam.
Soup Bowl, 5" diam.
Charger, 13" diam.
Mug, 13-oz. capacity, 5" diam.
Pitcher, 67-oz. capacity, 6" diam., 11" high
Platter, 13 3/4" diam., 16" diam. & 18 3/4" diam.

This is a Avignon Fleur De Lys Dinnerware  Serveware

A single fleur de lys, symbol of the French court, decorates the rim of each piece of this earthenware, designed to coordinate with our popular Avignon collection.

Glazed in white, the pieces have hand-rubbed highlights that lend them an antique feel. Dishwasher and microwave safe.


Charger, 13" diam.

Mug, 13-oz. capacity, 4" diam.

Dessert Plate, 9" diam.

Small Platter, 13 3/4” x 9 3/4”

Medium Platter, 16” x 12 1/2”

Large Platter, 18 3/4” x 12 1/2”

I also recommend the Avignon Teaware  above picture

With its graceful details, our Provençal-inspired earthenware mixes well with other dinnerware and table linens.

The pieces are encircled by lightly hand-distressed rims.

Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Made in Portugal.


4" diam.
Sugar Bowl, 5 3/4" diam

Teapot, 37-oz. capacity, 4 1/2" high
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Friendship's Flower Tag

This tag is all about "FRIENDSHIP OFFERING" with someone who you know and  to someone who you already knew or will know  in the future globaly.

Start copying here:

Here are the rules for this tag;

1.) Copy the badge and put it on your blog,

2.)Link back who pass you this tag,

3.)Spread this tag to at least 7 bloggers who you think you are friend with.

And lovely are the blossoms

That are tended with great care,

By those who work unselfishly

To make the place more fair.

And, like the garden blossoms,

Friendship's flower grows more sweet

When watched and tended carefully

By those we know and meet.

And, if the seed of friendship

Is planted deep and true

And watched with understanding,

Friendship's flower will bloom for you.

I am passing this Friendship Flower tag to the following bloggers . Giving you my appreciation and a friendship offering. Youngest , Cecile , Marvz, Imelda ,Jacky , Claire ,Bonz .
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Poker Tables

Christmas is just around the corner.If you haven't thought or haven't bought any gift for family.It's kind of hard sometimes to choose what to buy for a gift, and we know it for fact that it takes sometimes to go shopping specially if you have a big family.

And usually during holiday, family usually gather together to play game after the big dinner. Well! worry no more about what to get or where to buy the gifts.
http://www.americangamingsupply.com is an online store for gaming supply. They sale gaming furniture like Poker Tables and more. It is a great gift for family. Visit http://www.americangamingsupply.com and get the gaming table just in time for holiday. Take note 90% of Poker Tables are in stock and when you order it will ships the same day you order and the shipping is free. Click the link about and start shopping.
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Congressional Day

My son Justin had his congressional day at school Thursday. Each of the student had to give a congressional speech in front of school visitors. He told me ,he did good. I told him I was very proud of him.

Look so grown up.


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