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Nov 8, 2008

Laguage Tag

I got this tag from Youngest . This tag is about 8 facts about each person who received this tag. Thank you sis for tagging me .

The rules for this tag is included at the logo.

1:Interior design is my passion. From contemporary to classy styles. I am not a pro but I can desing (LOL)

2: True, love music! From Stevie Wonder to Luther Vandrous .From Soft jazz,R & B to Pop.

 3: Terrified with germs.

4: Cooking! Cooking is one of my passion. My specialty is Spinach Salad, and homemade biscuit (yum!)

5: Love to shop! Of course I am a women! LOL , most women love to shop until they drop.

6: Site Seeing. Love to explore little things.

7: Photography. Yap! That is my passion as well. Love taking scenic picture.

8: Love sport. Yeah! I got hooked into football and basketball. Watch everygame. (when I am not busy though!)

Now, It;s my turn to spread this tag to the following person:
Rosilie ,Arnie ,Jacky, Bonz ,Monica , Chris , Imelda , Justine .


bonz said...

hi, sis!

done this already... and i read the 8 facts about you.
who's your favorite basketball team?

November 11, 2008 at 6:56 AM