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Migraines Treatment

Various medications are usually the choice of treatment for migraine attacks. Advances in medications are helping migraine sufferers cope with their condition much better. Over the counter pain medications do not work as treatments for migraines.

The best treatments available at this time are migraine-aborting medications. Migraine-specific abortive medications work by constricting the temporal artery, which seems to be the source of the pain because of the impact it has on the nerves that surround it.

Triptans are the most common form of migraine-specific abortive medication that physicians prescribe. Until recently doctors did not regularly prescribe triptans as a migraine treatment unless a patient first tried counter medications. Now triptans are seen a viable option for treating migraine headaches as the first form of treatment. For maximum efficacy, migraine sufferers must take triptan medications in the beginning stages of a migraine attack.
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Migraines Diagnosis

Most physicians diagnose migraines after carefully evaluating the symptoms patients report during their visits. Physicians will also take family history into account as they are working towards a diagnosis. In addition there are some tests that a physician may recommend to truly determine whether or not the headaches their patient reports are migraines or some other illness. Those tests include blood tests, brain scans such as MRI or CT, and occasionally a spinal tap procedure.
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WIshing You All A Happy New Year

A brand new year!
A clean slate on which to write
our hopes and dreams.
This year:
Less time and energy on things;
More time and energy on people.
All of life’s best rewards,
deepest and finest feelings,
greatest satisfactions,
Come from people--
People like you all.
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Migraines Causes

Doctors do not completely understand the true cause of migraine headaches. Some believe that migraines occur due to changes in the trigeminal nerve. Others believe chemical imbalances in the brain may cause the migraines. Serotonin levels drop during a migraine, which is one of the reasons people think brain chemicals play a role in migraine attacks. Doctors do know that the pain of migraines is due to the temporal artery enlarging, which cause the nerves that coil around the artery to release the chemicals causing the pain and many of the symptoms associated with a migraine headache.
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I was surfing the net last night, for some reason it took me to you tube and found this filipino movie called ITALY. The movie was about a girl who worked in the Cruise ship, ship worker and passenger found love. The movie was romance, comedy. Anyway here are the clips:

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Avory's Wednesday Basketball Practice

Avory's basketball practice went well as usual. They did some usual move at first, then learned some new trick from basketball game. She was sweating so hard and tired when she gots home, but otherwise she enjoyed the practice, she always does anyway.
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Mellow Yellow Monday


It's Monday once again and it is time for Mellow Yellow Monday. Yesterday, my son requested me to cook pancit, a popular Filipino dish, with a bunch of veges. I used soy sauce, rice stick mix to taste, which it happened to be the labeled of the ingredients are yellow. So this is a great one for my mellow yellow Monday. Of course the date on the camera was all of. So, here is my entry for mellow yellow Monday, if you wanna join the fun just click on the button above. Have a great Monday you all.

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Feel Good About You and Your Life

Scientists and philosophers may say "Life is about...." when they really only base it on their facts. We don't live our world by facts, but by emotions. Life is about how you value your life. Because if you think your life is a dark abyss, it will probably will end up as one.

Write down everything you are grateful for. If you can't think of anything, write down everything that makes you happy. Another option is getting a "Grateful Stone". Pick up a rock, wash it off, and keep it in your pocket. Everytime you touch it, (i.e. picking it up, taking it out of your pocket, reaching for change, etc.) think of everything you are grateful for.Think about this list every time you have painful emotions, (i.e. hatred, sadness, etc.) as well as every morning and night. Create a goal for yourself. The goals could be following:
* Make someone smile everyday
* Expect a paycheck in the mail instead of a bill

Believe you can do something! Even if it is odd, like "I believe I can water this plant!" Make sure you are physically able to do it, for it increases proudness, even if it is watering a plant. When you look in the mirror, say to yourself you are beautiful. If you think you are pretty, your looks will get better. A touch of confidence never hurt a personality. Control what you can in life. Even though it may be only the foods you eat, make sure you are eating what makes you happy.

Start a hobby! Some people who don't really have time for a big hobby, start collecting stamps. Or make a scrapbook out of pictures! This step is optional, because not everyone wants a hobby.Laugh! Go out with your friends, or do something silly with your kids! (Kids might not want you to do this in public.)Get active in a sport! Dance in your kitchen while you cook, or run/jog every week.Read! Many people say that if you are engulfed in an interesting book, you feel better.Instead of saying, "I look hideous in this shirt." say, "I look sexy in this dress!" Confidence in the way you look never hurt anyone! Increase youre emotional and physical endurance and NEVER give up on your life. You don't need to go to great lengths for your emotional being, and physical being you can usually do from home.

Become accustomed to yourself and your life.Laugh a lot, but not randomly or over-animatedly. Gain confidence. Remember to have confidence, not to be snobby. Some people may hate you for being happy. Ignore them
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Opening gifts

I finally got to download the kids pictures opening gifts Christmas morning. I must to say the date on the digital camera that I used was all off. Instead of 25 of December was the 19th. Hay nakakaloka, anywho, my kids had fun opening their gifts.

My daughter got her password journal that she was crazy about at barbie.com and the stuff toys she wanted, I forgot what she called it, her auntie Dara gave her a book to read which I didn't get the name of it as well. Dang I am bad on remembering things. They got a bunch of sweets.

My son got her robe which he was wearing at the picture, a DSi game which really wanted and I also forgot what's the name of the game. He also got a journal from his auntie and a book. They did not get a lot of gifts since their birthday is not far apart from christmas. Anyway, they love what they got.
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Professional Hair Products & the Best Skin Care Products

Nourish your Luxuryparlor | Professional Skin and Hair Care products available. Achieve the salon quality look and feel with luxurious items like Mason Pearson, Redken, Bumble and Bumble, Paul Mitchell, and Kerastase hair products, all available for highly discounted prices. Luxury Parlor offers Free Shipping on all orders over $99 to ensure you exceptional value on the finest body products.
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Yahooo, Cleveland Won

As I expected Cleveland defeated lake's. Cleveland did a great job playing today vs lakers. In the last several minutes of the game, players got so intense resulting Lakers fan started booing them. I am glad Cavalers/ Cleveland won though, here is the score over all Cleveland -102/ Laker's 87
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NBA Christmas Special

I am a fan of NBA game. My favorite team are:

Miami Heat

Today at NBA Christmas Special Miami vs NY Nicks, of course Miami won 93/87. Then Boston vs Orlando, of course celtics won 86/77
Now I am recently watching Cleveland vs Lake's my both favorite team. Cleveland is ahead, it's on 4th quarter the scores is cleveland 82/ Lakers 66.There are a lot of physical contact happening today. Look like Cleveland will be winning this game ... we'll see what will happen. I will be posting the result later... see yah!
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Christmas New Year Wish You All

I made a Christmas wish for you all,
For a holiday full of pleasure,
Friends and family all around,
And memories to treasure.

I wish for you all a Christmas filled
With joyous holiday cheer;
I wish you all a Merry Christmas,
And a very Happy New Year!
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37 TV At The Cheapest Possible Price

Hey guys, it is not too late to look for a great gift for Christmas. 37 TV is a great Christmas gift you could give. Also super bowl is just a few months away, maybe you are thinking about replacing your old small screen TV. 37tv.org.uk is a place where you can find different kind of 37 inch TV, you can choose from widescreen HD, widescreen full HD. They carry every brand of TV and on a cheapest price that suited to your budget.

Visit the link now and pick and order your 37 inch TV, better value, top brand, Compare 100's of 37 TV Prices.
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Final L O

Okay, I think I am settling for this Lay Out. I know...I know! I'd changed my blog lay out for so many time, I don't think I can count it how many times I'd changed it. But anyway, I am settling for this one. I think I fall inlove with this one. Love the color and everything. So, I think I am good on this one.

Funny, really... every time Kath come across my blog, she laugh at me how many time I'd change my lay out. Sipag ko daw mag changed ng LO. Okay sis Kath... heto na talaga :)) LOL, even I laugh at myself for I cannot be satisfied what my blog look like. Felt like there was something missing.... but with this one... I think THIS IS IT.
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Show Me The Way

I Love Earth,Wind & fire song, I know that I was not even thought of when the band started. But I surely love their music, their music never age, unlike the song these days, you can never understand anymore what the music is all about. Anyway just want to share this song with you all, I am pretty sure some of you heard about them, listen to the lyrics>
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Goofing Around

It's Monday and my kids are home for Holiday Break from school. It's a great feeling spending time and do things with them. This was me and my daughter avory goofing around , juts being a silly. Just wanna share it you all.

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Assortment -Business, Computer and Health

Most of the time we search for answer about something or just sometime we are wondering what the thing is all about. Now a days you can search everything and anything over the internet. And also if you want to promote a certain products, article or anything. These days you can now also get some free content for your website or blog.

This site has a free directory that was built in 2004. The main aim that surrounds the site is to help authors promote and syndicate their content. Content in this sense of course meaning anything that you can think of. Do you want to submit some thing to promote anything you own or just search for something like best way to learn guitar? This website is the place for you, it's a great website promoting your site, and its absolutely free. So if you need to search about anything, just visit the link above and it will give you the the information that you are looking for.
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Migraine Masterpieces

Many migraine sufferes have built-in artistic inspiration because they often experience visual disturbances called auras before the onset of a headache. At this site headache.org you can see the winning entries in the contest sponsored migraine victims who express their suffering on a paper and canvas.

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Great Gravy Pack

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Club House. All opinions are 100% mine.

Thanksgiving and Christmas is a time to share your love and thanks for all you've been given in the past year. But this holiday is also focused on food! Are you in charge of the meal this year? Are you worried if your turkey will turn out right or worried about how your gravy will taste like? Relax, with this gravy tips video from Club House will help you out on how to make the perfect gravy for Christmas dinner. Making gravy is a stress point, for many, making a Christmas meal as everyone looks forward to the gravy but it can be a challenge to make from scratch depending on the quality and quantity of drippings delivered by the roast. Club House Gravy mixes provide a dependable and consistent way to deliver flavourful gravy their family will love.

Club House Gravy is easy to prepare and delivers great tasting gravy your family will love. Preparing gravy for the Christmas meal is as easy as using a Club House Gravy mix, adding your roast drippings and simmering! Club House Gravy will help you make create great tasting gravy. Do you need some chefs tip touch? then visit clubhouse.ca, watch the video on how to make perfect gourmet gravy for holiday dinner. While you are at the website don't forget to check out the newsletter sign-up and contest entry and share your brilliant tip. Signing up is free to visit now.

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An animated scrolling sign means there's big news coming. What better way to remind someone that it's time to take the garbage out than with your very own LED sign. At this site wigfilip.com/signbot, you can generate as many as you need (in regular or livejournal mode) that you can download and send to whoever needs an electrified kick in the pants.
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Charter High-Speed Internet ULTRA60

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Charter. All opinions are 100% mine.


Are you frustrated with low download speeds, the unclear phone reception when you are talking someone or the kids keep complaining because they get interrupted playing online game because of poor internet connection? Ever wondered what would be like to have a better high-speed internet connection? Introducing charter ultra fast 60, an ultra powerful connection that's so fast, you won't believe how your pc will work with unbelievable speed. Charter’s Ultra60 is better than DSL with no doubt.

I would die to have Charter’s Ultra60 Mbps service if you have kids like mine who loves to play online game, watch video and movie over the internet, charter's Ultra60 would be the perfect internet service for us. Charter Ultra60 service is also ideal for my online work, my music with no interruption.

Visit the link above and experience the Charter High-Speed Internet Ultra60 today. It is designed to support online game play including patches and updates and it is faster than ever before. Experience a different way to watch online movies, HD trailers and shows, videos, news, sports and more. Charter High-Speed Internet Ultra60 is safe and has the fastest responce to new virus threats and best virus detection. So, if you want a better and safe high-speed internet service for your personal and business use please visit charter.com now and experience Charter High-Speed Internet Ultra60 today.

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No Impact Man

In late 2006, Collin Beavan, an environmentally conscious but convenience-addicted New Yorker, decided to give up electricity, public transportation,Tv, air-conditioning, plastic container,garbage and toilet paper so that his net carbon footprint was reduced to zero. http://noimpactman.typepad.com/blog/, in this blog you can read about the experiment went, see the impact it had on the environment and his family, laern how you can change your habits to improve our planet's health and your own.
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AFter School Fun in The Snow

It snowed all day today, and we got quite of snow on the ground. Took this photos after picking up my daughter school, Avory got her homework done, she could not wait to go outside earlier and make snow angel. And here are some of the photos:

The image above when I was picking up my daughter from school, I took a photo snap.

Walking in the sidewalk from school.

My daughter was trying to catch some snow with her mouth (looks funny).

The two photos above was my son Justin, he stayed home today because he was up trowing up cause of stomach flue. At the end of the day, he decided to go outside for a little bit to get some fresh air. Looking at the fresh snow was so inviting to go outside and play with the snow.

That's my daughter avory, she was doing the snow angel, I was too late to take a photo while she was doing it. But caught her sitting on the snow. Look so cold to me but the kids love it.
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The Words In Santa's Mouth

Please don't take this seriously:

This is primarily for the lazy parents out there who can't be bothered to forge a really good Santa letter-AAA has done it for you, As for the rest of us, the mischeif possibilities are limited only by the imagination.( Smile)
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USA For Africa

We are the world video, I remember back in philippines, every saturday I watched music video and this was my most favorite to watch. Had to dropped my chores just to go sit down and watched this amazing video. While watching this video, I cannot help but cry... remembering Michael Jackson... he made so many differences in people lives. But yet he's gone too soon.
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Mellow Yello Monday

Happy Monday everyone. Today my entry for Mellow Yellow Monday is "Diary Of a Wimpy Kid."

This book is own by my daughter Avory, she got all the series except the last one. She love reading books, this book is about an inch thick. Anway.. thought about making it as my entry for today. Let me tell you about the summary: It's summer vacation- the weather's great and all the kids are having fun outside. So, where is Greg Heffley? Inside his house, playing video games with the shades drawn. Greg, a self-confessed out his ultimate summer fantasy: no responsibilities and no rules. But Greg Mom has different vision for an ideal summer....one packed with outdoor activities and "family togetherness."

Whose vision will win out? Look forward to sharing the last series of this book. Join mellow yellow Monday!
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Family Extension

The last time I was in philippines was in Mach of 2003, it has been 6 years since and I had 3 nieces. Now I have 6 nieces and two nephew, wow is it that been long since I was back in Philippines? My younger sister just had her baby, I will be sharing some photos. Anyway, that tells me... its about to go back and visit. Anywho... here are the photos:

The abovep photo was my younger sister, sister-in-law with my younger sister's older daughter and the little girl name is Tiffany.

The other two above photos was my older sister Penny.. dang she cut her hair too short. Anyway...she was holding the new baby Marine.
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My Mommy Moment- Decorating Ginger Bread

mommy moments

Today my entry for My mommy moment is decorating ginger bread. After their school yesterday, my daughter was so eager and cannot wait to decorate the ginger bread, on the other hand my son just want to just go ahead and get it done( because he was in hurry to go to his friend house). But he end up participating anyway. It was a great mommy moment bonding. And as I promise that I am going to share some picture after they decorated it, so here they are:

The kids enjoy doing this every year, you know why? Because of the sweet candy!
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Ginger Bread Time

Every december my kids auntie (Dara) usually make ginger bread house, and some gummy bears to decorate the ginger bread for every kids in the family. Yesterday she came by and dropped avory and justin ginger bread house. Here are some of the photos:

The kids will be decorating it after school and after homework. Every year they have fun decorating it. I will be sharing the decorated ginger bread house photos later on.
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Help Others on Christmas

Christmas is about caring and spending time with your family, right? Well, needy children usually don't have a caring family and home; so here's how to help make Christmas day great for that little boy or girl, just like when you were a child.

Decorate a Christmas tree with a family in need. If you don't know of anyone in your local area or street, you can find out who you might be able to help by visiting a local charity that works directly with needy people. Ask them to suggest a family and also ask them to arrange a meeting, so that you are not barging in on someone's life. Remember, everyone is sensitive to feeling like a charity recipient and you must respect their dignity. Take the children out shopping to buy the children and their family a gift. While doing that, teach them about how giving is more important than receiving. Don't overdo it though; their need is greater than yours. Let the children enjoy the occasion by seeing all the decorations, sensing the excitement in the atmosphere and soaking up the enjoyment of the season.

Take the children out to lunch and enjoy a lovely time before the big Christmas day. This might be the same day that you take them shopping. Let them choose anything they'd like. Spend time together. On Christmas Eve, sit down and watch holiday shows on TV or watch a DVD with the family. Or have them help you prepare for Christmas by cooking, wrapping gifts, singing carols or reading stories about Christmas. Share some of your Christmas Day with them. Perhaps spend time together on Christmas morning, opening presents with the children and having breakfast. Or choose dinner time to share with them. Alternatively, you could celebrate the whole day together. Show the children they are loved!

Always show love and care, and the children will feel comfortable and happy. Don't leave their parents out of it. Welcome them to share the festive spirit as well. Don't treat this like your charity project for the year. Keep in touch with the family afterwards and show a genuine in interest in how the children are going.
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Bidazzled Auction

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Bidazzled. All opinions are 100% mine.

Bidazzled is online auction, newly lunched early November. Bidazzled.com is redefining the online auction market by offering savings of up to 90% on name brand merchandise all while funding a charity. Bidassled is funding Lung Cancer charity. Ruchfoundation.com bringing awareness of small cell cancer and the dangers of smoking along with providing resources to those afflicted with small cell cancer is costly.

Bidazzled.com is designed and created to fund a lung cancer charity. Bidazzled.com is commonly called Penny Auctions or Pay-Per-Bid auction sites, bids are purchased in advance and then used to bid on merchandise. The price increases a few cents with each bid placed and a few seconds are added to the countdown clock to give others a chance to bid. The auction ends when no other bids are placed. So if a new laptop ends at just a dollar, then you win the laptop for a dollar!

Visit the link above and get five free bids just by register for. Join bidazzled, place your bid, choose your auction.
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Happy Birthday Justin

This is my son Justin and he turned 13th today. Teen ager... so scary, I know that he will be viewing my blog... I just wanted to say.....
to you son. I remember when he was born, he got a lot of hair opposite from my daughter. Happy birthday once again Justin.
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Mellow Yellow Monday-Bell Pepper

The picture that I want to use for Mellow Yellow Monday entry is yellow Bell Pepper. I used to have a a garden and plant every sort of vege I cant think off. Bell pepper has a lot of color, form yellow to red.
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Merry Christmas Tag

As I was rooming around one blog to another today, at David of Basic Bloganomics, there were a christmas tag that is open for a grab. I grab it, since it is that special month again of the year.

Opening this for everyone, go right ahead guys.... grab the image and post it in your blog. Have a great one!
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Fav Links

I just added a gadget on my blog which is "Fav Links." Anyone who wants to be added on it just let me know, and I will kindly put your link on my fav. Have a great sunday everyone.
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I just got done watching the movie Alexander. It is so gory, that is why it is rated "R". It is a good movie, here is the summary:

Oliver Stone recreates the towering, true story of Alexander the Great(Colin Farrell), who in the 4Th Century BC conquered Greece, Persia, Afghanistan, and India. 90% of the "Known World." Against massive armies of chariots and elephants, he never lost a battle! Visionary, explorer, dreamer- he was also a tender son, torn by his mother's(Angelina Jolie) burning love and ambition and desperate for his father's (Val Kilmer) approval. His dream shaped the word we live in today.
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Cashmere High Basketball Game

Tonight my daughter Avory and her basketball team are going to see a basket ball game at the Cashmere High School. It will cost $3.00 to get in, their coach wanted the team to see how basket ball game work, so that the next time they have a game, they will know what to expect.

You know little league , sometime you have to work extra for them to understand what the game is all about. Which I think they really did a great job on their first game.
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Get Ready for Christmas

Have you ever loved Christmas but you didn't know how to get ready for it? It is easy when you tackle it in an organized and methodical manner. Here are some suggestions to help ease the holiday stress.

About two months in advance, start organizing a Christmas gift list. Write down tentative gifts for family and friends. Start a Christmas Club account at a bank or credit union. Bank the Christmas gift money and then shop in late November to early December before the Christmas shopping rush hits. In November, purchase and start writing Christmas cards. Write a Christmas newsletter. In the US check [1] for mailing dates. In general most letters and packages must be sent by late December for first class mail for domestic locations. Military postings should be sent in early December.Don't forget the stamps! Decorate the house with holiday decorations in early December. Some people like to put some of the Christmas decorations by late November, but if this is done try to keep the decorations low key. Add more Christmas decorations as Christmas gets closer. Decorate your house. Put up lots of lights both inside and outside. Use commercial and handmade decorations inside the house, especially in the living room area where everybody will gather. Don't neglect the dining room - there should be such things as Christmas themed candle holders and wreath decorations.
6. Bake cookies as needed. Make sure to make these by hand. Share cookies with friends. Plan a cookie exchange in December. Approximately one week before Christmas purchase perishable food stuffs. Leave enough time to defrost the turkey, if preparing. Put up your Christmas tree. Some folks like to put up the tree on Christmas Eve some do not. It all depends on family traditions.

Decorate your tree with ornaments, tinsel and lights, placing a special star on top of the tree. Spray the inside of the windows with the artificial snow. Search the Internet or library for Christmas carol sheet music. Get the music from CDs or by downloading and practice singing Christmas carols for Christmas Eve. Go caroling. On Christmas Eve, use your practiced singing to delight the neighbors. Be careful not to sing to the wrong people. Make Christmas baked goodies. Cookies, Christmas cake, stollen and other delights. Frost some Gingerbread Men with family and/or friends.Starting to decorate cookies. Purchase an advent calendar. Use it from December 1st. Invite friends over for a holiday meal or party. Leave a plate of cookies near the fireplace on Christmas Eve.Be sure to place treasured bulbs out of reach of children and pets. Drink eggnog with or without rum!

Advent calendars can be found at most grocery stores. They are cardboard boxes with little windows that you open, one for every day of December, up to Christmas. They have chocolates in each one. Buy festive wrapping paper, Christmas lights and ornaments on sale right after Christmas. Buy them with neighbor for bulk pricing. Encourage neighbor to decorate their homes with lights. Buy a live tree and then plant it. Recycle the tree if it's cut, and all the paper and boxes. Repack the lights, ornaments and wrapping paper really well, for next year. Hand-make things as much as you can, such as the cards, ornaments, bows and even wrapping paper (by drawing on plain paper). Place breakable ornaments at the top of the tree, near the star and out of reach of young children and pets, to prevent losing treasured Christmas ornaments. Live trees are the only trees you should get! The fake ones are expensive and not very fun to use.Sleep in when you get time off!

Get an adult to help you with Christmas tree lights and baking cookies. Check Christmas bulbs, wiring, etc. to make sure they are hazard free. Make sure to keep water in the basin for real Christmas trees. Do not leave the tree lit while unattended. Place the Christmas tree lighting on a switched outlet. Turn the tree lights off when leaving the tree unattended.Use care when burning candles. Don't drink too much rum!
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Improve Your Sense of Smell

There are many reasons you may wish to improve your sense of smell. For one thing, it's closely linked to your sense of taste. Try tasting food with your nose pinched! And in general, being able to smell the subtleties in the scent of a flower, or someone's skin, or autumn leaves, can offer a deeper dimension of enjoyment. Plus, did you know that the average human nose can detect nearly 10,000 distinct scents?

Pay more attention to what you already smell. People often say "use it or lose it" about muscles, but the same can be applied towards senses. The more you use your senses, the better you get! Learn how to describe smells. You might even want to keep an olfactory journal! For extra practice, have someone hold various things to your nose while you're blindfolded and see if you can identify the smells.Note how certain smells make you feel. The nerves that sense smell are directly connected to the emotional part of your brain, leaving your rationality out of the equation. Studies found, for example, that the smell of fast food wrappers, fresh bread or pastry increase the likelihood of road rage; peppermint and cinnamon improve concentration and decrease irritability in drivers; and lemon and coffee promote clear thinking and high concentration levels in general. Avoid foods that cause excess mucus production. Have you ever noticed that your sense of smell fades, or perhaps completely disappears, when you have a cold? Congestion in the membranes in the nose that contain the smell-sensitive nerve endings can dull your ability to smell, and avoiding foods that promote stuffiness (milk, cheese, yogurt and ice cream) might help. The way this affects taste is that there is a channel from the back of your throat to the sensory cells in your nose. If this channel is blocked by any kind of congestion, your ability to taste food will be affected. Avoid substances that can impair your sense of smell. Some cold remedies can make you lose your sense of smell, such as a few Zicam intranasal products warned against by the FDA. Smoking can also interfere with your sense of smell. Keep alcohol to a minimum, as your sense of smell is impaired as your blood alcohol levels rise.

Get more zinc in your diet. Hyposmia (the medical term for an impaired sense of smell) is often linked with a deficiency in the mineral zinc. To boost your sense of smell, try eating zinc-rich foods (oysters, lentils, sunflower seeds, pecans) and take a multivitamin that contains at least 7 mg of zinc each day. Exercise. Studies suggest that our sense of smell is sharper after exercise so here's yet another reason to stay fit! Use a humidifier. Increased moisture in the air leads to increased moisture in your nose, which improves the sense of smell. Stay away from stink. Prolonged exposure to bad smells tends to numb your ability to smell. When trying to identify a smell, take short, shallow sniffs rather than one long one. You will notice cats and dogs do this when they are initially smelling something. It increases your ability to pick up a scent.
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Photos from Avory's First Scrimmage

The photo above was when my daughter's team were warming up passing the ball with each other and shooting the hoop.

The photos above was when the kids was warming up.

Getting ready for the game. Both team did really well. My daughters team was in the orange Jersey shirts
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Top card droppers

Mom's Place
Basic Bloganomics
My Life's Perception and Inspiration
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Entertainment and Fashion Galore
ANGEL The Cheeky Terrapin
Little World of Fun
Workplace On The Web
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Experience the Music with Yamaha PDX-60

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Yamaha. All opinions are 100% mine.

Do you love listening to music while doing some work done, or just listening to music while relaxing? I love listening to all kind of music, having my IPhone is very convenient, I can listen to music while working out, wherever I want to. Doing work on the computer sometime is very stressing, sometime we need some beat like relaxing music to relax us. I usually turn on the iTunes and listen music through it while working on something. So basically, I used my iPhone listening to music most of the tome.

Have you heard about Yamaha PDX-60? Yamaha PDX-60 is a wireless power speaker that will enhance the way you listen to music like never before. Enjoy your iPod/iPhone games, music and movies wirelessly from anywhere in the room through the powerful Yamaha PDX-60 Speaker Dock. With exclusive Yamaha yAired (tm) wireless technology you'll get Instant connection, no sound delays and quality sound with deep, rich bass. The convenience of dual charging means two separate iPhone or iPods can be charged at the same time, one using the dock on the speaker and another on the included charging cradle.

What else could you ask for but a better portable speakers like Yamaha PDX-60. Check out Yamaha PDX-60 by visiting the link above. Experience music like never before, get your very own Yamaha PDX-60 by clicking the link above.

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