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Promotional Items

Did you just started your own business, organization, or special event. And you want the world to know about it? The great way to spread the world about business, organization, special event is pocket calendars. You can order a promo items at amsterdamprinting.com, pocket calendar is a great item to give away to your client just to thank them for their business with you. You can personalized the item you give away.

Products at amsterdamprinting.com are great for gift for Christmas or for any occasions. Go online now and browse their wide variety products. And for the gifts that suit your occasion.
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Halloween Sparkle Punch

A chilling way to spend Halloween. No, not the spooking "chill", but a cold and refreshing punch with a scoop of ice cream. Here is how to make a Halloween sparkle punch. Makes 16 servings.

* 1 pint of ice cream (raspberry, blackberry, or orange sherbet)
* 4 cups of cold water
* 2 cups of cold ginger ale
* 2/3 cup of TANG Orange Flavor Drink Mix

Combine the cold water and TANG in a pitcher. Stir it until the powder dissolves in the water. Keep the pitcher in the refrigerator until the drink is ready to be served. When it is ready to be served, take the pitcher out and mix the ginger ale into the drink. Pour the punch into individual cups. Place a scoop of the desired kind of ice cream into each cup. Serve and enjoy.
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Search for Different kinds of Recipes at Food Connect

One of my favorite thing to do on my free time is cooking. I love trying different kind of recipes. I am sure all stay home mom does.

Do you remember reading a fantastic recipe in a magazine but you either cannot remember where or you've thrown out your copy? If you are keen to get your hands on a copy of that recipe again, then FoodConnect is your friend. Learn how to cook like a pro at foodconnect.com. In this website , you will be able to find any kind of recipe you have eye on. Since thanksgiving, christmas is just around the corner, you might want to some recipes that your friend and family never had before.

You can find any kind of recipe at food connect. If you are adventurous and love trying different kind of recipe? You should visit foodconnect.com and explore their thousand of recipes and drinks. Salmon and Asparagus are one my favorite among many recipes at foodconnect.com

This Salmon and Asparagus recipe is very easy to prepare. Visit food connect now and try their recipes.
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Press Flowers and Leaves

Preparing your favorite flowers, weeds or grass for pressing is not difficult. Once pressed correctly, they can be used on note cards, pictures, bookmarks, or anything that would look nice if decorated. Removing the moisture is the most important thing.

1. Collect plants when they are dry, but preferably before the heat of the day has wilted them. Usually you only want the flower, not the stem, but you will want to gather some foliage. Some root systems are neat and useful.
2. Flatten flowers - even remove the petals from a thick center core. Press some foliage at the same time so you can have a record (even if you don't use the foliage). Press flat with fingers if necessary.
3. Pansies and violas are particularly easy to press and tend to hold color. If in the field (as on a road trip), use any absorbent paper directory (like the ones you can get which advertise rental/sale properties). Ask the motel/hotel for a Yellow Pages phone book. When you get home, you can transfer to a large phone book. Adding weight on top helps flatten.
4. Spread pages and insert a folded facial tissue. Place petals/flowers inside the fold. Close the pages, skip a few and repeat. The tissue makes it easy to transfer...
5. Transfer tissue containing the flower to another book. The idea is to remove moisture from the plant.After the third transfer, leave it alone until it is completely dry.
6. Remove from tissue and place on acid free paper (my computer paper supplier tells me that all of their paper is now acid free). There are pens that you can buy to test acidity (probably less than $10).

You probably can get a Yellow Pages from the motel/hotel...ask, don't just take. Yellow Page books are sometimes set out at drug/grocery stores. If you get hooked, you will need quite a few. If you can't get a phone book, using a big Merriam Webster Ditionary will help. Don't pick too many flowers at one time.... they take a while to process. Make a note of the name of the flower, and the time and place you got it. You can do this on the tissue, then paper. Leaves can be dried in the same manner. Don't expect their color to hold. Maple leaves are great, as are ginkgo's that are picked when golden in the fall. White flowers may not be your best choice. A skewer can be helpful in placing your flower or petals. If you pick a pansy and place it face down on paper or plastic, it will shrink. Then you can press it. It will hold its color and provide variety. Violas make very tiny flowers, which are especially good for miniature pictures. Don't just pull or pick something and toss it in a phone book. You've wasted your time. If you haven't got a flower presser you can use a heavy book.

Many flower growers are glad to share, but don't pick without asking. (If you gather many flowers from someone, consider making a card or bookmark for them.) Watch your step. Fire ants can sting in a hurry. Never collect from State or National Parks, or even local garden parks. It's illegal. Be aware of the flowers you're picking! Native wildflowers are great, but many might be endangered or threatened, or live in fragile habitats. Some are protected by law in many countries (such as the California Golden Poppy or the Canberra Bluebell) and you can be slapped with a fine if you are caught picking them.If you don't know the leaf or flowers, beware....some can sting you, and some are poisonous. Remember the rule of thumb for Poison Oak and Poison Ivy: Leaves of three, let it be.
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Outdoor Adventure Company

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Order Your Wedding Invitation

Invitations will be your guests' first glimpse at the style of your wedding. Make sure your invitations reflect your vision of your day. Traditional wording can be used, or you can use inspirational wording or write your own. Unless you have a degree in art, English, and etiquette, don’t try to make your own—people will notice, and it will set a tone for your wedding that you may have a hard time escaping. Whatever you do, remember that the invitation reflects your joy in having your guests share this special day with you.

Are you looking for some unique wedding invitations to send out? Buy your wedding invitation at invitationprofessionals.com Invitation professionals have hundreds of designs in a wide array of traditional, contemporary and distinctive styles. Pick your perfect invitation, and express yourself with style and elegance on your wedding day. Order yours now at 877-268-2085 or go online at invitationprofessionals.com
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Mellow Yellow Monday

I love fall and I think it's the my least favorite season. I love watching leaves changing its color from green to purple,orange, brown to yellow. Here is my mellow yellow monday picture. Which is taken in Snoqualmie pass here in WA. state. Don't you love driving just to see the leaves during autumn? I do! For more info about posting your mellow yellow Monday picture, pls. visit Mellow Yellow Monday .

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Caller ID Faker

Does your spouse come home late or is away for long hours under the pretext of work? Frequently spends his time online and gives you weird excuses? Do you think he is cheating on you and really need to find out? www.CallerIDFaker.com can help you find out what your other half is hiding. Using www.CallerIDFaker.com you are able to change what someone sees on their caller ID display when they receive a phone call. That is just one of the features. You are also able to change your voice and record your calls. For more information , just visit the link above.
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Despite the Recession, Demand for Skilled Labor is Higher Than Ever

With the overall economy in recession, and unemployment rates sky-high, the truth is, there are certain types of jobs that are in huge demand, and for which there is a severe shortage of skilled workers.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has identified a number of professions expected to experience above-average growth over the next decade. Most of these positions fall within the top 25 percent of earnings for workers overall, and most require a bachelor's or technical degree.

These in-demand jobs include medical information administrators and other skilled health care workers, web programmers and designers, accountants and financial administrators, to name just a few.

But how do you become eligible for a job in one of these fields if your work experience or degree is in a completely unrelated field. What if you don't have a degree at all? For most us, family, financial and other obligations mean we can't go back to college for a traditional degree.

One of the best options for people looking to land a job in these fast growing fields is to get a Specialized Online Degree.

Why an online degree?

Flexibility - Online degrees allow you to complete the required coursework from home as you have the time. Be it in the morning before work, at night before bed, or even on your lunch breaks, being able to bring the classroom to you allows you to learn when and where you can, on your schedule.

Financial Aid and Tuition Assistance - Many online degree programs provide tuition assistance and will help you get financial aid to help offset the costs of the program.

Ability to Specialize - Online degrees offer specialized training in a wide variety of fields that are in high demand by employers. With these skills, your chances of quickly landing a job are greatly increased.

Today there are many, many options for getting an online degree and the process of choosing the right program can be daunting. Fortunately, a new free service from a company called EarnMyDegree has been designed to help you do just that.

EarnMyDegree has created an easy to use web site where you can quickly research a wide range of Online Degrees. It gives you the facts about costs, degree offerings, job placement help, time commitments, faculty and other important information you need before choosing the right program for you.

While there aren't many safe investments on today's market, training and a degree in a growing field is a safe bet. A degree can open up all kinds of doors for greater earning power, better hours, and a better quality of life. And, if you want to find the best program for you, EarnMyDegree is the place to start.
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Optimum Nutrition Supplements

Maintaining a lean physique is essential for many aspects of health and confidence. Whether you want to add lean muscle to your frame or reduce excess weight.Do you want your body looking so masculine and healthy? Visit optimumnutrition.net.au, this website will guide you through achieving your goal to add lean muscle to your physique. Try Optimum Nutrition Supplements, buy bodybuilding supplements at optimumnutrition.net.au, optimum nutrition cheap sports nutrition.
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Conquer a Fear of Flying

For millions of Americans the idea of getting on a plane and flying is one of the most scary imaginable. People all over the world struggle with this fear, which recent studies ranked number three on the list of the top ten phobias.

Statistically speaking, flying is 29 times safer than traveling in a car. Thousands of flights safely and routinely take off and land at airports around the globe every day. Yet fear of flying still strikes millions.

There are many homemade remedies that frightened travelers have concocted to help them survive a flight.

Most include either alcohol or over the counter sleep aids that allow the traveler to sleep their way through the anxiety of a trip. There is a better way to conquer your fear of flying. Psychologists have identified the four most common thought patterns in people who fear flying, and provided some techniques to combat them:

Rumination: This is when you obsess about how bad the situation is, dwelling on your fears. Psychologists say the best way to combat this type of thinking is to find something positive about the experience, no matter how small, and refocus your thinking on that thing. It could be the nice view out your window or the movie being shown. Whatever it is, moving your thoughts outside the situation can help calm your anxiety.

Self-blame: This is when the person focuses on their failures and allows them to feed into their fear. In this case, it might involve chastising one's self for being afraid of flying. The best way to combat self-blame? Remind yourself that you are achieving an incredible breakthrough by taking the trip, and that progress is a slow and steady process.

Resignation: This is when a person allows themselves to feel hopelessly out of control of the environment around them. This creates a mindset where the person can feel paralyzed with fear, unable to relax. The best way to combat this type of fear is to re-affirm that you do have control of the situation. You can control things like your breathing and use muscular relaxation techniques to relieve stress.

Catastrophizing: This term refers to fear that causes a person to envision how bad the situation is or could become. Those who are afraid to fly often say this is the most common type of thought, imagining a disaster that is statistically almost impossible. The best way to combat this type of fear is acknowledge your fear and challenge it. Remind yourself of another time where you faced up to something that scared you or stood tall in the face of a problem. Challenge yourself to conquer this fear just as you did another before it.

Flying is statistically the safest means of travel, so don't let your fears stand in the way of your life and getting where you want to go.
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Just For Kix

Dance Shoes are the "building blocks" of a good dancer. Choosing the correct shoe is an important and detailed process. Choosing the right shoes for your recital is very important, you want your dance shoe to be very comfortable on your feet as possible as can be.

If you are looking for a dance shoes that can make your performance better. Justforkix.com is the place for you! They sale all kinds of dance shoe, they have Ballet Shoes, Ballroom Shoes, Character Shoes, Dance Sneakers, Jazz Shoes, Modern Shoes, Pointe Shoes , Tap Shoes. Visit justforkix.com and browse their wide selection of dance shoes, dance wear & accessories.
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Improve Your Odds of Meeting That Someone Special

Face it - If you're single and looking to meet the "right" person - your options can be limited. Bars, sports clubs and work are not ideal places to meet quality people. Your friends may try to set you up on blind dates with someone who you may or may not be compatible with.

You may even have tried Internet Dating sites where you sort through hundreds of pictures and paragraphs, but you don't really know anything about the person behind the photo. It can be daunting to meet someone you're compatible with so, what to do?

Well, if you're truly looking to get serious - it may be time to consider eHarmony. You've probably heard about eHarmony and perhaps thought of them as just another dating site, but nothing could be further from the truth. eHarmony is an incredibly sophisticated matchmaking system that combines the convenience of the internet, with some of the most advanced relationship science.

What exactly is "relationship science"? Simply put, it's the study of what makes a successful long term relationship.

eHarmony's system was developed in 2000 by experts in the field of relationship research. Their breakthrough was to recognize that personality similarities can predict happiness in a relationship. They intensively studied thousands of married couples and correlated various characteristics with the couples' marital happiness. They then developed the relationship questionnaire that is used by eHarmony today to match people to their most compatible potential partners.

The first thing that all new eHarmony users do is complete an in-depth relationship questionnaire. There are no right or wrong answers and the information is kept completely confidential. The system then analyses each member's profile and matches them to the people with whom they are most likely to be compatible with in a long term relationship.

Whatever they're doing, it must be working, because eHarmony estimates, that it's responsible for an average of hundreds marriages a day in the US. Clearly, eHarmony delivers successful relationships.

Best of all, eHarmony is offers customers the ability to review their matches for free. So, if you're serious about meeting the right person, it may just be time to get a little help from the relationship experts at eHarmony. Take the relationship questionnaire for yourself and review your matches for free.
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Monaco Rare Coins

History has shown that people have always had a fascination with gold. The rich hoarded it or adorned themselves with it, while those who wanted to be rich yearned for it. Gold’s attraction was — and still is — its ability to retain its value even in the most difficult of economic times.

In the past, investors could only purchase gold through registered dealers. Today, buying gold is as easy as clicking a mouse. As the value of currency weakens, the price of gold tends to go up. You can profit from this pattern in a variety of ways. Monaco rare gold coins is part of the Monex family of companies, a trusted leader in precious metals investments for nearly 40 years. The Monex companies have helped tens of thousands of investors invest over $25 billion in hard asset investments including rare coins . . . gold, silver and platinum bullion and bullion coins . . . as well as other precious metals investments.

Monaco Rare Coin offers a unique, vast and impressive array of resources for investors and collectors alike.At Monaco, you will find the finest rare coins available, an experienced and knowledgeable cadre of professionals ready and willing to serve your needs, and a broad range of investment programs and products to fit most any budget. Visit zoomcoin.com and browse the gold coin they have.
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Are You Over-Paying For Your Auto Insurance

In good times, it''s natural that we pay less attention to our individual expenses. But in today''s uncertain times, regardless of our current situation, everybody needs to save as much money as possible.

When it comes to saving money the best place to start is with your auto insurance.

Most Americans can point to a similar list of monthly expenses, including mortgage or rent payments, auto expenses, utility bills, food & clothing etc... Many of these expenses are fixed and can''t be changed and so they offer few opportunities to save any significant amounts of money. Financial experts agree, however, that the one monthly expense, where people can, with minimal effort, often find real and substantial monthly savings is auto insurance.

Auto Insurance is a necessary evil that responsible people know they can''t live without. In fact, for many of us, it''s a payment we make month-in and month-out, and never see the benefit of. That''s OK, because the coverage has to be there if we need it - but it''s also makes it all the more important that we don''t over-pay.

How to make sure your Insurance Company is not getting rich off you

Fortunately, today there are online services that let consumers quickly shop for the best rates from a nationwide selection of auto insurance companies, all competing for your business. You simply enter your requirements, and instantly receive quotes from a wide range of reputable companies.

One of the most comprehensive of these services is AutoInsuranceTips.com. They operate a free website service that will find you the best insurance quotes from a wide network of premium insurers. The site also contains a wealth of reference information that helps you understand how different policies work and how to save the most money possible.

The fact is that auto insurance rates are constantly changing, and for certain policies rates have actually dropped significantly in the past 12 months. You can be sure, however, that your insurance company is not going to call you up and let you know their rates have dropped. But, with a minimal amount of time on a service such as AutoInsuranceTips.com you may be able to quickly save hundreds of dollars.

So, if you''re into saving money, start by finding out how much you''re over-paying for your insurance coverage.
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My Mellow Yellow Monday

Here is my Mellow yellow monday picture. I love taking picture and share them to the web. Here is one of the picture I took. The space needle of Seattle. It was night and the space needle was glowing and it was inviting to take it's image so I did.
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Save Money on Wedding Gifts

It comes in the mail all too often. A large pristine white envelope hand addressed to you. The calligraphy is beautiful. You don't have to open it to know what it is. It's another wedding invitation to go with several others you've already received. Some of these people you barely know.

You know it means buying a gift and money is already in short supply. Where can you find a cheap wedding gift and not look cheap? How much should you spend? If you're invited to one of the wedding dinners a good rule of thumb is to spend about as much as the dinner would have cost.

This could run between $50 and $125. You're certainly not obligated to spend that much but polite etiquette also says you should not go empty handed. How can you afford to give something special yet affordable?

Select the gift early. Go ahead and get it over with and check the gift registry. With so many weddings, especially in the spring, registry items can quickly get picked over leaving you with little to choose or gifts out of your price range.

Many thoughtful brides and grooms are now adding a broad selection of gifts in all price ranges. Again, shop early for best (and cheapest) idea. With the distinct possibility of going to two or three weddings in the same year even an inexpensive gift could add up when multiplied.

Use your imagination and creativity to make or buy something that's personalized for the newlyweds. Wedding gift baskets can be geared to their particular tastes and lifestyle. Most new brides need kitchen gadgets so a basket filled with kitchen basics, a few epicurean recipe ingredients and even a recipe book would be perfect. The groom could appreciate this more than you know.

Frame their wedding invitation. Make the frame yourself or buy one that can be personalized with their names and wedding date. Framing a favorite poem or readings from the ceremony itself is a very considerate gift.

Newlyweds are usually on a tight budget so give them a movie night out. You could spring for movie tickets and cash for the popcorn or buy them a romantic movie DVD and include a package of popcorn to pop. Put all this in a popcorn bowl along with two boxes of movie candy.

Give a bottle of wine with a note attached that the wine will be at its prime in 10 years and it's not to be opened until their 10th anniversary. Decorate the bottle with bows or ribbons. You could also include ingredients for a romantic dinner such as pasta and a gourmet sauce. A couple of candles would round out the gift nicely.

A lavish expensive wedding gift will never trump the thoughtful personalized gift from their friend. (Well, almost never.) Be creative and give from the heart. If you run out of time and ideas, a little cash or gift card in any amount is always appropriate and appreciated.
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Basketball Season

My daughter participate on a basketball game/team every year. Look like she is all ready to go. Her first practice is going to be on the 19th and she is all excited about it. I bought her a sweet shirt, sweet, several short for the practice. She love basket ball aside from singing.
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My Daughter's Custom For Halloween

When Halloween comes around, there are many options for who to dress up as. My Daughter Avory is in 4th grade, they will be having a Halloween custom party at school. Here is a picture of here wearing the custom that she picked out. It's a Doctor custom, it is so cute.
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Book a Luxury Cruise at a Huge Discount

Ahh! The joy of a cruise. If you're an experienced cruise traveler you know what it means. If you've never been on a cruise, it is only a matter of taking your first one and you'll be hooked for life.

No travel experience in the world offers the pleasures of a cruise. It's the ultimate stress free vacation. All-inclusive service, delicious food, luxury amenities, fantastic weather and exotic destinations are just a few of the factors that make cruising the fastest growing segment of the travel industry.

Now, what if you could combine all of that with a discount of up to 75% off?

Believe it or not, it's possible from a company called Vacations To Go.

Way back in 1984, Vacations To Go realized that cruise companies had a dilemma. Their profits relied on selling most of their cabins well in advance at full price. They couldn't offer steep discounts on unsold cabins because people would just wait until the last minute and then all cabins would be sold at a discount. Vacations To Go approached the cruise lines with a way for them to sell their unsold cabins at a deep discount without affecting their full price market.

How did they do it?

Simply put, the cruise lines allow Vacations To Go to re-market their unsold cabins to their exclusive and highly confidential client list at huge discounts from the regular price.

Vacations To Go has now provided more than a million of their "members" with dream vacations at a fraction of the regular price, often as much as 75% off. It has also achieved the highest level of recognition possible for exceptional sales and superior service from every major cruise line in the world.

So how do you get onto this exclusive and confidential list?

That's the easy part - all you have to do is register on their web site. That's how you become a "member" and Vacations To Go is then authorized by the cruise lines to offer you these amazing deals.

It's completely free and once you're registered you'll instantly have access to some really cool features.

The "90-Day Ticker" is a complete listing of last-minute cruise deals on the world's best cruise lines, showing information on destination stops, port city, ship type and much more. Customers frequently save more than half what they would normally pay, often up to an amazing 75 percent off.

And it's not just last minute deals that can have huge savings. The "Find A Bargain" feature shows special early bird discounts, two-for-one deals and promotions for seniors, military personnel and others that they've negotiated with top cruise lines.

Vacations To Go offers one of the widest selections of cruises. If you know exactly what you want, or if you are new to cruising and are looking for help in selecting the cruise best suited to your individual needs, www.vacationstogo.com is the place to start your cruise adventure.
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Car Parts and Auto parts form Car Parts Warehouse

Are you having problem with your car? Perhaps you need part of your car replaces to make it run smoothly again? If so, car parts warehouse is here for you. Carpartswarehouse.com sells car parts across United Stated for all car makes and models.

The best thing about car parts warehouse is, you do not need to make a trip anywhere just to order the car part that you need to fix your automobile. You do not need to go through a bunch of hassle like beating the traffic on the high way or wait for the long line just to pay the car part that you need.

Avoid all the hassle, buy the car part that you need at carpartswarehouse.com, just by simple click what year your car and what type it is. Just for one click you will find all the car parts you need in an instant. Visit carpartswarehouse.com now and order the car part that you need. For Car Parts Warehouse is your home for top-quality auto parts, car parts, truck parts, import car parts, automotive performance parts, and automotive accessories. What are you waiting for? Go online and make that order!
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Thinking About Taking the Next step

After renewing my permanent residence in June.It made me thing twice about becoming a US citizen. So that I don't need to renew my card every ten year. Renewing permanent residence car cost as much as becoming US citizen just add some more buck and you are good to go. But of course to become a US citizen it will take some learning about US constitution, taking test and passing 'em,interview, taking oath's . It take a lot if you are thinking about it, some say it is easy.

Right now I am trying to find the book for becoming a US citizen and trying to find out out by researching what test should I need to take so on and so fort. So, for any filipina or filipino who became US citizen, I would really appreciate it if you could give me some tips what to expect on taking test for the US citizenship and what book you have to read and exercise you have to do. I appreciate the tips and help anyone could share.
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Protect Your Home from Halloween Pranks and Vandalism

Don't want egg all over your doors? Follow these simple steps for minimizing damage on Halloween.

1. Treat visitors kindly. The biggest reason that people tend to attack your home on Halloween is that you might be avoiding giving them candy. If you show yourself to be a welcoming neighbor, you might not get vandalized.
2. Pretend you are not in. If you decide to ignore trick-or-treaters, make sure you make people think you just aren't home. People probably won't attack your house if they don't think you are there. Turn off the main lights, shut the curtains and pretend you aren't there.
3. Tape up the letterbox, the only point of entry to your house. This prevents things like stink bombs, etc.
4. If you have the choice of parking your vehicles behind your house or next to the street, pick behind your house. This prevents drive-by egging.
5. Hide in a bush with a hose. If you see someone who is going to vandalize your house aim and fire. Also you could use a air soft gun with low fps so it will not hurt or a water gun.
6. If you have to go somewhere, ask someone who is not doing anything to do the above step for you.
7. Have a big dog tied up in front of your house. Be sure the leash isn't too short.
8. Stand in front of your house looking big and scary.
9. Put a sign or something that says something like this. "You vandalize, you don't get candy."
10. If you are a police officer, stay in uniform all night.
11. Freak the pranksters out! Hide behind bushes or leave a hidden tape of you saying "I see you..." Beware as this may drive people away.

If you follow the above steps, the worst thing that can happen is that the front of your house get a little messy/smelly. This is sad, but not the end of the world, and remember, Halloween is supposed to be fun!! This isn't so much protecting your home as it is taking "aggressive-defensive" measures. If your house has already been targeted and vandalized several times on Halloween, or even in general, you should probably call the police. Especially, don't forget Halloween is a fun tradition. Some pranks are tolerable, such as foam in the mailbox (or anywhere else), the toilet paper routine (it is biodegradable) or any other unharmful acts. However, do not tolerate eggs, guns, paintball guns, rocks, paint, mustard on the car and graffiti. Be especially wary at night time, when "older kids" come out. Their pranks are not as innocent as the "little kid" pranks. Bologna on your car will peel the paint off in circles when left out overnight so be diligent and check every so often for malicious tricks such as this

If, despite your precautions, your house does get vandalized, try not to tell anyone about it. Then, if someone happens to come up and ask you about the prank, you know they probably did it! (ps. this has happened! Don't knock it until you try it). Work with a group. Siblings, cousins, parents, friends, or just people you know and trust can help you. If you are working in a group, and you have walkie-talkies, give them out to each member of the group. If you don't have enough, or don't have any, ask a person in the group. If they don't have any, simple communication can work (taps, hand gestures, talking in a code). Make sure you have at least one person guarding each door, at least one person guarding each side, at least one person inside, and at least one person on the sidewalk. Also, make sure each member has someway to defend him/herself. Fists sometimes can't win against rocks, sticks, paintball guns, and eggs.

If you live in an area where you can expect passerby to be carrying weapons, you might be safer skipping the hose step. It is not recommended that you retaliate on an individual carrying a weapon, call the cops! Regarding the hose spray: do not spray someone unless you are really sure that they are going to vandalize your house. You must be sure of this. Make sure you are able to defend yourself if the trick-or-treaters have eggs or sticks. In a fight, sticks will beat bare fists.
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Avoid Damage from Halloween Tricksters

If Halloween has you quaking in your boots, worried about the potential for pranks to despoil your garden and cause havoc with your house, there are some basic practices to keep in mind.

Keep in mind that the younger crowd tends to be the less rowdy group. The younger children are usually trick and treating around nightfall to 8.00 pm. After this time, the teenagers are usually out and about, along with any revelers who decide to join in the antics. This provides you with a window of opportunity to target your "openness" to the street during the times when the younger children are about. Consider turning off your house lights and decorative lights after 8.00 pm. This will discourage revelers from coming to your house, and hopefully from not even noticing it as they stroll around. Add a sign to let any latecomers know that you've finished up for the night, such as: "All treats gone; all tricks have been played." or "The witches have gone to bed, please call again next year." Remove decorations from the front yard. If you're really concerned, it may be wise to remove all decorations from the front yard that might indicate your participation in Halloween. It's not foolproof, as any house might be targeted, but a non-decorated house is a less interesting, and therefore obvious, target. Alternately, if you wish to keep your house open, be sure to have plenty of goodies on hand for the revelers who come later. Be aware that teens have higher expectations of the "treats", so be prepared with some good items, or you may just end up with less than courteous tricks. Be at home. Being around is a simple deterrent to damage being caused by franking; keep vigilant and interrupt any suspicious activity immediately. Have numerous adults on hand, milling about obviously. A front yard BBQ dominated by adults would definitely scare away pranksters but is only going to work where it is warmer and where a front yard BBQ is a reasonable option. Another possible way is to have numerous adults appear at the door every time the doorbell is rung, as a show of force. In addition, have the adults in the front room where it is obvious that a lot of people are present from the street. The presence of numerous adults will warn off potential pranksters.

Display alarm protection notices prominently. If you are concerned that franking might harm any aspect of your property, place a large alarm notice on or near it. Be friendly and nice. Ultimately, people will tend to prank those they consider didn't treat them very nicely. If you enter the spirit of Halloween with thought and care, you will be remembered as people who did the right thing by the trick and treater's. On the other hand, if you yell at kids and chase them away, you will probably reap what you sow. If you don't like Halloween, just don't participate. Keep your house dark, add no decorations but make it obvious that people are home by moving around and having internal lights on. There is no need to make cranky statements; just get on with your life.
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Everyone deserve to have an easy way to trim hedge. Try Garden Groom,
makes yard work easy! On board collection container for less mess. Use the Volume Bag for bigger jobs.Ideal for trimming and shaping. Lightweight design anyone can use it. Concealed blade makes it ultra-safe.

button 2 The Garden Groom’s unique on board collection container makes trimming all your hedges easier than ever before with no leftover waste. That saves you time and effort! Ultra-fine Shredding Action and Concealed Blade Design. The Garden Groom’s trims and shreds so fine it reduces waste volume by 10:1. Thorny or spiky clipping disposal is quick and easy. Shredded clippings are ideal for composting!Garden Groom is the world’s only collecting hedge trimmer that has a completed sealed blade. Keep you hedges healthier by removing the cut waste. Buy your very own Garden Groomer today.

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Enjoy a Relaxing Weekend

People always wonder what to do on an utterly boring and dull weekend with nothing to do and no money to spend. Here's a solution to your dreadful problem!

Eat a nice hot breakfast such as frozen waffles, pop tarts, pancakes, you name it! Along with that, a cup of hot tea or coffee is recommended. Also, orange juice is a great morning drink, because it will give you all the energy you need for the day of relaxation! Take a long, hot shower or bath to get you up and awake, then either get in a clean pair of pajamas or a comfortable outfit such as sweatpants and a sweatshirt. Get on the computer, watch your favorite show, listen to music, etc. Eat again then relax and do whatever suits your interests. Some interesting ideas are to meditate, read, do your hair, dress up for fun, whatever your heart desires! If you're home alone, then let loose and be yourself completely. Do something silly or stupid, scream, release all the week's stress in some just plain dumb ways. You'll feel much better. If it's raining outside and your parents or whoever agrees, go walk in the rain; or if you dare, dance in the rain! Just have fun. Get something to look forward to. Think about that long assembly that gets you out of school on Monday or your favorite movie being aired on TV.

To have fun, you can do anything! If you truly can't think of anything, you can always call an old friend.Another great idea to release the week's stress is to write down your thoughts & feelings. Resist the urge to check on work, call the office or check office emails. Unless you are required.Turn off your cellphone. Don't spend time around friends from work since work will almost always come up. Plan a few things to do. You'll feel like you got the most out of your weekend. Take a tour, read a book, visit friends or family, do something constructive yet rewarding.Try not to get yourself into trouble! If you want to have a nice relaxing weekend then that won't be very good.
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Set a Realistic Wedding Budget

Setting a budget for a wedding can save you a lot of disagreement and heartache if discussed early, openly and honestly.

1. Set aside some time to review your own opinion on how you should split the wedding expenses - then discuss that with your fiancee. Do you want to go traditional (parents of bride pay & bride)? Do you want to be more modern (pay for it yourself)? Do you want to be progressive (and share the wedding expenses with your fiancee)? Keep in mind that the tradition of having the bride's family pay for the wedding was established in days when a father would effectively pay a family to take his daughter off of his hands, as she wasn't seen as contributing to the family economy. Consider whether that's a tradition you wish to be a part of.
2. Since today is not the 1950s and most brides are working full time and plan to continue working full-time,advise asking your fiancee to share the expenses of the wedding. Traditionally the groom's family only pays for the rehearsal dinner, and possibly part of the honeymoon. The bulk of the expense is really the wedding (the flowers, the cake, the gown, the food, the music, etc.).
3. Research the vendors and get price quotes before setting the budget. This is really critical. You may think flowers would cost $500, but really they can cost $2,400 easily. Many vendors have minimums - get this information up front.
4. Write a detailed list with vendor name and projected cost and tally everything up. It may be good to use software like Excel to easily update this and make cost comparisons between different vendors for the same thing (like different flower shops).
5. Once you have an idea of what your wedding may cost in your area (with vendors that you like), discuss the finances with your fiancee. How? Asking questions about his views would be a good place to start. Sharing the list of potential costs with him would be wise. Better yet, look into venues and costs together - reviewing purchases and setting budgets based on one another's needs is something you'll be doing for the rest of your lives!
6. At this stage, start formulating a guest list, because many budget items are proportional to the size of the wedding you host. Keep in mind that if your families are paying for all or part of the wedding that they may feel entitled to add to this guest list. Be up front with them about this.
7. Come to agreement with your fiancee about how you would like to pay for the wedding. Will you pay for it yourself or ask your parents for assistance? Do you both feel right even asking your parents for financial assistance?
8. Meet with your respective parents to speak honestly and openly how much they are willing to contribute to the "wedding fund." Special note: money from family has strings attached, so be careful about setting expectations that this is YOUR wedding and that you appreciate their financial contributions.
9. Create a spreadsheet using Excel or OpenOffice to write down and track your budget. The top line should have the total amount you are willing to spend and the end of the sheet should have a running total of projected and actual wedding related expenses.
10. Try to enjoy the busy and stressful wedding planning process, knowing that you have made one of the first and important financial decisions with your fiancee!

Open Office and Star Office are low cost alternatives to Microsoft's excel and let you calculate your budget easily. Pen and paper also work fine. Ask your close friends who are married for suggestions on how to budget for your wedding.Ask local married friends suggestions on affordable but quality vendors (cheap is a bad word when planning a wedding).Be sure to start the planning process as early as possible. The more time you have the better chance you have in getting what you want.Think about purchasing wedding insurance to protect your big investment. Don't forget to read the fine print! Build some flexibility into your budget - plan for things to end up costing about 10% more than you estimated. Make your budget as detailed as possible to avoid surprise costs. There are lots of wedding planning/expense lists out there on the internet - look at a few to see what you might be forgetting about. Work with your fiance to prioritize your spending - you may be able to reduce or eliminate some costs in order to get the dress/flowers/band/DJ etc. that you really want. Just because *everyone else* has a certain something at their wedding doesn't mean you have to!

Keep in mind that some of your wedding choices - the rings, the photographs, the video, & memories the DJ creates will be with you long after the guest have gone home. If your budget is tight, consider prioritizing these items. Think about you and your fiance's long term financial goals, and make sure that your wedding budget is not interfering with them. If you need to use credit to pay for your wedding, consider carefully whether taking on debt is something that fits with your long-term plans. Ask around to see if a relative or a friend knows someone who does flowers, photography, etc. and can get you a deal. But remember you get what you pay for - so if its too good to be true then go with your gut.

Planning a wedding can unfortunately bring out the worst in the extended family and even cause contention between you and your fiancee. Remember why you are planning this - to celebrate your choice.Add the cost of pre-marital counseling to your budget. I would strongly recommend pre-marital counseling especially if talking about finances has been a problem between you and your partner.Please know that not talking about the financial side of the wedding and pending marriage can only lead to greater heartache and misunderstanding. Be courageous - it'll pay off for both you and your life
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Earn an Online Nursing Degree

Online nursing schools offer an alternative that is both more accessible and more economical then traditional schools. Although there are clinical and lab components to all nurse training programs that must be completed at a real-world facility, most basic course-work can be completed at home over the Internet.

1. Carefully consider the responsibilities, the long hours and the relatively low pay involved in a nursing career and balance these with rewards of serving for the greater good of society.
2. Complete online enrollment for your basic courses including; Introduction to Professional Nursing, Nursing Management, Health Policy Issues, Nursing Administration, Health and Disease Management, Research Methods, Nursing Theory, and more. Many online nursing schools have no residency requirement whatsoever.
3. Make arrangements with the school to fulfill clinical requirements at a medical facility near their place of residence, once basic coursework has been completed.
4. Expect current online nursing programs offered through public universities to cost between $110 and $170 per credit hour; depending on the school’s academic calendar, this could be anywhere from 60 to 90 credits. As an online student, you usually won’t be charged out-of-state fees and tuition.

One way to cut costs and save time is to consider taking credit for basic prerequisites by examination. Most nursing programs require that the candidate has taken course in basic biology, chemistry and mathematics; the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) enables students to earn credits in these subjects for 10% of what it would cost to take the full course. Take advantage of reputable sources that provide a guide to online degrees and online schools. When pursuing an online degree, it is important to make sure that the school is properly accredited. Most online college websites provide this information; you can also learn more about accreditation by visiting the U.S. Department of Education website.
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Inspirational Blog Award

This tag was given to me by klivengood at Mom's place. I appreciate you passing me this tag and including me to your list. Once again, I am opening this tag for a grab. Happy tagging guys.
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Celebrate Halloween

Celebrating Halloween is more fun when you decorate the outside of your home with lots to scare those who dare walk up to your door. All lit up at night, a decorated home welcomes all the little ghosts and goblins. With the addition of some scary music, the little ones will giggle with delighted terror as they knock on your door, yelling, "Trick or Treat".

Buy a new costume each year. Shop around until you find something new to wear. If the store is at the other end of town, catch a bus or ask to borrow the car if you can drive. Or you can save the money on the bus or gas and make a decent costume yourself and doing it can be part of the Halloween fun and tradition. You sure do not want to wear the same outfit that you wore last year because that would make you look the same as last time; make sure that you pick something either scary, or just suits the theme. Put on your ghoul makeup and join the ghosts and witches going house to house saying Trick or Treat. Remember only to visit those with porch lights on or Halloween decorations. These are clearly people happy to give you something and this is where the Halloween spirit explodes with vitality. Take a very big bag along or an even larger empty plastic pumpkin bucket to carry all the goodies that you get from every house.

Remember that Halloween would not be the same without bobbing for apples. Put apples in a tub of water, and with your hands behind you, grab the apple with your mouth. It is not as easy as it sounds, but it's fun getting all that water on your face. Just watch out for the water that goes up the nose at the same time. Another method is to tie strings to the stems, and hang them from beam at different lengths.
Look at all the candy that came out of your bag. This is the best part of Halloween, checking out the goodies to stuff yourself with. Also check the candy some people might put hazards into it with a needle or such. Watch out for hard candies, these can break your teeth if you bite too hard.

Remember that Halloween is not the same without having pumpkins sitting outside your house. Pumpkins to look at, and pumpkin pie to eat. That's what makes Halloween so great. Dress up your house too! Halloween decorations are so much fun and can be bought or made, adding to the big fun of the holiday, a good tradition. You can also invite your friends over to help make and put up your decorations. This is fun and adds to the excitement!
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Happy Monday everyone. Hope everyone is having a great stater of the week. Anyway, I was tagged by Imelda with this tag called"WHAT DOES YOUR BIRTH DATE MEAN". This tag got me thinking what what my birth date mean, which is I never thought about t before. Thanks Mel for including me on your tag list.

Anyway here is the result:

You Are a Leader

Independent and dominant, you tend to be the alpha dog in most situations.

You're very confident, and hardly anything ever shakes you.

Mundane tasks tend to drain you - you prefer to be making great plans.

You are quite original. When people don't "get" you, it bothers you a lot.

Your strength: Your ability to gain respect

Your weakness: Caring too much what others think

Your power color: Orange-red

Your power symbol: Letter X

Your power month: October

This result seems all true. I will be leaving this tag open for a grab. Everyone is welcome to grab, enjoy tagging.
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The Instyler Rotating Hot Iron Hair Straightening

Today, I bought my very own instyler rotating hot iron hair straightening. I have been seeing the infomercial on TV often on. So I decided to buy it, it is available at Bed and Bath. I could not wait to try it when I gt home. It really works, it is suit for thick and thin hair. You can straighten curly hair and make a wavy hair with. You would love the instyler, you have to try it so that you will know what I mean.
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Pepeng' weakens slightly, to hit Northern Cagayan

Part of Manila philippines has been flooded causes of the typhoon. Now Typhoon Pepeng headed to hit northern cagayan. A slightly weaker Typhoon Pepeng (international codename Parma) continues to slow down and has shifted course slightly, threatening to make landfall in Northern Cagayan instead of Aurora-Isabela by Saturday evening, weather bureau PAGASA said Friday. Read more here on how typhoon Pepeng is doing.
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Many Thanks

Taking a moment to say thank you to all my top 10 Ec dropper for the month of Sept. I appreciate all the dropped. Hope that you will still coming back to my site eventhough I am not present at time. Thank you once again.

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