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Oct 6, 2009

Celebrate Halloween

Celebrating Halloween is more fun when you decorate the outside of your home with lots to scare those who dare walk up to your door. All lit up at night, a decorated home welcomes all the little ghosts and goblins. With the addition of some scary music, the little ones will giggle with delighted terror as they knock on your door, yelling, "Trick or Treat".

Buy a new costume each year. Shop around until you find something new to wear. If the store is at the other end of town, catch a bus or ask to borrow the car if you can drive. Or you can save the money on the bus or gas and make a decent costume yourself and doing it can be part of the Halloween fun and tradition. You sure do not want to wear the same outfit that you wore last year because that would make you look the same as last time; make sure that you pick something either scary, or just suits the theme. Put on your ghoul makeup and join the ghosts and witches going house to house saying Trick or Treat. Remember only to visit those with porch lights on or Halloween decorations. These are clearly people happy to give you something and this is where the Halloween spirit explodes with vitality. Take a very big bag along or an even larger empty plastic pumpkin bucket to carry all the goodies that you get from every house.

Remember that Halloween would not be the same without bobbing for apples. Put apples in a tub of water, and with your hands behind you, grab the apple with your mouth. It is not as easy as it sounds, but it's fun getting all that water on your face. Just watch out for the water that goes up the nose at the same time. Another method is to tie strings to the stems, and hang them from beam at different lengths.
Look at all the candy that came out of your bag. This is the best part of Halloween, checking out the goodies to stuff yourself with. Also check the candy some people might put hazards into it with a needle or such. Watch out for hard candies, these can break your teeth if you bite too hard.

Remember that Halloween is not the same without having pumpkins sitting outside your house. Pumpkins to look at, and pumpkin pie to eat. That's what makes Halloween so great. Dress up your house too! Halloween decorations are so much fun and can be bought or made, adding to the big fun of the holiday, a good tradition. You can also invite your friends over to help make and put up your decorations. This is fun and adds to the excitement!


kandi said...

Yes halloween is around the corner Jane and my Andrea is so excited.. Got their costumes alredy..

October 8, 2009 at 1:28 PM