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Dancing with the star

Well, last night dancing with the star was okay. Christie is my favorite and Jason. Christie was in second last night . I wasn't happy about that. But of course tonight they were the first couple who was safe. So am relief. Let's stay tune next Monday again.
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Went Walking

It was a nice day today, been so windy but it's not that cold. It was so inviting to go walking so I went. Went walking for two miles. It was a nice walked.Saw a bunch of flowers. Which I am crazy about flowers. That was my exercise for the day. It really tells you that spring is really here. Of course in some places , the weather is already warm. Seattle have a weird weather though . It rains a lot.
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Fattest Cities in America

Is your city making you fat? It might sound strange, but according to experts, where you live plays a major role in your weight. While slimmer cities tend to have greater access to exercise facilities and fresh produce, heavier locations are generally unsuitable for walking and stocked with junk foods.The rankings are based on the number of people who are obese or overweight and the percentage of people saying they had not participated in any type of physical activity in the past month.

Huntington, West Virginia/Ashland, Kentucky. These two cities sit at the spot where West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio meet. And it’s the fattest place in the country. This area easily had the most obese people at 45.3 percent. Residents here were the least likely to report participating in any physical activity in the past month.
Yuma, Arizona. In Yuma, more than two-thirds of the population is either overweight or obese. Not surprisingly, 29 percent admitted they hadn’t exercised in the past month. But Yuma health officials are taking some important steps to reduce the prevalence of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.
Jackson, Mississippi. State-by-state studies have found that Mississippians, in general, are the most obese in the country. Perhaps that’s why lawmakers in Mississippi took the unusual step of introducing a bill that would prohibit restaurants from serving people who are obese. Though the bill never took effect, it certainly provoked outrage.
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Policy Disclosure

This policy is valid from 29 April 2008
This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me. For questions about this blog, please contact at mjane73@hotmail.com.
This blog accepts forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions or other forms of compensation.
The compensation received will never influence the content, topics or posts made in this blog. All
advertising is in the form of advertisements generated by a third party ad network. Those
advertisements will be identified as paid advertisements.

The owner(s) of this blog is compensated to provide opinion on products, services, websites and
various other topics. Even though the owner(s) of this blog receives compensation for our posts or advertisements, we always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences on those topics or products. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely the bloggers' own.

Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question.
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Food Shortage

If you noticed, food prices gone up glovaly. Everytime I go to the grocery store, the groceries that I used to buy for reasonable prices, the prices went up. It's getting rediculous.
We are experiencing gloval food shortage. Costco is limiting every costumer who buy rice in bulk to five bags of rice. In some countries are having riot just because of food shortage. Million of people are getting so worried for what is going on. It's a major crisis. Number of people died everyday becuase of food shortage.Maybe people is going to need to watch what they eat and what they consume everyday. Or do some gardening this summer.That's is my opinion .
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The Greenest Cities In America

From solar-powered cars to water conservation to state-wide recycling programs, it appears that America really is beginning to "go green." And as more people learn about the role they can play in saving the planet, many are taking responsibility for their own environmental actions.
Amid the ecological advances, some cities deserve recognition for going above and beyond in this important cause. We've compiled a list of the 10 greenest cities, based on resource conservation, waste emissions, public-transportation use, recycling habits, eco-friendly buildings, and green space

Portland, Oregon. Portland was the first American city to adopt a Global Warming Action Plan, which has kept CO2 emissions down and helped Portland General Electric become one of the greenest power companies in the United States. The city also runs a comprehensive system of light rail, buses, and bike lanes to help keep cars off the roads. There's no shortage of green space either-- 92,000 acres, to be exact--and more than 74 miles of hiking, running, and biking trails.
San Francisco, California. The city's popular transportation system, Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART), has significantly cut back on the area's need for cars. And thanks to the year-round near-perfect weather, commuting by bike has become a daily routine for approximately 17 percent of locals. Through the leadership of Mayor Gavin Newsom, San Francisco recently became the first city in the country to ban the use of petroleum-based plastic shopping bags in grocery stores--and the mayor is cracking down on single-serving plastic water bottles as well.
Boston, Massachusetts. This New England city is the home of the first airport terminal to be certified by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System. This system, developed by the U.S. Green Building Council, is the national benchmark for design, construction, and operation of high-performance green buildings. Buildings can receive one of four levels of certification--certified, silver, gold, or platinum--based on how they score in six areas, including water efficiency, use of materials and resources, and indoor environmental quality. Boston law now requires that all new buildings larger than 50,000 square feet to earn at least a silver rating under the LEED program.
Berkeley, California. This sunny city boasts one of the highest rates of pedestrian and bike commuting, and special biking boulevards are abundant throughout the area. Berkeley is also the home of University of California, Berkeley, which recently received a grant that will enable the school to develop new and improved energy sources.
Seattle, Washington. In 2005, Mayor Greg Nickels helped form the Seattle Climate Partnership, a voluntary pact among Seattle-area employers to reduce their own emissions and to work together to help meet the community-wide goal. Twelve local employers, including coffee behemoth Starbucks, have jumped on the bandwagon. And how's this for a first? City Light, Seattle's energy utility company, was the first utility to attain zero net emissions of climate pollution.
Chicago, Illinois. The Windy City purchases renewable energy and has aggressive policies in place to promote green building and recycle construction waste. The locals are environmentally friendly, too--nearly 80 percent take part in curbside recycling. Also in full effect is the Bike 2015 Plan, which aims to have 5 percent of all trips of less than five miles accomplished by bike. Chicago additionally offers tax incentives to residents who buy historic homes and install energy-efficient technologies.
New York City. More than 20 percent of commuters in the Big Apple travel to and from their destinations by bicycle or foot. What's more, the Hearst Tower and 7 World Trade Center, both completed in 2006, are gold-level LEED buildings, boasting features such as rainwater collection, natural lighting, and recycled steel.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Several initiatives set the City of Brotherly Love apart. GreenPlan Philadelphia aims to provide a long-term, sustainable roadmap for using, acquiring, developing, funding, and managing open space in the city's neighborhoods. Then there's Philadelphia's Energy Cooperative, an independent power supplier that sources electricity off the roofs of residents who own solar electric systems. For those wanting to generate their own, city and federal tax incentives will pay for up to 60 percent of solar-powered hot water systems.
Minneapolis, Minnesota. The state of Minnesota has set one of the country's first state renewable energy standards, a move that will require 25 percent of electricity to come from renewable resources. Minneapolis itself recently celebrated the birth of its light rail line, which heavily exceeded expected ridership in its first year. What's more, nature abounds in this Midwest city, with more than 15 percent of the city's land devoted to parks and preserves, plus thousands of nearby lakes.
Austin, Texas. Keep Austin Beautiful, a community program aimed at decreasing litter, reducing waste, and conserving resources, is all the rage in this Texan town. Through an aggressive strategy that involves taking advantage of the city's strong sunlight, Austin is also working hard to make both residential and commercial building codes the most energy-efficient in the nation.
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Beauty Contest WorldWide

Do you have the look and wants to be discover? Do you have the dream that wants to full pill and dream to be in the spotlight and works with camera in any angle? Then come and join the contest at http://www.lookoftheyear.com . It's online beauty contest worldwide. This is your chance to be discovered .You have nothing loss instead you will gain something . Who knows you might become a famous model. Visit http://www.lookoftheyear.com and join the contest wherever you are. Send your best picture and you could win $ 10 thousand dollars. Or you get spotted by an agency for modeling career. Join the look of the year contest and get the chance t0 be the next model working in Paris, Milan or New York. Don't waste your time any longer come and join and be discover and start your life with people all over the world.
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Disease Doctor's Often Miss

When you receive a diagnosis from your doctor, chances are, you believe it. After all, physicians are medical experts who've seen hundreds, if not thousands, of patients with symptoms just like yours. But doctors also make mistakes. In fact, they misdiagnose millions of patients every year—a problem that can result in serious health complications and even death.

Overlooked DiseasesCertain diseases can be hard to diagnose or may manifest themselves differently from patient to patient. Here are three that your doctor might miss.

Cancer. Being diagnosed with cancer can be terrifying, but not being diagnosed if you have it is far worse. A Harvard study found that cancer, primarily the breast and colorectal types, is the most commonly misdiagnosed disease, and experts say this is due to doctors failing to stick to screening guidelines.
Infection. The same Harvard study found that infection was the second most misdiagnosed condition, in part because many infections share symptoms that are similar to those of other conditions. Some of the most commonly misdiagnosed forms include ear infection, yeast infection, sinus infection, and pertussis infection (whooping cough).
Aortic dissection. With this potentially life-threatening condition, there is bleeding into and along the wall of the aorta, the major artery leaving the heart. But the disease frequently gets misdiagnosed as heartburn because of sensations felt in the chest.
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Weekend at the park

Last weekend was like summer. Temperature went up to mid 70's .This is avory my daughter, and her friend Emliy in yellow shirt. Picture is kinda blurry. But sure look hot.

This is my son Justin . just chilling on the grass. he wore the wrong clothes that weekend . He was so warm. But sure they had some fun
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Page Error

Everytime I tried viewing my website all I get is error on my page. Part of my site show and the rest of it doesn't show. I don't know what's going on. It's probably the browser I was using. It's prostrating. I cant even see what I want to do. I apologized to all my co blogger that visiting my blog. I will visit your site soon. Just be patient. I am not trying to ignore anyone.
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Conquer Embarrassing Conditions

Bad breath, excessive sweating, and toenail fungus are all problems we'd rather not admit to having—or have at all. But fortunately, even the most awkward conditions are manageable. Some can be treated at home, while others require the expertise of a doctor. Either way, you can stop hiding your embarrassing problems. At one time or another, an embarrassing malady is bound to fall on everyone. Although some are more debilitating than others, all are at least conquerable, if not curable, with a combination of diligence, patience, and a doctor's supervision.

Condition: Halitosis
The Lowdown: Whether the cause is your diet, food caught between your teeth, or a medical condition such as a gastrointestinal disorder, bad breath can be awkward for all parties involved. Chronic halitosis, which can be caused by diabetes, kidney disease, or other medical conditions, affects up to one in four adults.
The Fix: After eating or drinking something with an exceptionally strong odor, such as coffee, onions, or garlic, follow up with lots of water. Good oral hygiene—brushing twice a day, flossing, using mouthwash, visiting your dentist twice a year—is also extremely important. If that's not enough, your dentist may prescribe an antimicrobial mouth rinse, or you may have to check in with your doctor to determine if an underlying medical condition is contributing to your problem.

Condition: Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating)
The Lowdown: The body's natural air-conditioning system, sweat glands release fluid in response to excessive heat, strenuous exercise, and anxiety- or fear-inducing situations. However, people who suffer from hyperhidrosis, because of heredity or disease, sweat even when their bodies are cool and inactive.
The Fix: Antiperspirants containing more than 10 percent ammonium chloride hexahydrate constitute the first line of defense. Treatments using Botox and a procedure called ionphoresis, in which the hands and feet are placed in water while a gentle current of electricity is applied, have shown some success as well.
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Military Gear Website

Thinking about buying someone some unique gift? If you are looking for a gift for someone special who is working in military or Government, and wasn't not sure what you want to buy? Don't wonder anymore LA Police gear online store has everything you need. Whether you are looking for back pack, airman battle uniform, ACU uniform and matching accessories items. You can shop by category or shop by brand. Or maybe you are looking for something in particular like BDUs pants. BDUs pants are the backbone of the US military uniform and have been adopted into worlwide use. They are now worn in 100 countries. BDUs are worn by both military personnel as well as outdoors enthusiasts. Prices are affordable. Click on the Website above and start shopping for your special one.

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Shape -Up Secret for Couch Potatoes

Even the biggest couch potatoes can learn to love exercise.
For many of us, the word "workout" conjures images of profuse sweat, intense pain, and utter confusion. The good news: You don't have to be a natural exercise enthusiast to get in shape. Even the biggest couch potatoes can learn to love exercise.

• Make Time for Exercise: Even if you have the best intentions, your fitness regimen could wind up taking a backseat to other commitments unless you schedule your workouts in advance. Be sure to set aside enough time so that you can comfortably exercise, shower, and travel. If that doesn't work, write the word "exercise" in big, bold letters on your calendar as a reminder.

• Imagine the Possibilities: Sure, you may be a couch potato now, but that doesn’t mean you can't make dramatic changes to enhance your looks and your health. Instead of thinking of yourself as sedentary, imagine yourself as an active, physically fit person. What you envision should motivate you to put down the remote control, get off the couch, and hit the gym.

• Get Real: Ideally, we'd all love to transform our bodies from flabby to super-toned overnight. But is that realistic? Of course not. Like most things in life, the road to fitness requires hard work, persistence, and patience. So instead of setting your sights on becoming muscle-bound in two weeks, make a more realistic pledge to reduce your underarm flab within six months' time.

• Go Slow: Once you've finally decided to shape up, it can be tempting to hit the gym fanatically. But don't let your newfound enthusiasm get the better of you. Instead, start slowly and gradually build up to more challenging exercises. Remember, slow and steady really does win the race.

• Step It Up: When it comes to fitness, convenience isn't always a good thing. For example, if you drive to work, it's best to park farther away from your office so you have to walk. Along the same lines, try to take the stairs, rather than an elevator or escalator, whenever possible. A few more steps may not seem like a lot, but over time, they can add up to increased fitness and better health.

• Buddy Up: Friends who exercise at the same pace can keep each other motivated. And remember, you and your friend don't have to limit your activities to the gym: Lots of daily activities, such as gardening and raking leaves, have fitness benefits, too. So ask your friends to partner up—who knows, maybe you have a buddy who wants to start getting fit, too.
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LA police Gear

Attention Deployed Personnel. Looking for some gear for the the job you have? LAPolicegear.com has something you are looking for. From under armour to 5.11 Tactical series .Whether you are in military, navy,police. LA police gear has something you actually need. 5.11 Tactical has new product . 5.11 Tactical covert casual t-shirt, polo, side zip boot. and many more.5.11 Tactical create a superior product that enchance the safety, accuracy , speed and performance of law enforcement, military and firefighting professional.5.11 Tactical is build on a foundation durability, quality and value. Come and order at LA police gear from head to toe. It's past delivery and affordable prices. Shop now.

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How to Survive a Break Up

Put down that tub of ice cream, take off your sweatpants, and turn off Gloria Gaynor's “I Will Survive.” Yes, you will survive, but first you've got to get out of the house. As countless songs have told, it can be hard to move on after a split. However, it can feel empowering to seize the day and embrace the new, single you.It's often said that breaking up is hard to do—and anyone who's been through a split, separation, or divorce knows exactly how hard it can be. You might feel hurt, lonely, resentful, angry, confused, or jealous. Fortunately, there are things you can do to recover from a broken heart.
To get Started just follow this simple step.Acknowledge your emotions, but don't dwell. It's perfectly normal to feel anger and sadness. Divorces and breakups create a sense of loss, and most people move through feelings of denial, anger, bargaining, and depression before finally reaching the fifth and final stage of the healing process: acceptance. That said, you should try to keep your emotions from interfering with your activities, your work, and your happiness.Pamper yourself. When you're going through a breakup, it's important to take care of yourself. In fact, experts recommend that you pamper yourself with special treats. So do something indulgent that you've always wanted to do, such as getting a facial or a massage.
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Need Some Police Gear?

Calling all Officer. Do you need some Engineered for military, army, navy, air force, marines, police, and law enforcement gear.This website called Blackhawk Holster has everything you need. From footwear to under armor for men and women. You will find everything you are looking for at Blackhawk Holster . I urge you to visit the website. It's fast shipping , low prices.

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Blog about travel

Do you ever wonder about travelling. Visiting places? Many of us dream about travelling around the world. Many of us dream about it & many of us are doing it at this minutes. Travelling is very fun specially if you enjoy it. Sometime we write things we experience while we travel. The good experience , the bad experience about the trip. If you want to read about travel.. visit gorgeous traveller . This blog talks about travelling some places. Or dreaming about wanting to travel one day. You also will find here some gorgeous travel stuff. To read more just visit gorgeous traveller .
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Blogging is one of the most popular hobbies of people. Specialy when for stayhome mom or dad. When they aren't spending thier time with thier kids. They blog about things they love. Sometimes it's good to surf somebody else blog to get some ideas or red thier post and make a comment. I have found this blog called personal and random. I found this blog interesting. This blog is about everything. From pesonal to commercial . About life and it's interesting bits peices of what's going on circle of life. I suggest you to visit personal and random blog. And learn things that we haven't found about things before.
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I am so frustrated right now ... it's because. I loss three opps today at PPP. The laptop i am using is sooooo slow, so frustrating.
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Things No One Ever Tells You About Health

Everyone knows that eating well and exercising can prevent all kinds of ailments, from heart disease to diabetes. But what don't you know? What aren't you being told that might also boost your health? And what health advice did you think was cliché but, as it turns out, really works? You might not hear the following tips at the doctor's office, but they could help you to live a longer, more fulfilling life. What's more, they’re easy to incorporate into your daily routines (in fact, you may be doing some of them already).

Antibiotics won't work forever. Antibiotics can be quite useful, but if you take them each cold or flu season, you—or the bacteria—may become resistant to these drugs. Each time you take antibiotics, your immunity to them increases. Your physician is your best resource in determining whether antibiotics are right for you.

The environment can make you sick. If you have allergies, you're well aware of the role the environment plays in your health. But did you know that if you live in a polluted area, you may have increased risks of other ailments, such as asthma? Your house may also be to blame, and it might have nothing to do with your pets. Dust may settle and mold or mildew may grow, triggering allergies or causing other health problems.

Laughter really is the best medicine. This is one you've probably heard lots of times but never from a medical professional. That said, the next time you feel a cold coming on, in addition to eating Mom's chicken soup, why not watch one of your favorite funny movies? When Robert Provine, a neuroscientist at the University of Maryland, studied what made people laugh and the health effects it had, he concluded that laughter may indeed be the best medicine.

All work and no play.... As it turns out, this familiar adage is correct. Those who work and constantly think about work may be adding unneeded stress to their lives, which may affect their health. Even if your stress isn't related to work, you may have a harder time getting to sleep at night, develop skin conditions, or even suffer from depression and anxiety. If you never take time for yourself, you run the risk of health problems.

Laws aren't made to be broken. Seatbelt laws have been in effect for decades, but people still don’t seem to want to wear them. Contrary to what some may think, seatbelt use does save lives. Additionally, many states now prohibit dialing of cell phones and sending of text messages while driving—another potential lifesaver.

The power of positive thinking, prayer, and placebos. Numerous studies point to the incredible healing properties of an optimistic outlook, prayer, and the placebo effect. The FDA reports that if patients believe they are given a miracle drug or a brand name drug, they may recover even if they are given sugar pills. Also, patients who pray regularly may experience the same "miraculous" results as those taking a placebo. The bottom line is, the more positive your outlook, the better your chances of recovery.

Alternative therapies weren't always alternative. Our rush to embrace alternative therapies is nothing new. Many of the therapies we consider alternative have actually been around for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. For example, acupuncture has been practiced in Asia for thousands of years. Many herbal remedies we use today were used in Europe before the dawn of medicine. But before you rush out to embrace these therapies, do your homework. Many states now certify or license alternative medicine practitioners. Be sure yours is reputable, and let your regular physician know.

Maintaining an active social network is key. People who regularly get together with friends and even people who are married or are in healthy relationships tend to live longer, healthier lives. Socialization draws on laughter and positive thinking. It helps to reduce stress by providing you an outlet for "me time."

Medicine can't cure all and doctors don't know everything. Guess what? Medicine is good, but it can't solve all problems. Doctors know quite a bit, but even they are human. There are likely many diseases and ailments with which we have no experience. And your doctor may not always be able to pinpoint the problem. Don't worry, though. Advances are made everyday. Open communication with your doctor is key.

Too much of a good thing may be too much. We all need to be more active, but too much exercise may not be good for us either. For example, if we run longer than we are used to, we risk injury. Likewise, we know we should eat more fruits and vegetables and eat whole grains and lean cuts of meat. But if we eat too many of any of these, we risk not losing weight (if that is your goal) or gaining weight. Moderation is key.
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Been Down

Cold & Flue is going around . Luckily that terrible got me. I was down for two days. Can't blog. Can't do anything but stay in still in bed. I am a little bit ok today. I have loss my taste for food. But had to eat anyway. So that I won't become stick, which im skinny already. But i am back and hopefully tomorrow i will be all the way fine.
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Malibu Recovery Treatment

Many of the county's, adult and teenagers battles alcohol abuse & drug addiction. People turn to drug addiction and alcohol abuse because they don't want to face the reality of what is happening in their lives. They also may suffer from depression, family issues, emotional health issues. If you have a family member that is battling alcoholism, Drug Abuse
and other kind of drug . This website called Drug Abuse
can help you and your family member to recover and get the help you need. Each person will receive a personal evaluation upon arrival. They will help you heal your mind, body, spirit and relationship towards the family member. They have a team that committed to help you heal the wounds of the past and realigning your life and start a fresh life. I encourage each one of you who have a family who is battling with Drug Abuse alcoholism to visit the website to help your self or your family member who is going through this. Encourage them that they will go through this with your help to recover from Drug Abuse .
Alcohol and drug use can progress into abuse and even addiction so insidiously that sometimes people do not realize that it has become a problem for them and those around them. visit the website and get the information about admission to Renaissance. Renaissance Malibu's staff are one of the most experienced, prestigious and qualified teams in the industry. Please visit and start your road to recovery.
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Remembering Dr Marthen Luther King's Assassination

I just want to share about Dr Martin Luther King Jr'. We all know that it's been 40 years since Dr King got killed. I just want to remember that day. And respect this day. And I just want to share to each everyone of you about what happend.

At 6:01 p.m. on April 4, 1968, a shot rang out. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who had been standing on the balcony of his room at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, TN, now lay sprawled on the balcony's floor. A gaping wound covered a large portion of his jaw and neck. A great man who had spent thirteen years of his life dedicating himself to nonviolent protest had been felled by a sniper's bullet.Violence and controversy followed. In outrage of the murder, many blacks took to the streets across the country in a massive wave of riots. The FBI investigated the crime, but many believed them partially of fully responsible for the assassination. A man was arrested, but many people, including some of Martin Luther King Jr.'s own family, believe he was innocent. What happened that evening?A Dedicated LeaderWhen Martin Luther King, Jr. emerged as the leader of the a Montgomery Bus Boycott in 1955, he began a long tenure as the spokesperson for nonviolent protest in the Civil Rights Movement. As a Baptist minister, he was a moral leader to the community. Plus, he was charismatic and had a powerful way of speaking. He was also a man of vision and determination. He never stopped dreaming of what could be.Yet he was a man, not a God. He was most often overworked and overtired. And he had a fondness for the private company of women. And though he was the 1964 Nobel Peace Prize winner, he did not have complete control over the Civil Rights Movement.By 1968, violence had edged its way into the movement. Black Panther Party members carried loaded weapons; riots had erupted across the country; and numerous civil rights organizations had taken up the mantra "Black Power!"Yet Martin Luther King held strong to his beliefs, even as he saw the Civil Rights Movement being torn in two. Violence is what brought King back to Memphis in April 1968.Striking Sanitation Workers in MemphisOn February 12, thirteen hundred African-American sanitation workers in Memphis went on strike. Though there had been a long history of grievances, the strike was begun as a response to a January 31 incident in which 22 black sanitation workers were sent home without pay during bad weather while all the white workers remained on the job. When the City of Memphis refused to negotiate with the 1,300 striking workers, King and other civil rights leaders were asked to visit Memphis in support.On Monday, March 18, King managed to fit in a quick stop in Memphis, where he spoke to over 15,000 who had gathered at Mason Temple. Ten days later, King arrived in Memphis to lead a march in support of the striking workers. Unfortunately, as King led the crowd, a few of the protestors got rowdy and smashed the windows of a storefront. The violence spread and soon countless others had taken up sticks and were breaking windows and looting stores.Police moved in to disperse the crowd. Some of the marchers threw stones at the police. The police responded with tear gas and nightsticks. At least one of the marchers was shot and killed.King was extremely distressed at the violence that had erupted in his own march and became determined not to let violence prevail. He scheduled another march in Memphis for April 8.On April 3, King arrived in Memphis a little later than planned because there had been a bomb threat for his flight before takeoff. That evening, King delivered his "I've Been to the Mountaintop" speech to a relatively small crowd that had braved the bad weather to hear King speak. King's thoughts were obviously on his mortality, for he discussed the plane threat as well as the time he had been stabbed. He concluded the speech withWell, I don't know what will happen now; we've got some difficult days ahead. But it really doesn't matter with me now, because I've been to the mountaintop. And I don't mind. Like anybody, I would like to live a long life - longevity has its place. But I'm not concerned about that now. I just want to do God's will. And He's allowed me to go up to the mountain. And I've looked over, and I've seen the Promised Land. I may not get there with you. But I want you to know tonight, that we, as a people will get to the Promised Land. And so I'm happy tonight; I'm not worried about anything; I'm not fearing any man. Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord. After the speech, King went back to the Lorraine Motel to rest.The Lorraine Motel, (now the National Civil Rights Museum) was a relatively drab, two-story motor inn on Mulberry Street in downtown Memphis. Yet it had become a habit of Martin Luther King and his entourage to stay at the Lorraine Motel when they visited Memphis.On the evening of April 4, 1968, Martin Luther King and his friends were getting dressed to have dinner with Memphis minister Billy Kyles. King was in Room 306 on the second floor and hurried to get dressed since they were, as usual, running a bit late. While putting on his shirt and using Magic Shave Powder to shave, King chatted with Ralph Abernathy about an upcoming event. Around 5:30 p.m., Kyles had knocked on their door to hurry them along. The three men joked about what was to be served for dinner. King and Abernathy wanted to confirm that they were going to be served "soul food" and not something like filet mignon. About half an hour later, Kyles and King stepped out from the motel room onto the balcony (basically the outside walkway that connected all the motel's second-story rooms ). Abernathy had gone to his room to put on some cologne. Near the car in the parking lot directly below the balcony, waited James Bevel, Chauncey Eskridge (SCLC lawyer), Jesse Jackson, Hosea Williams, Andrew Young, and Solomon Jones, Jr. (the driver of the loaned white Cadillac). A few remarks were exchanged between the men waiting below and Kyles and King. Jones remarked that King should get a topcoat; King replied, "O.K."Kyles was just a couple steps down the stairs and Abernathy was still inside the motel room when the shot rang out. Some of the men initially thought it a car backfire, but others realized it was a rifle shot. King had fallen to the concrete floor of the balcony with a large, gaping wound covering his right jaw.Martin Luther King Jr. Shot!Abernathy ran out of his room to see his dear friend fallen, laying in a puddle of blood. He held King's head saying, "Martin, it's all right. Don't worry. This is Ralph. This is Ralph." *Kyles had gone into a motel room to call an ambulance while others encircled King. Marrell McCollough, an undercover Memphis police officer, grabbed a towel and tried to stop the flow of blood. Though King was unresponsive, he was still alive - but only barely.Within fifteen minutes of the shot, Martin Luther King arrived at St. Joseph's Hospital on a stretcher with an oxygen mask over his face. He had been hit by a .30-06 caliber rifle bullet that had entered his right jaw, then traveled through his neck, severing his spinal cord, and stopped in his shoulder blade.The doctors tried emergency surgery but the wound was too serious. Martin Luther King, Jr. was pronounced dead at 7:05 p.m. He was 39 years old.
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Pet Contest

Attention Pet lover's. Bring your pet.com is having a Cutest Pet Contest . If you want your lovable adorable Pet to be in the contest, just simply visit Cutest Pet Contest and complete the registration form contest. A bunch of pet lover are entering the contest , so the staff are narrowing it down to cutest pets .And then the site visitor will be be deciding who will be the cutest pet ever. The winner of the Bringyourpet.com Cutest Pet Contest winner will receive $ 200 dollar in cash and not only that, the winner picture pet will be on the website.

So, hurry pet lover's out here. Visit the website above and complete the form and submit for your pet chance to win.

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With the arrival of spring—and summer right around the corner—it's a perfect time to slim down and shape up.Maybe you want to unveil a sleeker body at the beach. Perhaps you want to get in shape for your favorite seasonal sport. Or maybe you've simply decided that it’s time to start improving your health once and for all. Whatever the reason, there’s no better time than spring to start slimming down and shaping up.

Step Outside: Although any exercise is better than no exercise, outdoor fitness provides more variety than the gym, and fresh air offers an extra feel-good factor. Regular workouts may provide some long-term benefits as well, helping aging muscles to retain their flexibility and resist injury. So as the days get warmer, take advantage of the weather with a jogging or walking workout, or do boot-camp training on your deck or in your backyard. You can also invest in a mountain bike, go hiking, or learn how to play tennis.

Veg Out: From avocados and asparagus to spinach and snow peas, spring offers a bounty of versatile vegetables. Researchers reported that avocados, rich in heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, may significantly increase the absorption of nutrients that protect against heart disease, cancer, and blindness. Go ahead and mix some veggies up in seasonal salads; use them to make delicious, diet-friendly snacks; or steam them to create low-calorie side dishes. Better yet, celebrate the arrival of spring by planting a garden—not only is gardening a rewarding hobby, it also burns up to 300 calories per hour.

Go Slow But Steady: If you've spent the winter hibernating, working out too hard too soon could lead to injury and undermine your efforts.You always warm up, cool down, and stretch, and remember to stay well-hydrated before, during, and after your workouts.

Write It Down: the greatest predictor of weight-loss success was whether the dieter kept a food diary. In fact, it trumped exercise, age, and even starting body mass index. So be sure keep track of your calorie, fat, and carbohydrate intake, as well as the times at which you consumed them.
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Waverly Beddings

I love doing interior design.I decorate my bedroom and my kids bedroom.I change their bedding's and curtains every two weeks. Every time i go shopping, i can't help on going to bed and bath aisle.Trying to picture what style and color should i replaced my bedding's and curtains in my bedroom ,kids bedroom and what kind of stuff should i replaced the bathroom stuff.
And then I get to visit this website called Waverly Bedding .I love this site! There are so many choices of bedding's,curtains for the windows that matches your bedding's, so many colors. I am glad i found this site. I didn't need to go out shopping for my bedroom and kids bedroom bedding anymore. Beside Waverly Bedding is good and excellent design, quality and value. And they have been around for seventy five years and is the oldest continuously advertised consumer brand for bedding and sheet and home decor. What I really like about Waverly Bedding is they have so many choices of bedding's to choice from, companion floral, strips, plaids and woven. What else can i ask for! Every bedding and sheet and curtains i ever wanted is at Waverly. They come cheap too. Everyone needs to find out about Waverly bedding's, the selection is enormous, the colors are so warm. So , I'm asking everyone who hasn't try Waverly bedding. You have you visit the website now and order your very own Waverly Bedding . You are going to be happy of the outcome of your bedroom when you place your order now. Come all and experience the softness of Waverly product.
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Life Isn't Easy; Life Isn't Fair

Why would an ordinarily intelligent person choose to be uninspired? We all have choices in life, so why choose apathy, negativity and/or fear? Mostly, people make the choices they do because it serves them in some way and perhaps they fear the unknown. I have heard this referred to as the "comfort zone"; although I couldn't tell you what's comfortable about misery and self-doubt.

Two concepts that really help me are "Life is not easy" and "Life is not fair." These may not sound very inspiring or uplifting, but they help me all the time. Knowing in advance that life is not easy or fair aids me in accepting, dealing and forgiving. For example, my daughters lost their father over 2 years ago. It was difficult for all of us. I learned a lot about myself in this experience, and became a stronger person - whether I wanted to or not.

Believing that life is not easy or fair made it easier to deal with reality. Many, many children have grown up without a father and lead very happy lives. We were fortunate in many ways compared to other children. They knew their Dad and had a great relationship with him, he wasn't killed in war and didn't suffer a terrible disease like AIDS - many children must deal with these situations today. It's really not fair, but we're not alone, and we count our blessings.

My younger daughter has a habit of comparing herself to others and worrying what others are thinking about her. Having a deep understanding that life isn't fair really helps both of us in these situations. Comparing ourselves to others is a dangerous business! Everyone has their gifts, and they are not always apparent.

It's easy to see when someone has the gift of outer beauty, but not so easy to see when someone has the gift of healing or perception. While my daughter may be smart and have other gifts, it isn't fair for her to compare herself to another child who can run a mile in 7 minutes at age 10.

As adults, we feel judged, too. In some ways, this does serve us. We dress up and use our best manners when applying for work or trying to win a big contract because frankly, we are being judged. If, however, we don't go to the gym because we're afraid of being judged based on our appearance, that does much more harm. Nobody is great at everything and we should appreciate not only others' gifts, but our own as well.

Fully understanding the profundity of life being neither easy nor fair contributes to my happiness every day. I no longer blame and minimally judge. I don't waste energy with useless comparisons of outer beauty or success. Instead I put my energy into tasks and strategies that will ultimately result in happiness - for me and for others. I am happy because I work at it, and I am grateful.
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Cards Direct

I am a person who like sending out cards; whether it's for birthday, Christmas, or just saying thank you about things for some distance family or relatives. I usually just buy birthday card at the grocery store. I usually have nieces and nephew that have same month of birthday , and by the time i buy those cards for them the amounts adds up and estimated to over hundred of dollar or so. Take note ,cards don't come cheap, they cost bunch specially when you have a big family. I know that there must be a better way to purchasing elegant birthday cards without picking which should i send with one of those cheap looking cards.
I heard about this website named Custom Photo Cards they can personalized birthday cards or any cards i like online.Take not" personalized" you can write anything you want in front and inside the cards. This cards are not like some of the cards you usually buy at grocery store. This are different. You can select the exterior design of the card. My favorite one is the picture above.I am a person who like sending out cards; whether it's for birthday, Christmas, or just saying thank you about things for some distance family or relatives. I usually just buy birthday card at the grocery store. I usually have nieces and nephew that have same month of birthday , and by the time i buy those cards for them the amounts adds up and estimated to over hundred of dollar or so. Take note ,cards don't come cheap, they cost bunch specially when you have a big family. I know that there must be a better way to purchasing elegant birthday cards without picking which should i send with one of those cheap looking cards.
I heard about this website named Custom Photo Cards is very convenient. You do not need to go to grocery just to buy a cheap looking card. They have so many selection. you will find cards for all occasion ,so wonderful and very inexpensive.
So, if you want to express your appreciation or gratitude to any of your friend and family? You can send out one of this personalized card of your own. Visit the website and order your personalized cards right away.It's affordable, and the cards are pretty cool.
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We all know that there is someone on this world who is lack of confidence. I was one of them. It's hard ...

Confidence is a powerful word...
Confidence is faith in your own ability... and confidence can determine whether or not you will succeed in achieving your goal.
One of the major stumbling blocks to achieving your goal, living your dream, doing anything you want to do in your life... is a lack of confidence!
When people have confidence, they consistently take action and make necessary changes, they get results and achieve their goals.
When people lack confidence, however, they get stuck and they remain stuck. They may have the same ability and skills as a person with confidence, but because they lack confidence they don't easily take action towards their goals.
Having confidence is essential to achieving your goals and living your dreams.
You may have the knowledge and skills to do something, you may have all your goals and action steps written out, you may have everything in place to go ahead and achieve your goal... live your dream... start doing the things that you want to do in your life.
You may have everything right ready to put into action... but without confidence, without confidence in your ability to do this and to achieve it... you won't get very far.

People who lack confidence typically,are very shy;have difficulties relating to other people
;have difficulties in communicating with people they don't know very well;rely on alcohol to give them "dutch courage" to do something
don't get very far in their career, don't take many risks
settle for the sameness rather than different experiences
I don't know about you, but I have a problem with my confidence. I know I lack confidence in some areas of my life... and it is in these areas I'm not achieving the kind of results I would like. I'm a whole lot better than I used to be when I was younger... but I know I have quite a way to go yet before I have a strong confidence in me.
Lacking confidence now in your life, doesn't mean that you will always lack confidence. Your confidence is something you can work on. You can learn techniques that will not only develop your confidence but strengthen it... and when your confidence is strengthened, you begin to achieve more in your life. You can confidently go for opportunities that come your way... and not only go for them, but enjoy them and achieve them
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Shopping Cart Software

Calling all business owner. Do you want your business to be expose in cyberspace.If so, the shopping cart can help you make your business booming in no time. Take control of your business, and take it on the next level with shopping cart. Ashop Commerce cart are simple to manage and customized most of your Internet business. You can take control your business by using shopping cart software, you will be able to design your own personalized store front by using shopping cart software. Ashop Commerce is a web based shopping cart. There is no need to install software on all your computers. Simple to use promoting your business online. Fully customized for any business whether you are marketing professional, web designer or just starting your business. And it's affordable.

So, come and take advantage of Ashop Commerce shopping cart software for 10 days free trial. Visit shopping cart now and promote your store online and start earning, Ecommerce is easy to use, easy to set up.Start to sell with Ashop Commerce shopping cart software. It's quick and easy.
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