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Cashmere Vs Cascade

Last night , my daughter avory had a basketball game. They went against Cascade Tam which is Leavenworth WA elementary. Last night was an awesome game, my daughter's team improved quiet a bit and so as the other team.

Cashmere Team ( my daughter's team) won, they scored 30, while Cascade ( Leavenworth WA team) scored 10. Both team did a really great job. This coming sunday is a basketball tournament, it will be held at Cashmere WA. Middle School. The game will be starting at 2:00PM, the first game will be Cashmere (my daughter's team) Vs Cascade Leavenworth WA. Elementary, then at 3:00PM Cascade Vs Entiat WA. then at 4:00PM Cashmere Vs Entiat. Boy, it is going to be a long day Sunday...but I know that It will be fun for all teams. Can't wait! I will be posting some photos that I took from last night basketball game sometimes this weekend.
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Mellow Yellow Monday- Butterfly Bendaroos


It's once again Monday and it is time for Mellow Yellow Monday. My entry for today is butterfly made of bendaroos ( wax stick). My daughter has been longing to have this bendaroos, I was kind of wondering why she really would love to have this stick made out of wax. There! she got it for her birthday.. and the photo down below was her creation. I can see why she really loves it... it's fun and you can create so many image with it.

So, here is my entry for Mellow Yellow Monday. To join us, just click on the badge above and post your very own Mellow Yellow Monday. Have FUN!
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Sky Watch Friday

It's sky watch Friday once again. When I woke up this morning, I barely see the mountain around our city because of the fog. We haven't seen the sun for days now...the weather is soo glommy. Around noon today the fog finally thin down and the sky was kind of lit up. Here is my photo for sky watch friday.

Join us and have fun watching the sky by visiting Skywatch Friday.
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Do You Think You're Hot Tag

Was blog hopping and reading what was new around the blogging world, I came across this tag called"Do you think your hot" in David's blog. It look so interesting and though about posting it so here it is:

Copy and answer the questions (but don't copy the answers of the one who tagged you!).Please Upload your favorite picture:

Do you think you're hot?
I think I am...why? Just because...Im HOT :))!

Why do you love this picture?

Because I barely get my son's photos anymore, every time I take his picture he hide. This one was very funny, we were goofing around, playing game on his DSi, so since his DSi has camera we thought about taking a funny picture...so we did.

When was the last time you ate pizza?
About 5 days ago, cheese,peperoni and Hawaiian pizza (Yum)

What was the latest song you've heard?
Heaven Sent by Keshia Cole...love the song

What are you doing while working on this game?
Watching behind enemy line and watching MTV video the same time.

What is your favorite nickname?

What kind of person are you?
Quiet,kind hearted,generous but beware don't stub me on the back for no reason because I'll get even somehow!

What is your favorite song?
You mean Genres? Well I am into R&B/Soul, Pop and a lil bit of Jazz.

What is your favorite food?
Love Philippine food of course, Chinese, soul and American food :)

What is the most stressful thing to you?
Deciding and choosing which way to go, being torn because i dont want to choose (dont ask long story)

Mention the 3 must-have items in your purse.
Check book, sanitizer and lipgloss.

What is your favorite color/s?
Brown and Black

What is your not full-filled-yet dream?
Finishing my BS - Health Administration

What is your favorite city to stay?
LA. I love the atmosphere, and the shopping area of course.

I am pretty sure this tag has been passed to everyone so, I would say I had fun doing this tag and for those who have not done this yet...go right ahead and grab and post it. Have fun!
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Property Management Map

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Their residential agents are specialists in marketing, maintaining and managing They strive to maximize their owner’s net operating income by maintaining high occupancy levels and minimizing unnecessary overhead. To find out more about property listing just visit the link above.
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My Daughter is Growing Up

My daughter's Birthday Slumber Party is tonight. Any moment now her friend will be arriving, she invited 7-9 of her close friends. Boy, it would be very interesting for me to entertain 7 kids and spending the night. Well, I bought some interesting games,nail polish for them to use decorating their nails. They will have a great time I am sure.

My son does not want to stay at home while his sister is having her slumber party. So he decided to sleep over at his Allen. Anyway, here is some photos of my daughter when she was just a baby and on.

I know avory read my blog so, I just want to say
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Flameless Candles

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Elegant 3-piece flameless candle set featuring genuine river rocks and custom wood tray. Simply blow on candles to turn ON/OFF, Realistic flicker effect simulates a conventional candle without dripping wax or fire danger.
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Fashion Weblog for Women

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Celebrating Avory's 10'th B-day

As I mentioned before my daughter Avory is turning 10 the 18th of January. We planned to have her friends over for slammber party the 15th. Since her birthday is on Monday, she wants to have it on friday. I bet it is going to be fun, and they will be having a great time.

At first I don't have any idea what would be the best thing for them to do beside movies? Few pointers from FB friends help and I appreciate all the pointers. The idea is play a few fun games, nail painting, musical chair, movies, food and maybe dress up. If anyone have anymore idea for 10th years old slammber party, I will appreciate it. Have a good sunday everyone.
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I would like to apologize to all my blogger friend, for I haven't blog hop for quite sometime.i'd just been so busy lately. Please I ask you be patient with me and I will do my best to visit your blog back. Thank you for stopping by as always, I will pay you back a visit as soon as I can, have a great weekend everyone!
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Tinikling Dance

My daughter's school has been practicing dance for their dance program sometimes next month. The fourth grade which she is right now, they are practicing tinikling dance. Avory is practicing hard for the tinikling dance, she wanted bad to pick to be one of the tinikling dancer. The student that would not be picked for the tinikling will be dancing Russian and German dance.

So, we had to watched some of the you tube tinikling dance so that she will learn from them and will know some the move. They would be dancing different kind of tinikling moves but would be similar.
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Personalized Apple & BlackBerry Cases

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Snowy Monday

Kids are back to school today, my daughter was very excited to go back to school. You see, she loves school the opposite side of my son Justin. He does not like school, but keep on telling him that he needs to go to school to get a better education.

Anyway, it was hard waking them up this morning since they kind of get use to the idea of sleeping in until 10:00 or 11:00. Had to push my son getting up, he usually cranky in the morning but afterward he is fine.

Snowing here today and still coming down.... I mean coming down hard, that seem like it will gong to be snowing all day, I am hoping not. Anywho, happy monday everyone!
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My daughter Avory On the top of the Washer

Saturday is a laundry day for me sort of. I'd put my first load on the washer and told my daughter to go and take a shower. So, she did and about to jump in the shower until the washer to to spin cycle. Guess what she did?? She was trying to ride the washer while it was on the spin cycle? I actually catch her doing it twice before, she said it was fun, and she can feel the vibrate! Kids are funny....this time she lock the bathroom door, I knew that the washer was on the spin cycle and I knew that she was going to be on the washer....I slowly unlock the door and this what I got.... the image below.

She is so funny, she tried to get away from the camera but she was not quite quick to do it so. Anyway, just want to share it with you all and I thought it was so funny.
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December'09-Tope Ec Droppers

A Great thank you for all my blogger's friend who had dropped on this blog of mine. I am so grateful for you all and the friendship. And hope that you all will keep coming to visit my blogs.

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I Love You Goodbye

You know I am into romance movies. I cried a lot everytime I watched romance movie, as I surfing the web, looking for filipino movies, I came across to this one and I like it. It was release December 25'2009. I haven't seen the whole movie but I am pretty sure it's a good one. Here is the actual music team song of the movie.

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