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HBO Online Store

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Answer What Do You Like About Me

At some point in a relationship, most girls will ask the dreaded question. "What do you like about me?" Prepare yourself and read on.

1. Recognize first that she isn't really asking "What do you like about me," but, rather "Why do you like me?" Give your reasons why you like her! Do you like her personality, her intelligence, the cute way she scrunches her nose when she laughs?
2. If you're standing, sit down with her somewhere. Let her know you're focused completely on her and that you're taking her seriously.
3. As you answer, look her in the eyes! If you look away, she'll think you're lying. Actually, if you're looking away, you probably are.
4. Be thoughtful. Don't just say, "You're hot," because it's the first thing that pops in your head. Take a second, but not a really long time, or she'll be offended you're taking so long to come up with reasons you like her.
5. Think of the big, generic things- She's funny, she's smart, she's energetic.
6. Think of the medium-sized, more personal things- She's a devoted friend, she's passionate about the things she does, she always knows how to make you smile.
7. Think of the small, intimate things- She makes adorable faces when she's really into a book, the quirky way she eats her Oreo; the little things only you, or someone very close to her, would notice.

Feel free to compliment her appearance, but don't make it the focus. Instead of telling her she's sexy or cute, tell her she has beautiful eyes, soft skin, or something slightly sweeter. Don't feel trapped. She's not asking because she wants to make you nervous, she's probably having an insecure day. Think about why she's asking you this- Maybe this is a clue you need to remind you care for her more often.

Be honest! She'll know if you're lying
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Reconcile With Someone Without Losing Your Pride

Not ready to lose someone in your life, but feel that reconciling might make you come across as needy and desperate?

1. Objectively evaluate how bad the fall out was. Was the person extremely insulting? Calm down and see if they were making a valid point there, or if it was an argument over something trivial. The degree of flexibility you should have in your reconciliation should be derived from this.
2. Give them space for a while, and if possible, try not to be the one to make the first move, because that would mean losing the upper hand before its even begun, and in some extreme cases could just be giving them an opportunity to reject you again.
3. Before doing anything drastic like breaking down and contacting them or pleading for a reconciliation, think about how you would feel if the position was reversed. You certainly don't want them thinking they can treat you badly and then have you pleading for reconciliation without even lifting a finger!
4. Think about it this way: if they don't make the first move, sooner or later things will go back to the way they were during the fall out. Allowing them to make the first move shows you that they've realized where they went wrong and how important you are to them.
5. Be hard to get, even if you think its impossible for you to pretend, push yourself, because the harder to get you are, the more they'll want you.
6. Give them time to go over the fall out. If you never give them any time to evaluate their mistakes, they'll just make them over and over. Let them think about what went wrong, and let them put in some work and fix it.
7. Be gracious. When they do come around and apologize, be gracious, and back out of the conversation quickly. Make them realize they can't treat you this way and expect no consequences.
8. Act cool around them for a while after the apology, and let them make an effort to call you and keep up the friendship. Don't overdo this though, since you do want to reconcile.
9. Once you both have calmed down, sit down and talk about the issues, and make sure not to be insulting or you might end up in another fight. Try to get your point across so that in future they won't [hopefully] repeat it.
10. Make sure they know that if they wreck things with you again, you won't be this re conciliatory.
11. If you were the one who wrecked things, apologizing sincerely is a good way to start the reconciliation. Remember: apologizing never made anybody lesser or greater than the other person.

Be patient, and don't expect things to instantly go back to the way they were.
If you think that the person is making the same mistakes again, consider moving on.No matter how bad things seem, it'll be worse if you lose your dignity, so never ever plead or beg.
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Make Gold Accessories Last Longer

Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the past few months, you’ve probably noticed that gold accessories are everywhere this season, from shoes to handbags. However, gold is a bold color, which makes marks and scuffs stand out like a sore thumb. So if you want to keep those accessories looking nice and new, follow these steps.

1. Buy smart. If something is cheap when you buy it, it is most likely going to be of poor quality. If you are serious about your gold accessories, purchase from reputable brands to avoid quick fading or scuffs.
2. Treat your gold shoes, purses, and belts with leather spray prior to use to prevent potential scuffs, marks and stains from permanently setting in and ruining the accessory.
3. Wear with care. For example, don’t wear your new gold shoes to frat parties because the "frat juice" inevitably covering the floor by the end of the night will eat away at the gold color on your shoes.
4. Wash gently. Wipe away dirt with a damp, soft cloth but no soap. And don’t scrub—the gold may wash away.
5. Purchase a gold paint marker. That way if your accessory does get a scuff or mark, you can touch it up to make it look shiny and new again.
6. The best decision about gold jewelery is buy real gold not fake ones but buy in jewelery. If you buy real gold you even don't have to take care of it, because 24K gold doesn't fade; it will keep its color.

When wearing gold accessories, remember not to go overboard. You do not want to look like a gold nugget. Two gold accessories are enough to pull an outfit together and shine while doing so!

Don't ever try to wear gold purses to work in office, because it's looks cheap.
Don't buy fake gold imitating real gold, because fake gold won't last a long time - only 3 or 4 months. Don't ever try to paint your own accessories with gold paint - it will most likely damage your accessories.
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Philippine Visit 2002

This picture was taken 2002, my last visit Philippines. The kids on the photos are my two nieces Precious on the left with my other niece Erica and on the righ side was my son Justin and daughter Avory. Avory was eating one of those cracker that has chocolate in the middle of the crakers (I forgot what they call it)

That picture down below was also taken 2002. When we visited my sister at the farm. Justin was wearing his Lolo's hat and Avory was wearing his uncle Renante's hat. Posting this photo's telling me that I am really homesick and it's about time to go back and visit (LOL).
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Tulips Fest

The photos down below was 2002 during Tulips festival at Northwest Washington's Skagit Valley. My daughter just turn one year old, my son was 3 1/2 years old. And that was me behind them.

Tulips festival usually happen on spring season. Love the tulips, brilliant colors, acres and acres of daffodils, tulips, irises, and lilies entice visitors to the towns of La Conner and Mount Vernon. They come to take in the pastoral beauty, and to enjoy the annual festivities. The flower-viewing season begins with dainty yellow daffodils in mid- to late-March; a rainbow of tulips takes the stage in April. Irises and lilies follow, providing color well into the month of May.

And that's my daughter, when she was just one year old, admiring the tulips( LOL).
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Debts Savers

Are you in debts and cannot keep up paying all the bills that is file up on your desk? This Awesome Debt Relief Company negotiate to lower your payment monthly. Thedebtsavers.com will help you cut credit card debt by up to 60%, lower your monthly payments, get you debt free in 12-36 months. Will help you avoid bankruptcy, plus it is free consultations and no obligation. Get a quotes now.

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Choose Garlic

Almost every cuisine on our planet has found an important role for garlic and it is among the oldest known horticultural crop. Egyptian and Indian cultures referred to garlic 5000 years ago and by the Chinese 2000 years ago. Garlic's good for you. Garlic acts as a warming herb for the digestion and respiratory tract and is an important antibiotic and antiviral remedy for colds, flu, bronchitis, pneumonia, and other infections. It's an important herbal supplement for protecting the blood and cardiovascular system. Used regularly, it can slightly lower your blood pressure, reduce high cholesterol, and help prevent atherosclerosis. Garlic has long been used as a remedy for intestinal parasites. This article will help you choose good quality garlic.

1. When selecting a head of garlic, look for large, clean, firm bulbs with unbroken, dry skins.
2. Remove any green shoots from cloves because they give a bitter taste that persists when garlic is cooked.
3. Store garlic in a cool, dry place where air can circulate. There are special garlic containers in good kitchen stores, some are even shaped like garlic bulbs. These have air holes already inserted.
4. Avoid refrigerating. Refrigerating garlic inhibits flavour and dehydrates the cloves. To peel garlic, place clove on cutting board and gently press with side of knife until skin starts to break. Discard skin.
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The Perfect Father's Day Gift

Father's day has come and gone, but June is not over yet. For those who have not have the chance to get Dad or granddad a present, it not too late. You can still give him the very special gift. A good gift shows you care enough about someone really to consider what they might like. We all have a problem sometimes with choosing gifts for special occasion likes father's day.

Any special occasion is definitely incomplete without gifts but finding unique gifts are very difficult. However, the scenario is very similar for everyone. Why not www.bestoftime.com ? Best of time offers high quality Rolex watches at all time. Rolex watches is the best gifts for any occasions, it is genuine and best luxury Rolex watches in the world.

Visit best of time, where the time lasts forever. View the wide variety of Rolex watches for men and ladies. Rolex watches is the top rated time piece watches collection. Buy Rolex watch for you or for your love one, the one of a kind of gift you can give on special occasion. BEST OF TIME, WWW.BESTOFTIME.COM, AKA Alex Jewelry are proud members of BBB, Better Business Bureau and hold the highest form of recognition. They are an official accredited business by BBB, Better Business Bureau with an exceptional A+ RATING the highest possible rating a business can get! BEST OF TIME, WWW.BESTOFTIME.COM, AKA Alex Jewelry has the Worlds best selection of ROLEX watches at the absolute lowest price. All Of There ROLEX Watches are 100% Genuine Certified & Authentic. With a three year warranty and free FedEx shipping.
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Find Free Things to Do on Weekends (for a Family)

"The best things in life are free," goes the old saying--but what can you do for free that's actually...well...fun? Here's some pointers to explore the cheap fun things to do with your family.

1. Check your local newspaper for Community Events. Towns, cities, libraries, schools, recreation centers and the like often have free events. Check your local museums, parks, and the like for special Open House days or other events that offer free admission.
2. Explore the Great Outdoors. Outside parks, forests, state land, and the like are often free and offer a lot of fun activities like swimming, nature hikes, camping, kite-flying, and the like. Be sure to check out special events like free workshops, guided hikes, stargazing parties, and more.
3. Cook Together. You have to cook dinner; why not do it together? A family cooking project: chocolate chip cookies, barbecuing, making smoothies, making applesauce, is low cost and is fun.
4. Play together. When was the last time you played catch with your Dad? Played chess with your stepmom?
5. Create together. Get your family involved in a project, such as building a tree house out of scrap lumber, painting the living room, creating a family scrapbook, and more.
6. Have a Movie Night. Each member who's old enough to choose can designate a film for the evening to watch together. (Be sure it's appropriate for everyone). You might have forgotten how much you loved "The Wizard of Oz" until your little sister picked it out.
* You probably have tons of videos and DVDs that you haven't watched in a while, or can record any number of movies on your recorder.
* Libraries often have a wide variety of free movies FREE.
7. Read a book together. Classics like "Charlotte's Web", "Alice in Wonderland" and more can be enjoyed by the whole family.
8. What Haven't You Done in a While? What's something that you or your parents did in the past for fun, that you haven't done lately?
9. What's Hiding in the Closet? Is there sports equipment, games, art projects, and more that is disused in the attic, closet, garage, shed, and so on? Maybe it's time to try out those roller blades again, or set up the telescope in the backyard, play a game of croquet, and take your uncle's old canoe out on a trip.
10. Volunteer a lot of organizations appreciate families helping out. Donating your time to worthy organizations can be fun, educational, and a great bonding experience.
11. Check for Scholarships. Sometimes an organization will give a family a free pass if they can show financial hardship. Also, volunteering may give you free admission to museums, events, classes, and more.

Not every free event will be the best thing your family ever did together--that's OK. Try for a good time, and keep trying things even if there's some disappointments.Pack meals and snacks to avoid shelling out money on these things.
Remember: family time together may at first seem not as fun as expensive vacations, but making time together to work at having fun will probably be really good for everyone.Some free activities (like free admission) don't end up being free. Beware of events in which you'll spend money on treats, meals, games, and so on.
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Medical Supplies

National disasters and emergencies can be serious and unexpected events. Anything can and often does happen. Being prepared physically and mentally may help save yours and your family life. Keeping First Aid Kit on hand at all times is a wise idea. Dealmed.com is an online website where you can purchase medical supplies when you need it. Dealmed.com carry all the medical supply products that you need, from CPR supplies, wound products, surgical supplies and much more. You named it they have all the medical supply that you need for your business.

When me and my family had an accident few years back, the medical crew used some kind of board for me and my family to lay into while transporting us to the hospital. The back board also known as Aluminum Scoop Stretcher is designed to be gently maneuvered under the patient without rolling or lifting. An open center permits the patient to be X-rayed while remaining immobilized on the stretcher. Composed of lightweight aluminum with an adjustable length and 3 patient restraint straps.

You can rely on dealmed.com when it comes on purchasing medical supplies products. Visit the website and browse their wide numbers and medical supply they have. Order your medical equipment now and get free shipping on orders over $100.00. Click the link above and check out dealmed.com daily deal and request a free catalog.
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Save a Troubled Relationship

If you feel that sinking feeling coming on that means your relationship is on the rocks, now may be a good time to re-examine your relationship with your loved one. There are several steps you can take to put you and your partner back on the road to recovery.

Decide if it is worth it. It is a sad fact about life, but some relationships may happen to be too far gone to save. Therefore, take some time to really think about the relationship. Find out the real cause of the conflict or breakup. Is it your fault or your partner's fault? If you are in an abusive relationship, physically or emotionally, it may be best to leave and find a fresh start. If not, you must be willing to take on the following steps with a passion. If at the end of the day you still think that the relationship is worth saving, then go all out to save it. Pinpoint the problem. It is hard to fix a relationship when you do not know what went wrong. Talk to your partner to see if they are willing to try a problem-solving method known as "Plus Delta".

If he or she is willing, take some quiet time out of your day where you two can do the following:

Each person needs a piece of paper folded length-wise into thirds. Label the first column "plus", the second column "minus", and the third column "delta". In the plus column, each of you must write several things that you personally find to be good in your relationship. Ex. "our walks in the park" or "the way we wake each other up when we have a bad dream" In the minus column, individually write what you each think are some negative aspects of your relationship. Ex. "how we resort to screaming when angry" or "our lack of communication during arguments". Delta is a term used in math and science that means "change in". You should use this column to identify specific changes that you wish to make in your relationship. This can mean doing less of one thing or doing more of another thing. Ex. "more cuddle time while watching T.V."or "planning special dinner dates" or "more daily communication". Share your thoughts. It is important that these thoughts are not shared in an angry or argumentative way. You should hold each other's hand while sharing your thoughts or cuddle up together. It may feel awkward to do this if you have been fighting a lot lately, but it can make a difference.

Listen. When your partner is talking, do not interrupt them to "counter" what they said or to defend yourself. Keep in mind that if they wrote something down under the minus column, it is because it is truly hurting or worrying them. Whether their feelings seem rational or not, it is important to respect them. Take action. Try to identify some of the most important problems on each others list and find a way to fix the situation. For example, if communication was a big problem, make it a point to talk to each other for twenty minutes each day without the T.V., radio, or computer on. Maintain your progress. Be sure to apologize for hurting each others feelings and repeat the process as often as needed.

Often the best way to fix problems is to not verbalize it but just do what you know will help. That is, don't approach your partner and say "We have problems, let's discuss and sort it out." Just make an effort first without saying so. People often feel more upset when they have to face the fact that the two of you have been having problems. Showing affection and love only helps. After the first "Plus Delta" exercise, it may be more convenient to try the method verbally. Just remember to remain respectful. If you repeat the exercise on paper, you can put the old papers into a binder to look at them later as a memento to your progress. You can use this method to repair relationships with informal co-workers, friends, and family members. You can, of course, leave out the physical contact and replace with just a quite, restful environment. Agree to keep your "Plus Delta" exercises private.

Never force anyone to try something that they do not want to try. This method may not work on all types of relationships. The other party may not be ready or willing to save the relationship.
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Back up Your PC and Windows XP to Bootable Recovery DVDs Using Acronis True Image

Banner 2

Many new PCs these days come with recovery Cd's that you can use to restore your PC to the factory default state should you get a virus or suffer a hard drive failure. Now you can create a recovery CD for your computer that contains all of your programs, files, music and even your copy of Windows XP. This way if your computer ever gets a virus or has a hard drive failure you can put everything back the way it was when your PC was working perfectly!

Purchase a copy of Acronis True Image. You can download a free trial from http://www.acronis.com, but it is recommended that you purchase the full version for all of the features.Install Acronis True Image. After your PC reboots, run True Image. Go to "Tools> Options" from the top toolbar and select the "Archive Splitting" option from the pop up menu. Choose to split archives and enter in 4000MB if you plan on backing up to DVD or enter in 650MB if you plan on backing up to CD-R. Click on "OK" and exit the options screen. Click on "Backup" and choose "I want to backup the entire disk or partitions." Select the partitions to back up. Click on Next. Select the "Full Backup" option. Click Next. Choose a place on your hard drive to save the backup files in .tib format. It may warn you that backing up to the same partition is dangerous in case of hard drive failure, or some warning like that. Click "OK". Follow the wizard's steps and let it make a backup of your system. Go to where you saved your backup in .tib format. How ever many files you see is how many DVDs you will need to make the backup. Open up your DVD burning program such as Roxio or Nero. Use your program and put the first backup file, the one with the number 1 in the file name, in your DVD project. Burn this file to a DVD. Be sure to Finalize your session AND the DVD. Otherwise you may have trouble restoring your files. Use a marker and write the number "1" on the first DVD. Repeat step 10 for each of the other backup files going up in order by number.

Once you have burned all of your DVDs, go back into Acronis True Image and click on "Create Bootable Rescue Media". Add the True Image Full and True Image Safe versions to the project and insert a blank CD. Let the wizard burn you your Bootable Rescue Media. Verify your backup that you have just made by running the "Check Archive" tool. Be sure to insert the last DVD in the backup and then check the archive from your DVD drive. This will make sure you burned your backup correctly to DVD. It should eventually ask you to insert the other DVDs. Insert them when asked. Try booting your PC using the Bootable CD you just created. You should see the Acronis Menu where you can choose to run Acronis Full or Safe versions. See if your PC can run the Full Version software. For extra safety while you are in the Full Version you can run the Check Archive tool again to make sure that if your PC was truly dead that your backup would work without a copy of Windows. It is OK to eject the CD you made while running in the Full Version.

For the most reliable backup set, it is recommended that you start with a fairly clean system prior to making backups by checking your drive for errors, running disk cleanup, deleting temporary internet files, history and cookies. You should also scan your drive for viruses and spy ware as well as run disk defragmenter.
Make backups before making any major changes to the system, such as upgrading your Operating System or adding new software. You can also make backups on your hard drive or to another computer on your network that you can write to. Make sure you have hard drive space available. Backups usually take about half of the size of all of the files on your hard drive. Backups can take anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours. The more you are backing up the more time it will take to make the image.

Be sure to Verify your backup when you are done! To be 100% sure that your backup will save you you can verify your backup from the bootable environment CD that you made. Boot from that CD as mentioned above and use the "Check Archive" tool. You may need to enable cd booting in your computer's BIOS before you can boot from CD You will most likely need to purchase the full version of True Image before you can make reliable backups. There may be hidden snags or limitations in the trial so do not rely on the trial when making a real backup.
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Blog Hop Later On

Hi guys, I apologized for saying I would not be able to blog hop right now, for I have a massive head ache. I will try to get rid of my head ache and will blog hop later on . Hopefully, this head ache will go away. I will see you guys later. Have a great evening.
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Online Baby Photo Contest


Calling all Moms, TheCuteKid.com is having a monthly contest. Does your child have the look to enter the contest? Why not participate, captured your child special moment and enter the contest at TheCuteKid.com . Just follow the 3 simple steps. The Prize that's won the excitement of the industry and parents alike.

All the winners of each monthly category are automatically entered into the "2009 CuteKid of the Year" Contest. The winner receives unique industry exposure, great prizes and a cash investment worth close to $25,000 towards college tuition. Enter now.

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Accessorize a Burgundy Dress

Burgundy is a shade of purplish red associated with the Burgundy wine of the same name, which in turn is named after the Burgundy region of France. The color Burgundy is similar to other shades of dark red such as maroon. It is often called wine red, or simply wine.

Choose the dress. You may prefer halternecks or boob tubes. Select colours. Select the colors that won't clash with the burgundy dress. For example: Silver is better than gold.Choose the right jewelry. Necklaces and bracelets are all you really need but feel free to add earrings or any other jewelry. Do your hair in a style to suit the occasion. Buns suit more formal events and ponytails suit less formal accounts. You may want to go for a more vivid burgundy. Do not over do it.
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Anti-Aging Skin Care

Murad Skin Care

Having perfect skin doesn't come in the blink of an eye. It's a hard thing to manage, what with all the odds and ends of your life. If you want perfect skin and are having trouble? Murad Skin Care has all the skin care product that you need. No matter what kind of skin problem you are dealing with. Murad have the solution for your problem. Get glowing luminous skin year-round. So, order now.

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Best Blog Award

Best Blog Award is given to me by my friend Meryl. Thanks you Mer for giving me this wonderful award and for the wonderful friendship.

I would like to open this for a grab. If you feel like having this best blog award, just go right ahead and grab it. Enjoy the rest of the day folks.
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May- Card Top Dropper

This are my randomly 10 Top Entre Card dropper-month of May.
Thank you guys, I appreciate the dropped.

Sweet Nothings
Funky Town Disco Music
My Life's Perception and Inspiration
Sand & Sea Designs
Basic Bloganomics
Doi Speaks
heavenly delight
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Favorite Blogs Award

This favorite blogs award was given to me by David, Yub-Filipina and Meryl. Thank you guys for passing me this award and I appreciate it so much and the friendship.

~~Begin Copy~

This is the easiest and the fastest way to:
- Make your Authority Technorati explode.
- Increase your Google Page Rank.
- Get more traffic to your blog.
- Makes more new friends.

The rules is very simple as follows :
- Start copy from “Begin Copy” until “End Copy” to your blog.
- Put your own blog name and link.
- Tag your friends as much as you can.

My Blog name is Life Is What You Make It and here is my blog URL : http://philippineprinces.blogspot.com

Since David has tagged most of the bloggers I knew. I will be leaving this award open for a grab to all blogger's who haven't have this yet.Happy tagging guys. Have a great warm Wednesday.
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Best eye Cream

Skin discoloration under the eyes affects just about everybody at some time or another. For some of us, however, these “dark circles” are a near-constant bother. While these conditions are occasionally symptomatic of other illnesses, the usual cause is allergies, tiredness, or, unfortunately, heredity. No matter what the cause, you can still reduce the appearance of dark circles, and in some cases, you may be able to get rid of them altogether.

I get dark circle and puffy eyes often on, specially when I get so tired, I don't get enough sleep or don't drink plenty of fluid. Having dark circle and puffy eyes are not fun, it look funny. I usually buy some eye cream to help me get rid of my dark circle and puffy eyes at time. But, they don't usually work for me. Covering it with foundation help a little but when once the make up is gone, puffy and dark circle will still be there. For the dark circle and puffy eyes I get, the product of eyecreamreview.net would be a great eye cream to help me get rid of my dark circle and puffy eyes.

Disgusted with the puffy and dark circle around your eyes ? Not a fan of cosmetic surgery? If you can be satisfied with looking a lot better, as opposed to surgical perfection, there are several ways to approach reducing the puffiness and dark circle around your eyes without going under the knife. Eyecreamreview.net is the number one winner, best eye cream for healing eye wrinkles, dark circles, puffy eye bags and number one winner, best overall cream for wrinkles, age spot,redness, large pore. Visit best eye cream reviews for eye cream products that can help your dark and puffy eyes.
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Get a Job Without a Car

Not having a vehicle can make obtaining employment difficult, however, if you implement some creative strategies, you can get employed, and an income puts you that much closer to wheels of your own.

Look for employment within walking distance of your home or school. If you live in a city, find out if there is public transportation available. This is low cost, and even people that own vehicles opt for this mode of transport. Take a taxi. This is not very economical, but in an emergency situation, it can be handy. Seek out friends that do own cars, and barter services for rides to work. Then when you have some money coming in, you could pay them. Find a good used bicycle. Riding is great exercise, and you'll save money, too. Buy a Bike lock and make sure you leave early so you have plenty of time to sweat down. Work from home, you can get a job doing telemarketing and you can do it right from your own house

When interviewing with a prospective employer, emphasize your strengths, not your way of getting to work. If you come across as confident and teachable, you'll get hired.If you get a job, find out if any other employees live near you. You could ride with them and make a friend or two.

Don't apply for jobs that require driving (pizza delivery, messengers, etc.) It will be a waste of time. Don't forget to thank the individual who gets you to work on time.Be sure that after you get a car, you help someone that is in the same boat you are in right now.
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