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Avoid Losing Your Dog

No one ever plans to lose a beloved dog, but every year millions of dogs do get lost. Tragically, millions never are returned to their owners.

Identify your dog with a collar with your phone number tag at all times.
Make phone tags of places your dog stays, such as the neighbor who cares for your dog when you go away. Hanging tags are a visable message to anyone seeing your dog that your lost dog will be easy to reunite with the caring owner.
Buy two light colored collars with phone tags, so you can always have one on your dog, even after a bath. If your dog has a thick neck and a little head, she might be able to back out of a regular collar. Use a limited choke collar, also known as a greyhound collar, martingale collar, or premier collar.
Use black permanent marker to write your phone numbers on the outside of the collars, in case the tags are lost from the collar.
Wrap the tags in clear tape, if the jingling of dog tags is annoying to you. This will also prevent some of the wear on the tags. Check the tags frequently to be certain they are still readable.
Put Bitter Apple, Yuck or similar product on the collars if your dogs remove each others collars, and to prevent playing dogs from becoming entangled.
Spay or neuter your dog. Hormonal urges will cause even well trained dogs to wander and/or attract other dogs towards your home. Most pets found hit-by-cars and dead along roads were not spayed or neutered. (Females look like they have been nursing and males... well, you know.)
Walk your dog on a leash. Stay outside with your dog when she is outside. Dogs cannot understand the dangers of cars, cruel humans, the fact of over burdened shelters and pounds, etc. Don’t let your dog roam. If you let your dog wander the neighborhood, you won’t know when your dog has been “picked up” or wandered into unfamiliar territory and become lost.
Provide your dog freedom and exercise AND still keep her safe from becoming lost, being struck by a car, trespassing of other's property, or coming into conflict with humans, other dogs, cats, or wild animals by using a long leash. A $5.00 leash can prevent thousands of dollars in medical expenses, legal fees, advertising, punitive fines, and untold pain and suffering.
Go to a hardware store and purchase soft (that feels good in your hands) strong rope. Buy a snap to attach to one end and tie a loop handle in the other end. A 100' leash will be inexpensive and still allow a dog to have a good run, in an open field or park.
Exercise your dog physically, emotionally, and mentally by taking walks, hikes or visiting a dog park. A happily tired dog is a good dog that won’t need to “take walks by himself”.
Crate train your dog, so it can be safely contained during your absence, when traveling, or when staying with family, friends, at the vet’s or boarding kennel. We never know when we might become incapacitated or unable to personally take care of our pets. Giving your dog the gift of “security when alone” can be a great blessing for everyone if you become unable to care for your dog, even for a short time.
Use the best quality crates and fences available. Do not allow your dog to LEARN how to escape over or through flimsy fencing or to knock down gates. Some dogs may become addicted to escaping.
Train your dog. A good dog school or an in-home trainer will do wonders for your dog and you. A well-behaved dog is more likely to stay home.
Teach your dog the LIFESAVING words “come” and “stay”.
Reward your dog when it comes to you, or your catch her, no exceptions!
Reward your dog when the neighbor catches the dog, if it has escaped.
Never call your dog to you to do something your dog doesn’t like, such as having a bath. Go to your dog, attach a leash on it's collar and lead the dog to do anything with your dog it does not like.
Train your dog to “go potty” on command, and while being walked on a leash. Carry tasty treats in your pocket at all times. Reward the dog the moment it is done “going potty.” If your dog likes walks, do not “punish” your dog for going potty by taking the dog back into the house immediately after the potty. Instead, reward your dog with a good walk, the moment after it “goes potty.”
Never say to another caregiver, “My dog will stay with you, he doesn’t need a leash,” because a dog can be unpredictable, especially when you are away, or in strange places. Insist that anyone providing care for your dog use a leash at all times, no exceptions!
Be especially careful during holidays with fireworks, times of change in family life, and weather extremes: a dog that is normally relaxed may become very stressed by loud noises or distressed when a family member arrives or leaves. Visitors might leave a gate open. A deep snow might enable a dog to climb over a fence that normally would contain the dog. High winds might cause a door to blow open.
Talk with your veterinarian about having your dog tattooed and microchipped, for permanent identification. Register your dog with the microchip company, and keep the info handy and updated.
Provide your dog with a license as required by law. In some areas, a license provides your dog with additional “rights.”
Understand that a well cared for dog does not RUN AWAY but any dog can become LOST. (An angry frustrated teenager may RUN AWAY, but a 2-year-old child can become LOST at the park and needs you to immediately work to find her).
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Life Is Grand Tag From Solaris

Got this wonderful tag from maria's little one Solaris to my kids. Posting it for them. Thanks maria & Solaris for this tag, such a great tag and it make you realized that life is beautiful , even sometimes we usually forget how life wonderful is.

The simple rule is:
List 5 reasons why I think that Life is Grand and then pass it on to 5 people.

1. First of all Life Is Grand...For God is always there to help us when trouble comes.
2. Life Is Grand....For God gave us the opportunity to have the wonderful things in life that other kids never have.
3. Life Is Grand...For God gave us wonderful and loving parents and grandparents who love's and work so hard to support us and take care of us when we are sick and spoils us at times.
4.Life Is Grand ...For God gave us strong shelter and beds to lay our head at night, food to eat and clothing's to wear everyday.
5. Life Is Grand...For we are so much loved by family and friends.

Now, we would like to pass this tag to all Mom with kids out there.
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Line Dancing

A couple of days ago, I'd share a couple of picture of my daughter's dancing program. I would like to share more of her photos.

My Daughter Avory dancing with her partner.
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A Tribute Ain't Bad!

en an interesting couple of weeks with the gazillion dollar Stimulus Plan being approved and the stock market plummeting again, bankruptcies, layoffs, Standford corruption, talk of bank nationalization, 'Slum Dog Millionaire' and Heath Ledger winning ... where's the music? I find myself seeking more of it - car, work, home, eateries, beach ... need it, like it!

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Compliment People

Complimenting people can get you very far in life, from making your friends feel good to showing off your good side. Here's how to give compliments the right way.

1. Decide what your purpose is. Are you trying to flatter your boss, make your friend feel confident, tell your boyfriend/girlfriend how hot he/she is, etc.
2. Keep it general. It is always easier to be vague to avoid making people uncomfortable, and general comments about looking good are usually safe.
3. Take a hint from your surroundings, complimenting a coworker on a project they've done, perhaps, or telling a guy friend they look good in a specific shirt, or any other characteristic of that person's.
4. Try complimenting people on things they take pride in.

Always let compliments come naturally, if they sound forced you will be viewed as insincere.
In the same vein, keep compliments to a minimum so that you don't seem like a sycophant and each one means more.
When a compliment fails, just remember it's the thought that counts.
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Obama -- Health Care -- Help!?

People in the U.S. spend $2.4 trillion a year on health care, or about $7,900 per person. That's more than twice as much per capita as in other advanced countries. But few would claim those dollars are buying good value. The costs are a staggering burden for taxpayers, employers and families, and the recession is leaving more people without insurance.
Three perspectives on the Health Care issue: The main problem with the health care system is that costs keep going up -- We don't need to rip up the existing health care system and start over -- Decent health care ought to be a basic right.

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My Daughter's Western Dance

My Daughter is in 3rd grade. They had dance program the other day which is Feb the 19Th. It's a western dance. They had to do line dancing.

This is her picture at her aunts house wearing western outfit.

Here are the picture when they are entering the gym where they did the performance.As you all may noticed the date of the camera isn't accurate. The date was on 11 instead of the 19th. Oh well.
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Be in Style Your Own Unique Way

While many clothing styles and options are available to us today, there is nothing quite like making a name for yourself, and choosing a distinct fashion style.

Choose a unique hair style. Look through fashion magazines for inspiration (Most salons already have lots of books on hand for this purpose). Don't be shy around your stylist! This is your unique look, so feel free to tell the stylist exactly what you want (i.e., a little shorter, or with more layers). In other words, you can help create the right look for yourself.
Start buying the right clothes for your body type. You should never wear any garment that doesn't completely flatter your body type, no matter how fashionable it may be. Try out some other trends instead, and accept that not every style was made for every person. If you have a large chest but wish to be modest, try these tips. A classic shawl of any material might minimize, or at least cover up, your bold features. Loose, layered or flowy shirts will also solve the problem. As a less-modest, but still effective trick, try wearing shirts with v-cut necklines. The v-shape visually divides your chest, making it appear smaller.
Be bold with the colors that you like to wear. Try a boldly-colored shirt with a more neutral skirt and shoes. Be wary of the monochromatic look: you may love hot pink, but sporting pants, blouse, socks, shoes, and accessories of pink just might make you look like Pepto Bismol. Break up the monotony with a neutral (or non-pink, at least) belt, shoes, or accessories.
Dress up a casual look with a nice scarf. There are various ways to wear one. You can wrap one around your neck and let it drape over your shoulders, leaving it loose, or tie a knot in the front, or even make a small bow. You could also clasp it together with a decorative pin; the possibilities are endless.
Wear black, regardless of your shape or body style. Black pants or a skirt can be worn with a stylish top and you'll look great, especially, if that top is red...you can even enhance that look with a black, gold or silver shawl.
Enhance your total look with accessories. How about a nice purse? Basic knitted or woven purses work great (they're lightweight and easy to carry); two of them is all that you need (one in black and one in beige). Add a decorative pin to the front of the purse, such as an angel, etc.this gives it a real touch of class.
Have lots of costume jewelry on hand, for it helps to accent a casual or dress-up look, not that real jewelry isn't nice too.
Get several pairs of shoes. They do not have to be expensive to look nice, so check out places like Payless Shoes for really good deals. If you plan to wear sandals a lot, be sure to keep your toe nails painted. There are nail salons that will change your color out for you for mere dollars. You can choose a color from the nail salon, or take in your own nail polish. Plus, it is fun to be pampered, so check it out.
You can wear last season's short sleeve tops even in the winter time by having sweaters in basic colors, such as black, grey and tan. You should always have at least a few long skirts that are great for evening wear, and can be easily dressed up with the right top...a shawl will further the evening out look.
Wear earrings, they can really say a lot, about her character. The ones that dangle help to accent the face. While small earrings are not easily seen with long hair,they should only be worn if your hair is behind the ears or in a short style. You can wear pearls, even with a more casual look if the pearls are only in one strand, such as with a casual skirt and blouse, or pants and a top.
But more than anything, you must be confident and believe you look fabulous in any kind of clothing. If you are not praising your self, who else will?

Go through your dresser or chest of drawers and see what that you haven't worn for a while, such as bike shorts, tank tops; put on some women type boxer shorts with those bike shorts, such as purple or red over black...wear those tanks with a nice pair of Hawaii pants or skirts, and enhance the look...by wearing regular (solid colored) tops over them.
Button down shirts jeans and converse shoes never go out of style. So don't waste money trying to keep up. Use what stays in style. Of course mix and match other elements.

Don't copy people!!
Don't wear Vans authentic shoes, Coverse All-Stars or Vans slip-ons. Everyone wears those nowadays
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Share The Miracle

Would it be nice to save loveones life for just a simple amount of stem cell? Now you can, every women can make a difference with C’elle. C'elle is exclusive and revolutionary service provides women with the unique opportunity to collect and preserve vital stem cells that can be harvested from the body's menstrual fluid during the menstrual cycle. Until now, menstrual blood has typically been discarded as unsanitary waste.

C'elle can cure deadly illnesses like diabetes, stroke and heart disease, as well as neurological disorders such as Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's, osteoporosis and spinal cord injury and possibly others. You can make a difference by saving your sibling lives by preserving your stem cells and use it in the future.

C'elle is also make a great gifts. Give the gift of stem cell preservation.Treat yourself to the potential for better future health and subscribe to the C'elle service now! C'elle collection kits are affordable. Check c'elle pricing here. Take one step forward and make a difference preserve your stem cell for better future.
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Blog Walking

Been so hectic week. Haven't been visiting anyone's blog lately. Miss blog hopping and see whats going on with my friend over blogoshphere. Maybe tomorrow I will be able to blog and visit. Got a migraine right now. See you folk tomorrow. Have a lovely night.
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Prepare For Your Honeymoon

This is a quick list of things to do, when preparing for a honeymoon.
Romantic Weddings.
Set a budget, go to a travel agent and find the best and cheapest travel packages available. After all this is your honeymoon you want it to be special but you also don’t want to come back from your honeymoon, and then realize that you are broke and have to live off bread and peanut butter for three months.
Arrange all your honeymoon plans before hand, you don’t want to run around and make travel arrangements on the day of your wedding. Make your reservations at least 4 to 6 months ahead of time, to get the most suitable rooms and the best flight times.
Don’t go to a particular destination at the wrong season. Your time there will be boring, uninteresting and you will wish that your honeymoon was over. Plan ahead and find out which season is suitable for a great honeymoon.
Don’t check in your wedding dress at the airport. Take it with you on the plane. You don’t want to arrive at your destination and find that your dress has disappeared. This will only upset you and you will start thinking about funny little things, like this is a sign that you shouldn’t get married. Please take your dress with you on the plane we don’t want you to leave your husband to be, high and dry at the altar (the same goes for the groom).
Take all your documents with you in your handbag. Don’t leave it in the hands of airport officials. When your luggage disappears, all you will get from them will be a look of confusion.

Make sure your passport is still valid before you travel! Some places may allow you to travel with a passport a few days out of date, even up to a month, but don't take this for granted!
Remember to keep all travel documents safe with you on the plane.
And also, don't forget to get a wax.
Set realistic expectations of how much you will do and how many sights you will see. The object of a honeymoon is to become even more intimate with your mate... not to see as many tourist traps as possible.

Very important: When making travel reservations (especially if you are leaving the country), ensure that you use the bride's correct name (i.e., if the bride is going to take the husbands surname, she may not have changed all of her identification (driving licence, credit cards, library card, etc.). If the passport or driving license says one name, ensure that the airline reservations, cruise reservations, etc., all reflect the same name. Otherwise, you get to go through the hassle of having to carry copies of the marriage license, or other "proof" that the bride is who she says she is.
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Be an Exotic Ethnic Girl

Ever felt jealous at the sight of those seducing and alluring island girls? Here is how to feel and be like them.

Give your wardrobe a makeover. Fill it with ethnic clothes.Exotic girls' style is ethnic,so you have to go for it. Shorts, miniskirts, loose trousers in earthy colors will do. As for shoes, wear anything you want at summer. At the winter you can wear leather boots with fur, or just plain.
Buy wooden and leather jewelery. Belts with macramé patterns and beads are perfect.
Grow your hair very long and wear flowers on it.
Expose your shoulders,waist and legs. Not all at one time,of course.
Start listening to the music of the world. Buy CDs with songs from other countries, such as Africa, Japan, India, etc.
Practice being outgoing and friendly all the time. Smile and flirt a lot. Free yourself from the burdens of everyday life, and act like you live in a permanent summer. Try to transmit this feeling to everyone. People will feel nice having you around.
Fall in love with somebody who came to your city/town/village as a tourist and develop some romance. Make sure he will never forget the time he spent with you. When he leaves, talk about it a lot and say romantic, sad things, such as: "It wasn't right for us to be separated...We are meant for each other...Now he is gone and he may never come here again...At least I have this bracelet he gave me." Get the people hooked on your story.

Be careful and don't really get your heart broken by some tourist who was looking for a local girl to toy with. Just act so.
It might add to an exotic appearance if you have a tanned, sandy or chocolate skin.
Avoid looking too slutty.

Many people may perceive you as outlandish and weird. Try to be nice to them, but avoid them as much as you can.
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Get to Know Someone

No one said making friends was easy, but follow this simple guide and, before you know it, you could bloom into a social butterfly. Getting to know someone is the first step and this will help you achieve your goals.
You could be a social butterfly
You could be a social butterfly
Ask questions that require more than a one-word response. You do not want to put the other person in a position to be able to say yes or no. Instead of saying "are you going away this weekend?" ask "where are you going this weekend?" Now the person will probably answer with a location, for example, the beach. Now you have something else to talk about! The beach, silly!
Keep conversations active by listening and responding physically. Nod you head. Display appropriate facial expressions. Smile. Look your new friend right smack in the eye.
Don't forget to respond verbally too. Show an interest in what the other person is saying. If your new friend is interested in something you know nothing about Shakespeare, for example, ask about it. Why was Shakespeare so famous? What plays did that guy write, again? What century did he live in? Convince yourself that you want to know, and soon you will be having a very engaging conversation.
Plan activities that allow you to spend quality time together. Making consistent contact with the other person - either by phone, e-mail, or in person - lets them know that you enjoy their company.
Be honest about your own interests and opinions. This will help the other person get to know you as well.
Keep their interest, tell them the most interesting things about yourself and your family and your likes and dislikes.
Offer to share something nice. Like cookies.

People are drawn to those who look like they are enjoying life, so look the part; don't forget that winning smile.
Be yourself. Don't be a poser.

Don't ask extremely personal questions or reveal personal information about yourself that might make the other person uncomfortable. If this person is right for you, there will be plenty of time for this later.
Take a hint; if you can tell the person is tired of talking to you , for example, looking away, gazing off into the distance, giving curt answers etc. then stop! Just excuse yourself and go find something else to do.
There are some people you don't want to get to know. If you discover a certain person is not for you, then just leave the conversation politely.
Never, ever say "Tell me about yourself" this puts the person on the spot and makes them uncomfortable, unless they really like to hear themselves talk, but don't take that chance.
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Pregnancy & Delivery Story Tag

I got this tag from Cecile at Small and Simple Things I am honor to take this award. It's very special and unique. Thank's Cecile for tagging me.

I have two kids a boy and a girl. I love them dearly. Both my pregnancy are very difficult. My first one which is my son who is 12 now, I lost a a lot of blood and I have to stay 3 days in the Hospital. My second one is my daughter, she turn 9 last month. During my second pregnancy was very difficult. I was 26 weeks along when she was trying to come out & had to spend the rest of my pregnancy at the Washington Hospital in Seattle. When my due date finally came she didn't want to come out. So, my OBGYN ending up inducing me. And also lost a lot of blood, 3 liter of blood. So, I had to have transfusion to gain all the blood I had lost.

Anyway, here is the tag:

1. WAS YOUR FIRST PREGNANCY PLANNED? No! Never expected my first one. My second kid was planned. Love them both with all my heart.

2. WERE YOU MARRIED AT THE TIME? Yes. I was married for a year and two months with when I got pregnant with my first kid, so as my second one.

3. WHAT WERE YOUR REACTIONS? I wasn't happy when I was in labor with my first one because I choose the wrong medicine procedure, so I feel the pain very so often. But When he finally came out I was very happy and my heart was filled with joy to see my first born and so as my second child. My second was she came out very easy, but I was in difficult condition after that.I almost died actually,doctors struggles to brought me back.But I am here


5. HOW OLD WERE YOU? I was 21 when I had my first child & I was 25 when I had my second child

6. HOW DID YOU FIND OUT YOU WERE PREGNANT? I found out that I was pregnant with my first and second child when my monthly period was a week late.

7. WHO DID YOU TELL FIRST? My in-laws first, then my parent second.


9. DUE DATE? The due date of my first child was December 13 but she came out the 7, then my second child due date was January 10 but she came out the 18.

10. DID YOU HAVE MORNING SICKNESS? Yes, both of my pregnancy. Some women doesn't experienced any morning sickness though.
11. WHAT DID YOU CRAVE? With my first child , I crave steam green beans, my second child was pickles.

12. WHO/WHAT IRRITATED YOU THE MOST? Smell of a chicken



16. DID YOU HAVE A BABY SHOWER? Yes. First baby shower was at my work, my co- workers surprises me with one. Second was at church.

17. WAS IT A SURPRISE OR DID YOU KNOW? The baby shower at work was a surprise but, the church baby shower wasn't.


19. WHERE DID YOU GIVE BIRTH? Wenatchee WA State Hospital.

20. HOW MANY HOURS WERE YOU IN LABOR? My first one was long labor. I wasn't sure how long was it but it was long enough. My second wasn't bad.



23. WAS IT NATURAL OR C-SECTION? Natural birth


27. HOW MUCH DID YOUR CHILD WEIGH? My son weigh 7 lbs 6 oz. My daughter weigh 7 lbs and 8 oz.


30. WHAT DID YOU NAME HIM/HER? We name our first child Justin and my second child named is Avory.

31. HOW OLD IS YOUR FIRST BORN TODAY? He turn 12 in December 7.

Every one is welcome to grab this tag and share the special moment when your childs was born.
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Get Your Kids Ready For SAT


Brightstorm helps high school students succeed through online video courses taught by talented teachers. Brightstorm has brought together experts in Math, Critical Reading and Writing together into one comprehensive video package guaranteed to improve your child's SAT score. With SATs coming up on March 14th, now is a great time to take advantage of Brightstorm's SAT Package Special Offer. Originally $147, it's selling for $98.
In includes:
14+ hrs of online videos covering content review, strategy, tips and tricks
Interactive quizzes and downloadable practice problems and study guides
Self-diagnostic test to point out areas to improvement with links of specific videos to review
SAT practice problems and sample tests
Daily study planners
24/7 access to online videos and downloadable practice sheets
Dynamic teachers who use real life examples to make learning fun.

Brightstorm offers anyone a way to get expert instruction that is flexible to the needs and schedules of the learner, at a reasonable cost.

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Cope with Loss and Pain

When you lose someone or something that is very precious to you, the grief is intense. Pain, memories, and questions haunt you. You feel you will never be the same again; never really laugh, never recover, never be whole again.
However, it is possible to heal emotionally, mentally, physically and in spirit and become a compassionate, feeling, laughing human being once again. Don't allow the pain to pull you down.

Face up to the issue. Though other people around you may help you temporarily forget your pain, you'll never truly heal until you confront the situation. Ignoring the pain and not feeling it can sometimes bring serious repercussions later.
Share your feelings with others. If you can't find a friend, lean on a compassionate stranger.
Let your pain come out. Let the tears flow. It is okay to cry even if you are not the kind of person who shows your feelings.
Try and remember the good times instead of focusing on negative things.
Do something that gives you peace; gardening, cooking, fishing, listening to your favorite music, walking, drawing, painting, writing, etc.
Involve yourself with social work. When you involve yourself with other people's lives, you gain many insights to cope better.
* Volunteering to help with young children may be especially good. Their spontaneity, their laughter will soothe you.
Save things that remind you of your loved one. Just because the person is gone doesn't mean you shouldn't always remember them. It may be comforting to know that even if the person is no longer here, the friendship and family ties you have with them still exist. No one will ever be able to take that away from you, and the relationship you have with them will always be a part of you.
Remember that time heals. It doesn't cure, and it never will; but that's a good thing. We never forget those who we love.
Love yourself. If you fall (and you will fall), laugh at yourself, kick yourself in the butt and and go on.
Don't regret anything. Don't put yourself down because you didn't have the chance to say you were sorry or I love you or goodbye. You can still say it.

Life is beautiful -- it has many wonderful surprises in store for you. So go ahead and smile, visit new places, and meet new people.
You are suffering, and it's okay to take time for yourself. Though, try to seek out people who will take care of you -- perhaps seek out a support group or therapist who can help you through this time.
We all have to go through our cycle of life, death and feelings. Grieve for as long as you need to no matter what anyone says. This is your time.
At one point or another we all deal with something similar to this. Know that there are other people out there who can help you cope with this.
We are who we choose to be, it is our choices in life that ultimately decide who we are and who we will become.
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Is It Opportunity Error?

Morning everyone. Triple P have a lot of opps open today. I tried clicking one of the opps that was available to me and after reserving it, I was about to write about the opps and check which blog I should post the opps...guess what? None of my blog was on the opps. So, I couldn't write about the opps neither submit it. I guess, PPP is having a system error.

Is anyone experiencing the same thing I do. Weird huh! I just wanted to post something about this see if anyone is having thing as I do.
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Green Chocolate - What?!

As 'green' becomes not only a nice thing to do, but an economical way to live, we are concentrating more and more research, politics, suggestions, money, investments etc. on 'green'. But some things are sacred ... shouldn't we leave Valentine Day alone? ... well, ya just gotta ask "Why should we?"

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So Exhausted

I have been busy all day & stress too. Finally, I got the chance to get online late tonight. I checked my PPP account if they have some opps available for me, well..well... well! There were a bunch of opps available. I was able to grab 5 of them. I was about to grab another one but I think PPP would not allow me to take anymore opp. Right now, as I am writing this post so to speak, my PPP account is still open and staring at 10 opps that are available for me. But PPP wouldn't let me, I guess, I have reached my limit. I was enjoying grabbing the opps, maybe tomorrow those opps will still be available for me. I can only hope that it will be.

I hope you guys were able to grab some opps today. Anyway, I am off to bed, goodnight and I will see you guys tomorrow ,Lord willing.
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Zenni Optical Prescription Eyeglasses

Have you heard that Zenni Optical in the New York Times . New York Times wrote an article called Seeing Straight Without Breaking Bank . New York Times had mentioned how affordable zennioptical prescription eyeglasses are.

At Zennioptical.com , you can choose so many eyeglasses frame and style that suit your face feature. Here is one of my favorite eyeglasses . I think this eyeglasses is very unique and very stylish. The frame look so durable and not only that, you can choose different color frame.

If you are looking for some eyeglasses prescription that are in style and you can get their Prescription eyeglasses for only $8. Visit Zennioptical.com and get your high quality prescription eyeglasses now.
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Linky Love Tag

This tag made my day today. One of my favorite verses in the Bible.I remember, me and my two sister and my niece usually attended Bible Church Camp every year in San Fernando La Union & we had to say bible verses before meal time.John 3:16 was one of many verses I used to memorized. Thank you so much Enchie of My Life's Perception & Inspiration ,love this tag & I appreciate you passing me this linky love tag.

Start Copying here:

"For God so loVed the world,
That He gAve
His onLy
That whosoever
Believeth In Him
Should Not perish,
But have Everlasting life." John 3:16

Master List: 1.)Pinay Mommy Online , 2.)Small And Simple Things ,3.) Demcy,4.)Your next... I meant me next ...lol.. Jane .

1. Post this tag in your blog if you believe in the message. Please don’t forget to copy from = Start Copy Here = to = End Copy Here =. If you want, please include your own thoughts about LOVE.
2. Tag as many friends as you want to help spread the message to the world.
3. Comment with the link of your post hereso that you will be included in the master list.
4. Don’t forget to come back to the master post once in awhile to check and update your own blog’s master post .
5. Please don’t delete this tag or out no follow tags. Let’s spread love and so as linky loves. Thanks!

End copy here:

I would not be passing this tag for I am sure that every one had been tag with this wonderful linky love tag already. But just in case you haven't have this tag.... you are very welcome to grab it and post it and spread it with friends. Happy Linky love tagging.
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Skinny & The City

Skinny and the City is your guide for getting slim and staying healthy—all while living the lifestyle you want. What’s the sense in looking and feeling your best, after all, if you have to stay in, count calories, and sacrifice what’s really important: your life!

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Passionate Blogger Tag Award

I though this tag is really nice, and it's from Maria went to Chicago . Thanks Maria for keep on passing me this wonderful tags & thanks for being my friend.

The Rules: 1.) Put the logo in your post.
2.) Write 5 things you are passionate about aside from blogging.
3.) Tag 5 people on your lists and let them know you tagged them.

Passionate,Passion? Interesting question, right? We are all fueled by something. What gets you out of bed in the morning? Is your passion technology? Playing ball with the kids? Stamp collecting? Reading the dictionary?
It’s too often we just let time pass without reflecting on why we do the things we do.
Every person have their own passionate things in life. What individual being really spark them.

As for me, I have passion on things that move me. Of course taking care of my own family is a given passion.Okay here are the 5 things that I am passionated about.

1. I have the passionated about purses...so, I love buying purse. I am not bragging but I got tons of bags.
2.I have the passion on taking different kind of picture.
3.I love decorating, interior and exterior.
4.I love shopping, most women does.
5.I love music. I play guitar by the way.

This thing are the only basic passion I have in life. Now, I would like to pass this tag award to my friend over the blogosphere.

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Is This Really Happening

Oh wow , I woke up this morning with a surprise look , and said to my self " this can't be happening again!". Snowed in Seattle early today, road were cover with snow, school were delayed for two hours. I thought winter is over around Seattle! I guess I was wrong.

I guess snow is okay, as long as the snow doesn't not freezes up again like couple months ago. Seattle have a lot of hills , so it get so hard for people to drive on a snow, specially if the road are slippery. The sun came up I see, that's great.... that mean snow will melt & hopefully it doesn't snow anymore. I can only hope anyway. Here are some photos of winter scene in Seattle today.
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Go Red For Women

Today is National Wear Red Day.Millions of women,companies, organizations and cities across America on National Wear Red Day, Friday, Feb. 6, 2009. By wearing red and making a donation, you'll help the American Heart Association support ongoing research and education about women and heart disease.

Everyone can support the fight against heart disease in women by wearing red. It's a simple, powerful way to raise awareness of heart disease and stroke. Participate and support heart disease today by buying any red or wearing red to fight the # 1 Killer "The Heart Disease.
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Lemonade Stand Tag Award

Afternoon you all. As I open up my blog at noon first thing I saw was the message on my cbox, for some reason my eye went right that message box. It was great though, for I got an award from Pehpot at Make or Break.Thank you pehpot for passing me this award. I am honor to post it to my blog & it is wonderful to know as well that you & me as from the same place in Philippine "Nueva Ecija". I have been longing for someone who is from same province as I do to come along.And now it came. felt great.

Here are the Rules:
1.Put the logo on your blog or post.
2.Nominate at least 10 blogs that show attitude and/or gratitude.
3.Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
4.Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on a post.
5.Nominate your favorites and link to this blog.

And now I would like to pass this tag to the following friend over the blogosphere.
Monica,Jhoana,Jenny, Maria, Demcy , Angelmist , Cecile , Umma ,

Have fun posting this tag guys.
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How to Feel Beautiful

The key to being beautiful is knowing that you already are. But sometimes it's hard to acknowledge our own beauty when we just don't feel beautiful. Here are some things you can do to remind yourself that you're already beautiful.

Look in the mirror, look at others. You don't look like them, they don't look like you. You're unique. No one else looks like you (unless you have an identical twin, but even then, your personalities and expressions are unique). Say to yourself, out loud: "Unique is beautiful."
Let go of all ideas that promise "beauty" and instead aim for health. Trim your hair if it will make it healthy, lose weight if it will make you healthy, use home made skin creams and toners to keep your skin healthy, or eat healthy foods to be beautiful.
Exercise! it makes you feel better about yourself as well as gives you more energy.
Smile! It'll make you feel and look a lot happier!
Do what you're good at. For example if English is your forte, write essays, or if you're brilliant at sports don't be afraid to play matches.
Embark your day by exclaiming to yourself in the mirror each day when you get up how awesome and beautiful you are. That may seem selfish, but it will help you feel good.
Treat yourself! Buy yourself a smoothie, go for a walk in the woods, watch a movie at home with your friends, or read a new book. Do something that doesn't involve how you look.
Accept others for who they are as well. Just because someone is a different shape, size, or color than you doesn't mean that they don't deserve to have self confidence as well. Give people around you reasons to make them think that they are beautiful. If you do that to others, it will make you feel good, and you'll realize that beauty is abundant - around you and within you.
Be nice to others. The most beautiful person you can ever see with a nasty attitude isn't beautiful at all.
Make everything around you beautiful, whether this means decorating your room with nice lights or positive pictures from magazines, having beautiful surroundings will make you feel beautiful too. Write "confidence-boosters" on post-it notes, on fridge magnets, on the bathroom mirror... places you're bound to see it.
Your life is what you make of it. If you make yourself out to be beautiful, then that's the way you live your life, so live you life to the fullest, most beautiful way possible, and that's the way you will feel!

When you look in the mirror, smile and stand up straighter.
Remind yourself every day that you are important.
Just because the opposite sex doesn't seem to pay attention to you, doesn't mean that you are not beautiful.
Listen to the song like "Beautiful" by Christina Aguilera. It will definitely motivate you and make you feel better.
Wear well-fitting, well-made clothes. Clothes that are too small or big and that you have to tug at don't make anyone feel good!

Surround yourself with people who make you feel good.

Magazines and shows on the television can be extremely superficial. Try to look at less of these. Sometimes what they show is an unnatural sort of beauty that isn't realistic. Product advertisements are usually designed to make you feel like you have something wrong with you and that buying their product will fix this certain problem.
Don't try to lose weight by not eating or throwing up. Lose weight in a healthy way by exercising and eating right. Being smaller doesn't exactly mean you will look beautiful.
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Have a Morning Beauty Routine

This is a step by step routine which should take an hour and leave you looking beautiful for school or work!

Get up before you need to be ready. Stretch your arms, legs and neck.
Get in the shower and wash yourself with a body gel and a body loofah. Follow up with exfoliating and shaving if needed. Shave near the end of the shower, so that the hair has a chance to soften (it'll help with the razor burn and the shave in general).
Wash your hair with a good shampoo suited to your hair. Then use conditioner. Try to leave the conditioner in for 2 minutes.
When you get out of the shower, apply body lotion. Also apply deodorant to give it time to dry before you get dressed.
Wash your face with oil free cleanser suited to your skin type with cool water. Dry with a clean cloth and apply toner with a cotton bud and an oil free moisturizer.
Check your eyebrows. If they have some hairs growing out of place, pluck them.
Now it's time to get dressed. Make sure your outfit is totally you and fashionable! (It would be easier if you lay out your clothes the night before.)
Time for makeup. For teens, concealer to cover blemishes and under eye circles, tinted moisturizer with SPF or powder, curl lashes and apply a coat of clear or black mascara and a slick of lip gloss for a natural look. Don't wear heavy foundation or too much eyeliner or eyeshadow.
Blow dry your hair, then style it. Loose curls for long hair achieved with a good quality curler is suitable for school and also looks gorgeous. If you have a bad hair day, brush it into a ponytail and cover greasy roots with a headband.
After eating breakfast, brush your teeth well and floss. If you are worried about bad breath, use mouthwash. Listerine pocket packs are great for on the go breath fresheners.
Spray a little bit of perfume or body spray. Do not saturate yourself with it otherwise you'll smell too strong.

Eat breakfast! It'll give you the energy you need for the day. A healthy meal would be a glass of milk or orange juice, a bowl of grain cereal or cereal with fruit, a piece of toast and a fresh, nutritious orange.
If you don't like eating in the morning, try to get into the routine of eating your evening meal a few hours earlier and gradually get into the routine of eating breakfast starting with something light like a smoothie and crackers. Breakfast is too important of a meal to skip. It will give you energy throughout the morning and curb your appetite for a large lunch. It also helps with bad breath, because if you don't eat breakfast, 9 times out of 10 your breath is going to stink, so, eat up!
Drink 8 glasses of water. It might sound like a cliché, but it's true! Always carry a water bottle filled with water. It will help you feel energized, keep your voice strong and loud and keep your skin looking healthy and beautiful.
Unless your hair is extremely oily, don't use shampoo every day, use conditioner instead. The shampoo dries your hair out, but conditioner makes your hair soft and pretty.

You don't need makeup all the time.
Remember you are beautiful!

Things You'll Need

Body Gel/Soap
Small Comb
Face Wash
Cute Clothes
Make-Up(if you need it)
Perfume/Body Spray
Your beautiful smile
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Get a Natural Look

Getting a natural look is easy, you just need to stick to the basics and develop a style that fits you, since the largest contributing factor of a natural look is that it fits YOU.
Ditch the heavy makeup. Wear natural colored lip glosses, a little bit of blush, and light mascara. If you have dull skin, wear a little bit of bronzing powder.
Wear basic clothes. Use simple colors, without a lot of patterns, and do a layered look. If the clothes don't fit properly, and you are able, have them tailored or adjusted. Ill-fitted clothing just doesn't look natural.
Wear accessories. Sometimes add some clunky necklaces or a funky bracelets; they look good. Look for natural look accessories, like semiprecious stones, seashells, wood beads, and leather. Plastics and acrylic pieces do not communicate "natural" very well.
Be confident in yourself. Smile a lot and know you can achieve anything. A smile is a welcoming, warm, and friendly expression that doesn't cost anything, and expresses much.
Do not overstyle your hair. Simple hairstyles, whether a straight cut, moderate curls, a ponytail, or whatever is natural for your ethnic background will obviously contribute to a natural appearance.
Look "in season". Even if you live near a beach, a deep tan will look somewhat contrived in the middle of winter, and spending hours in a tanning booth can cost a fortune, as well as your time.
Pay attention to your grooming in general.
* It seems every article regarding personal appearance and style suggests attention to hygiene, and in the bright light of day, choosing a natural look means being conscientious about your cleanliness and health.
* Brush and floss your teeth thoroughly and often, and have your teeth cleaned at least annually.
* Keep your nails cleaned and trimmed neatly, as well.
Avoid the glittery, or overly bright nail polishes that are so popular. If you choose to polish your fingernails and toenails, use subdued tones with a medium or low gloss finish.
Do not attempt to hide skin flaws with obvious layers of makeup unless they are very noticeable or serious. Having a heavy makeup which does not completely cover freckles or other skin features may actually draw attention to the item you are trying to hide. Many people seem to be self conscious about moles, freckles, and other "blemishes", but many successful fashion models and celebrities actually are recognised by these same distinct features.
Trim and shape your eyelashes and eyebrows rather than attempting to "maximize" them with extensions or heavy eyeliners and the like.
11. Have a knowledgeable person help you select colors and shades of clothing, accessories, and makeup that "fit" you properly.

Experiment with different products at large department store makeup counters. Just because this certain color lip gloss or eyeliner is "in" doesn't mean it will look natural on you.
Leave the excessive fashion elements to those who do not care for a natural look. These may include outrageously high heels, bright and flamboyant colors and prints in fabrics, and radical colors in stockings and pantyhose.
Remember, if you can see the makeup, it doesn't appear to be your natural skin. Where heavy makeup is needed or desired, blend it gradually to your own skin tone.
If you color your hair, retreat it often so the roots don't become visible, and do not color it so drastically that there is a lot of contrast between your hair color and your eyebrows.
For a petite frame, the key is to make sure the outfit doesn't wear you. Opt for wearing one color, rather than breaking things up with multiple shades. And focus on tops. They shouldn't be too long. Go for higher cut tops to show more leg, and short sweaters -- or kill two birds with one stone and go with one piece like a dress.
Avoid makeups that you are allergic to.
Try not to get makeup too close to areas such as your eyes.

Things You'll Need

* clear/natural lip gloss or lip balm
* mascara
* blush/bronze (optional)
* foundation/tinted moisturizer
* moisturizer
* comfortable cloth (try bohemian style clothing)
* Necklaces, earrings, bracelets that aren't plastic and try to avoid metals
* A bit of hair products
* Clear nail polish
* A positive attitude!
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Be Glamorous

The word "glamour" has its roots in spell-casting, sorcery and magical enchantment.[1] While perceptions of glamour may have changed with the times, the core of it remains the same: Being glamorous is all about creating an attractive and exciting illusion that you lead an envied life.

Choose the image you wish to portray. Think about what everyone admires and is attracted to. Consider both appearance and lifestyle. There are many ways to be glamorous.
Focus on quality over quantity to demonstrate wealth. Stop buying inexpensive things and save that money to buy fewer but more expensive things. Instead of having three different dresses, for example, invest in one expensive, high-quality dress and wear it often. Take care of your expensive possessions, as they are critical in portraying an image of glamour.

Dress to impress. Wear clothes that accentuate your glamorous image. You have a lot of leeway here, but the important thing is to be consistent. If you want to be fashionably glamorous, for instance, wear trendy clothes all the time--don't wear the latest fashion one day and sweatpants the next.
Take up unique and interesting hobbies. You may not be able to hop on a jet and lounge on a Brazilian beach just like that, but you can be selective in your activities. If you want to lead the glamorous life of an artist, for example, it's more fitting to hang out in coffee shops discussing art history with like-minded people till the early hours of the morning than to go bar-hopping.
Incorporate elements of glamour into your public life. Remember that since being glamorous is about creating a fantasy, you only have to be glamorous when you are seen by others. Every time you step outside your home into the public eye, strive to convey your image of glamour. Imagine that you have photographers following you around all day--if they're snapping pictures, what do you want them to capture? And is it glamorous?

Find qualities about you that you like and find a way to show them off. This way you will find a way to be confident about yourself, even if it is for a reason you would have never thought of.
Go to the most expensive stores. Even if you don't have enough money to actually buy things from there, the simple idea of being spotted frequenting one of those places is glamorous itself. This also works for other places like fancy restaurants, nightclubs and so on.
Always look your best when going out. Be sure that there is nothing about you for which you can be considered low maintenance. Take care of your skin, hair and teeth and try wearing designer stuff (get at least one designer item, it will considerably raise your status).
Decorate your home in a tasteful manner. Choose expensive-looking furniture and decorations, buy famous art pieces (if you afford) and go for classic style in decorating.

Learn from celebrities (actors, models, singers) who lead a glamorous lifestyle. What do they do that makes them glamorous? Remember to focus on the positive things. Generally speaking, saying little and doing very little that would be considered gossip-worthy will give you a lot more glamour and mystery than trying to create an image you can't control involving other people, events, or substances (including gossip, rumors, sex, & drugs)
Just because you're creating an illusion doesn't mean you have to lie. It's better to be mysterious and vague than to get caught lying, which will look desperate, not glamorous. Remember that you don't have to tell anyone anything, and not telling them will leave them wanting to know more.
Feel glamorous and confident. You will never be able to get the attitude if you think of yourself as the average Joe.
Get inspired by the Gossip Girl novels and series- the characters are perfect examples of glamour.

Leave your glamour hat at the door. Glamour is an act, nothing more. Use it on occasions, not all the time. Don't try and make it your 24-hour reality. When you try to act overly glamorous all the time, you lose yourself. Despite this, if you can mix glamour in with your personality, don't be afraid to do so.
With all supporting attributes of glamour, the most important thing required is conquering temptations, hypes and conventions. It makes you insuperable, invincible and uniquely glamorous. Thus liking beautiful things and respecting people around, but not getting bogged down by anything is essential for being glamorous.
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Dress Up That Little Black Dress

he beauty about the little black dress is that you can create many dramatic looks with it. You can dress it from office to party with the right accessories.

1. Add jewelry. Additions that work well include a necklace that fits the neckline style of the dress, a brooch pinned in a cute spot, or an up do with daring earrings. The list is really endless as far as combos go!
2. Put on pantyhose if it would even out your skin tone on your legs, and add a pair of cute shoes. The colors can easily be altered, depending on the look you're going for. Plain black and unadorned flats look more office casual while a pair of red high-heeled pumps can add a bit of excitement.
3. Try an evening look. A little bit of glitter with costume jewelry can go a long way. Accessorize with jewelery, and you're good to go.
4. Add a small clutch or handbag. A larger bag works for casual wear while a simple clutch in a dazzling color works for dressing up.
5. Wear a pair of white satin gloves and pearls with round toe pumps, if it is a shift style dress. Round toe pumps are an important bit for this look. It's very Audrey Hepburn and romantic, and pointed toes are a bit too fierce for such a soft and retro look.
6. Try a very simple pair of black pumps, preferably rounded and a pair of chandelier earring with a dupioni silk wrap. The chandelier earrings and dupioni silk wraps look great when matching and a warm color.
7. A belt at the waist creates great emphasis and interest to a plain black dress.
8. Wear colored (purple is always great) tights, with matching nail polish, hair accessories and/or jewelry to dress up any style of black dress.

Always keep it clean and ironed. Dry cleaning is a smart option.
A lint brush is your best friend!
Change into a different pair of shoes to change the look.
Wear it with tights in autumn/the fall and winter for warmth or even a bit of color.

Don't over accessorize; all of the above ideas should be plenty for any outfit.
The fit of the dress is everything since it is so plain... imperfections will stick out more if the dress is too tight or too loose, so take caution and don't be afraid to shed a few pounds if necessary.
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Business phone & Virtual PBX system

Do you own a business or just about to start your own business? If so, you might want to enhance your business by using 800pbx.com plans. Virtual PBX service for any business. Whether the businesses are small or large. Virtual PBX offers you and your business to connect to the world by using Toll free Virtual Pbx Features which are toll-free Number,free local number, auto attendant, extension, operator extension, enhanced voicemail, voicemail alerts (Voicemail to Email, SMS, Pager),Play voicemail on PDAs,Voice Driven IVR (Speech recognition), Follow Me, Call Hunt/ Find me
,Availability Scheduling,Live Call Transfer,Greetings (Day, Night Modes), Call Forwarding (US, Canada, International), Free voice artist greeting,Text to speech greeting,Holiday Mode Greetings,Music on hold,24/7 Control Panel (Web).

IVR will not only help your business sound professional but it will also give your business a luxury of the most complete,low cost toll free virtual-pbx communication services to small and medium businesses. 800pbx.com provides you the big images like
free fax. Sign up at 800pbx.com and choose the plan you need for your business. Take not Dial a Pizza is an advanced IVR application offered by
800pbx.com which facilitates end-to-end pizza ordering for callers. The application is seamlessly integrated with the Point of sale, so that the orders can be directly sent to the work queue without any manual intervention.
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How to Afford Clothes and Accessories by Top Designers

Finding the latest runway fashions can be easier and cheaper than you think. These days there are lots of top fashion designers producing apparel for the under $100 market.

Determine your style. Designers are designers because they are different. Research and decide which designers you like best. Look at current designers and past designers as well.
Determine which designer brands you want and make those your targets. Go to vintage and thrift store first (if applicable). Many times you can find vintage designer duds, but you must be diligent and frequent in your search (it will pay off).
Go to Last Chance, Nordstrom's "Off the Rack", Marshall's, etc to search. I've seen Versace jackets at Marshall's for much less than retail.
Bluefly.com is also a good place to get high fashion for less than you would normally pay, but it can still be expensive.
Peruse the outlet malls in your area.

Remember, even though $300 might seem like a lot of money for one dress, if you make this dress last for 10 years it is worth it.
Buy expensive items that will stand the test of time - go for classic looks not momentary fads.
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Need Some Cash?

Looking for immediate cash? Moneynowusa.com is the place for you to get any kind of loan you will need. Whether you are looking for personal finance, auto loans, student loans or maybe you just need some cash advance .Moneynowusa.com can do all that for you. Moneynowusa.com offers a free consumer loan web site dedicated to assisting borrowers in selecting the very best credit products for their needs. Using trusted processors like Credit.com and others, Moneynowusa.com have put together an expanded group of selected lenders who will fight for your business. When lenders fight for your business, you get the lowest rates and the highest loan amounts.

If you are looking for a any kind of loan, Moneynowusa.com is the place for you. No credit,excellent credit or bad credit is okay. Apply today and get the money you need at no time.

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My EC Top Dropper For January

I just wanted to thank you all the bloggers that dropped on my EC. I haven't have a chance to post it lately . Anyway thank you so much guys, I appreciate it.

Dropper # of drops
Hi Tech News and Information. 19
Sweet Nothings 9
Limitless Adventure 8
Youniquely Chic 7
Proud to be Filipina's Corner 7
A Rose By Name 6
From This Side 6
only my opinion 5
bikudesigns 5
Silver Sachet 5

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Need Help To Start Your Merchandise Business?

Do you own a business and want to be noticed? Retailersforum.com is one way to get your merchandise business to be noticed. Bring your merchandise business to your costumer. Advertise your business at retailersforum.com and get your Free copy of Retailers Forum Magazine.

Retailersforum.com have published Retailers Forum magazine since 1981 as a source for small businesses to find genuine wholesale suppliers of all types of merchandise to resell at their stores, flea market booths or on line businesses. They just created a completely free digital version of our magazine and want to build traffic of new readers. At the 1st of every month retailersforum.com post the latest issue which includes ads from wholesalers of jewelry, apparel, gifts, novelties, etc. along with informative business articles. retailersforum.com would like to invite businesses weathere you are established or starting business who need to find merchandise to read their free magazine! With this troubling economy more people will be looking to start their own businesses and retailersforum.com can help you out as retailersforum.com help the others.

So visit retailersforum.com and get your business notice.
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Flawless Shots

The advantage of living in the big city like Seattle is the scenery. Here in Seattle there are a lot to see, like the Pike place,Puget sound,Lakes, Alki beach. If you really want some adventure and not afraid of the hike... well there is the space needle.
We drove all over Seattle the other day just to see the view, we went down to Alki beach, we watched the boat goes by. Then, we drove down by the space needle and I took some photos. The second photo look like a UFO to me but really the top of Space needle.
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Stop Acne Reinfection

Reduce your skin's re-exposure to those nasty acne causing bacteria by making everything your skin routinely contacts as clean as possible. This gives your skin a better chance of healing up and staying acne free. Doing this process while also treating your acne with whatever medicines you use will greatly increase the success of your acne treatment.

Buy the necessary items from the 'things you'll need' section below. Hang your new pillow in the sun to air out the cover and stuffing.
Wash the rest of the things on the list in hot water with bleach and laundry detergent. Dry your things until they are hot and really dry. Use these clean things and only these clean things every day for at least 30 days.
Change your pillow case every day. This is the primary step that will really make a difference, to have a clean thing to rest your face on while sleeping. Change your top sheet every day for at least the first two weeks, then go to every other day for a while.
Wear a fresh T-shirt and/or bra every day.
Wash your face and dry yourself with fresh towels every day.
Wash these things by themselves, in hot water with detergent and bleach every 4 days. There's no point in sharing bacteria. Stop your pets from licking you; a dog's tongue is a bacteria camp.
Change your toothbrush every week for two weeks, then once a month thereafter. Your tongue actually has more bacteria than your dog's does.
Focus on not touching your face with your hands. If you do, wash your hands.
Wash your hands at least four times a day anyway, and clean your fingernails each time.
Wash your eyeglasses and jewelry with soap every day. Wash your hair every day and try to wear it off your face.
Expect to notice a difference after about 2 weeks, and see increasing improvement in your skin as long as you continue to do this.

Buy inexpensive things; this process is hard on them and they won't last.
You can use things you already own. The bleach will change the color of anything that isn't white, and over the course of a few weeks, make the fabric of anything that is not all cotton brittle and fragile, so don't use anything you want to keep around very long. But this might be an opportunity to get new things in a month or two, when your acne has cleared up.
Hang all your things out in the sun to dry, if possible. The sunlight has additional bacteria killing power, and it will make all your things smell really good.

Skip fabric softener or dryer sheets; they irritate skin.
Change laundry detergents after two week if you don't see a positive difference.
Follow directions carefully for the correct amount of bleach you add to your wash water. If you don't put in enough, it won't remove the bacteria and your effort will be wasted. If you put in too much, it will damage even all cotton material. If it isn't thoroughly rinsed out, it will be another irritant to your skin.
Examine your lifestyle. Is there anything else in your environment that touches your face a lot that you need to clean? Your cellphone? The eyepiece for your camcorder or camera, maybe?

Things You'll Need

Buy a new pillow.
Buy 4 white all cotton top sheets and 4 pillow cases.
4 white all cotton t-shirts.
(for women) 4 inexpensive bras.
4 all cotton white hand and bath towels.
A half-gallon of cheap store bleach.
3 new toothbrushes.
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Apply Mineral Makeup

A lot of women (and men) have discovered the benefits of using mineral make-up as opposed to the traditional liquid foundation, or powder. Mineral make-up doesn't contain the chemicals that cause some people to break out, or aggravate sensitive skin conditions. There's a trick to applying this type of foundation, but it can look natural if done right.

Moisturize your face beforehand. The mineral powder (so to speak) adheres to the natural oil of your skin, and if your face is too dry, the powder might end up looking like just that - powder. Apply lotion and wait 10 minutes, as a face too oily would melt the make-up. Trial and error might be needed to find the perfect balance.
Pour a small amount of foundation into the cap of the jar. This helps avoid using too much, and you could always add a layer if needed. Use maybe a little more than a pinch or so.
Apply eye liner next and use your kabuki brush to dust off any powder droppings from your cheeks.
Dab on any enhancers that you may need to specific areas, such as under the eyes. Press fingertip in foundation for a concentrated amount and dab your blemishes to make them disappear.
Swirl the kabuki brush in the cap, then tap the brush to dust off the extra powder. The brush is most important in covering large areas of your face, and an inferior brush might make the make-up look artificial. You might want to invest in a decent one.
Apply the foundation by rubbing the brush on your skin in a circular motion. This is where you decided how the make-up will look. Its recommended to start lightly on the cheeks and move off to the side of your face. The brush isn't supposed to just dust your skin with powder, its going to BUFF the powder, to help it adhere to the oil in your skin. The more you buff, the heavier the coverage will be. This take practice to find the right technique.
Once you have the look you want with foundation, apply a setting powder. Apply it the same way you would the foundation. BareMinerals sells a type of setting powder called "Mineral Veil", and a lot of people who have problems with the makeup melting off have them due to the lack of applying the setting powder. Without it, the make-up will eventually look a little tired. With it, the makeup will hold much longer and look less sweaty. You can really tell the difference between using it and skipping it.

Always use a non-mineral, oil-based moisturizer that will not clog pores. If your moisturizer does not absorb into your skin, neither will your mineral makeup!
Use a setting powder on eyelids to set shadows and avoid creases.
Use a setting powder as a base all over if you have oily skin...it will help absorb the oil naturally.
With the correct brush, eyeliner will glide on with no gaps. Powder tends to sprinkle, so use your kabuki brush to "pick up" the fallen powder.
Always apply eyeliner prior to foundation so you won't leave smudges from sprinkles.
Using special enhancers such as "polished" will refract light and make your dark under-eye circles disappear. Also use in the corner of eyes, mouth, etc. to reduce the appearance of fine lines.
Foundation should be applied in light layers. If you feel you need more coverage, keep applying light layers.
Brush your blush on the same way you would traditional makeup, but be sure to use your kabuki brush to avoid outlines and streaking.
Apply mineral eye shadow as usual..lighter colors under brow line and darker colors on the lid.
Using a good quality mascara with keratin will help strengthen lashes and improve their look even when you're not wearing mascara.
For those with oily skin, finishing with a setting powder will give extra protection and oil absorption and help you obtain a matte finish.
The foundation will look a little powdery when you first apply it. It will settle into your skin and look much more natural in a few minutes.
A kabuki brush is essential to covering your face, but a smaller brush will serve to use the powder as a concealer if you want to use it that way.
This is a great product to use if you have acne, or eczema, or other skin conditions, as it contains less ingredients than traditional make-up. Most mineral make-ups even have soothing properties to heal such conditions.

Avoid powders that contain talc
Use natural lipsticks that do not contain perfumes and dyes.
Some people do have further allergies to the minerals. Its not common, but if your skin gets itchy, or red, then you might not be able to use this type of foundation.
Though some brands claim to have an SPF factor, you might still want to use a sun screen if you plan to be outside.
Its not recommended to sleep in ANY sort of make-up, so while this might not have the chemicals that can harm your skin, it still covers your skin. Pores open and skin heals when you sleep, so wash your face before bed.

Things You'll Need

setting powder
enhancers for dark circles, etc
kabuki brush
proper eyeliner brush
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