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Feb 21, 2009

Be in Style Your Own Unique Way

While many clothing styles and options are available to us today, there is nothing quite like making a name for yourself, and choosing a distinct fashion style.

Choose a unique hair style. Look through fashion magazines for inspiration (Most salons already have lots of books on hand for this purpose). Don't be shy around your stylist! This is your unique look, so feel free to tell the stylist exactly what you want (i.e., a little shorter, or with more layers). In other words, you can help create the right look for yourself.
Start buying the right clothes for your body type. You should never wear any garment that doesn't completely flatter your body type, no matter how fashionable it may be. Try out some other trends instead, and accept that not every style was made for every person. If you have a large chest but wish to be modest, try these tips. A classic shawl of any material might minimize, or at least cover up, your bold features. Loose, layered or flowy shirts will also solve the problem. As a less-modest, but still effective trick, try wearing shirts with v-cut necklines. The v-shape visually divides your chest, making it appear smaller.
Be bold with the colors that you like to wear. Try a boldly-colored shirt with a more neutral skirt and shoes. Be wary of the monochromatic look: you may love hot pink, but sporting pants, blouse, socks, shoes, and accessories of pink just might make you look like Pepto Bismol. Break up the monotony with a neutral (or non-pink, at least) belt, shoes, or accessories.
Dress up a casual look with a nice scarf. There are various ways to wear one. You can wrap one around your neck and let it drape over your shoulders, leaving it loose, or tie a knot in the front, or even make a small bow. You could also clasp it together with a decorative pin; the possibilities are endless.
Wear black, regardless of your shape or body style. Black pants or a skirt can be worn with a stylish top and you'll look great, especially, if that top is red...you can even enhance that look with a black, gold or silver shawl.
Enhance your total look with accessories. How about a nice purse? Basic knitted or woven purses work great (they're lightweight and easy to carry); two of them is all that you need (one in black and one in beige). Add a decorative pin to the front of the purse, such as an angel, etc.this gives it a real touch of class.
Have lots of costume jewelry on hand, for it helps to accent a casual or dress-up look, not that real jewelry isn't nice too.
Get several pairs of shoes. They do not have to be expensive to look nice, so check out places like Payless Shoes for really good deals. If you plan to wear sandals a lot, be sure to keep your toe nails painted. There are nail salons that will change your color out for you for mere dollars. You can choose a color from the nail salon, or take in your own nail polish. Plus, it is fun to be pampered, so check it out.
You can wear last season's short sleeve tops even in the winter time by having sweaters in basic colors, such as black, grey and tan. You should always have at least a few long skirts that are great for evening wear, and can be easily dressed up with the right top...a shawl will further the evening out look.
Wear earrings, they can really say a lot, about her character. The ones that dangle help to accent the face. While small earrings are not easily seen with long hair,they should only be worn if your hair is behind the ears or in a short style. You can wear pearls, even with a more casual look if the pearls are only in one strand, such as with a casual skirt and blouse, or pants and a top.
But more than anything, you must be confident and believe you look fabulous in any kind of clothing. If you are not praising your self, who else will?

Go through your dresser or chest of drawers and see what that you haven't worn for a while, such as bike shorts, tank tops; put on some women type boxer shorts with those bike shorts, such as purple or red over black...wear those tanks with a nice pair of Hawaii pants or skirts, and enhance the look...by wearing regular (solid colored) tops over them.
Button down shirts jeans and converse shoes never go out of style. So don't waste money trying to keep up. Use what stays in style. Of course mix and match other elements.

Don't copy people!!
Don't wear Vans authentic shoes, Coverse All-Stars or Vans slip-ons. Everyone wears those nowadays