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Feb 11, 2009

So Exhausted

I have been busy all day & stress too. Finally, I got the chance to get online late tonight. I checked my PPP account if they have some opps available for me, well..well... well! There were a bunch of opps available. I was able to grab 5 of them. I was about to grab another one but I think PPP would not allow me to take anymore opp. Right now, as I am writing this post so to speak, my PPP account is still open and staring at 10 opps that are available for me. But PPP wouldn't let me, I guess, I have reached my limit. I was enjoying grabbing the opps, maybe tomorrow those opps will still be available for me. I can only hope that it will be.

I hope you guys were able to grab some opps today. Anyway, I am off to bed, goodnight and I will see you guys tomorrow ,Lord willing.