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Feb 5, 2009

Get a Natural Look

Getting a natural look is easy, you just need to stick to the basics and develop a style that fits you, since the largest contributing factor of a natural look is that it fits YOU.
Ditch the heavy makeup. Wear natural colored lip glosses, a little bit of blush, and light mascara. If you have dull skin, wear a little bit of bronzing powder.
Wear basic clothes. Use simple colors, without a lot of patterns, and do a layered look. If the clothes don't fit properly, and you are able, have them tailored or adjusted. Ill-fitted clothing just doesn't look natural.
Wear accessories. Sometimes add some clunky necklaces or a funky bracelets; they look good. Look for natural look accessories, like semiprecious stones, seashells, wood beads, and leather. Plastics and acrylic pieces do not communicate "natural" very well.
Be confident in yourself. Smile a lot and know you can achieve anything. A smile is a welcoming, warm, and friendly expression that doesn't cost anything, and expresses much.
Do not overstyle your hair. Simple hairstyles, whether a straight cut, moderate curls, a ponytail, or whatever is natural for your ethnic background will obviously contribute to a natural appearance.
Look "in season". Even if you live near a beach, a deep tan will look somewhat contrived in the middle of winter, and spending hours in a tanning booth can cost a fortune, as well as your time.
Pay attention to your grooming in general.
* It seems every article regarding personal appearance and style suggests attention to hygiene, and in the bright light of day, choosing a natural look means being conscientious about your cleanliness and health.
* Brush and floss your teeth thoroughly and often, and have your teeth cleaned at least annually.
* Keep your nails cleaned and trimmed neatly, as well.
Avoid the glittery, or overly bright nail polishes that are so popular. If you choose to polish your fingernails and toenails, use subdued tones with a medium or low gloss finish.
Do not attempt to hide skin flaws with obvious layers of makeup unless they are very noticeable or serious. Having a heavy makeup which does not completely cover freckles or other skin features may actually draw attention to the item you are trying to hide. Many people seem to be self conscious about moles, freckles, and other "blemishes", but many successful fashion models and celebrities actually are recognised by these same distinct features.
Trim and shape your eyelashes and eyebrows rather than attempting to "maximize" them with extensions or heavy eyeliners and the like.
11. Have a knowledgeable person help you select colors and shades of clothing, accessories, and makeup that "fit" you properly.

Experiment with different products at large department store makeup counters. Just because this certain color lip gloss or eyeliner is "in" doesn't mean it will look natural on you.
Leave the excessive fashion elements to those who do not care for a natural look. These may include outrageously high heels, bright and flamboyant colors and prints in fabrics, and radical colors in stockings and pantyhose.
Remember, if you can see the makeup, it doesn't appear to be your natural skin. Where heavy makeup is needed or desired, blend it gradually to your own skin tone.
If you color your hair, retreat it often so the roots don't become visible, and do not color it so drastically that there is a lot of contrast between your hair color and your eyebrows.
For a petite frame, the key is to make sure the outfit doesn't wear you. Opt for wearing one color, rather than breaking things up with multiple shades. And focus on tops. They shouldn't be too long. Go for higher cut tops to show more leg, and short sweaters -- or kill two birds with one stone and go with one piece like a dress.
Avoid makeups that you are allergic to.
Try not to get makeup too close to areas such as your eyes.

Things You'll Need

* clear/natural lip gloss or lip balm
* mascara
* blush/bronze (optional)
* foundation/tinted moisturizer
* moisturizer
* comfortable cloth (try bohemian style clothing)
* Necklaces, earrings, bracelets that aren't plastic and try to avoid metals
* A bit of hair products
* Clear nail polish
* A positive attitude!