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Dark Purple Glass Beads

Here is one of my latest design. Its a dark and light purple bracelet and earring glass beads with sterling silver chain and lobters earring claw. To visit mor of my fashion jewelry go to Jane's Fashion Jewelry.

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Website Design Services in Ottawa

Are you about to start a website but you are not sure what website design is proper for your need? The you should try website design Ottawa. Choose from 70 templates to boosten up your website. It's cheap and affordable. So visit the link now and choose your design.
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Mellow Yellow Monday


Here is my entry for Mellow Yellow Monday. My latest jewlery which is made of glass with yellow, green and light blue, with matching earring. As you can see, I think there is enough yellow on this entry to qualify for Mellow Yellow Monday.

Click on the badge above and join us on Mellow Yellow Monday. Happy Monday everyone!~
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Wednesday Mama and Daughter Bonding

Wednesday was a really nice day. Was sunny but windy...it was a great time to go walking, and so we did. Walking is really great work out to get rid of stress. So, my daughter I took a walked....I walked my daughter rode her bike. It was fun, I jog while she was pedalling her tiny bicycle. We went to river front park.. we did not know that saint patrick parade was happening down town , the main road was blocked and we went around through to reach the river front.

Anywho, here are some of the photos, I shared most of it at facebook.
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Sea Blue Heart Pendant

This is one of my latest design. Its a heart pendant, sea blue colour with heart steel and glass beads chain, Necklace and Earring set . For more information about this product please visit Heart Sea Blue Necklace .
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Sky Watch Friday

Hey guys ...it is Sky watch Friday once again. Yesterday it snowed here..just a little snow though but at the mountain pass they got a bunch which is great for the ski resort. Today it is cloudy and cold...it is like fall. The weather seem so weird these day. Here is my photos for today's Sky Watch Friday. My daughter is in too, while we were walking to her school. The cloud touching the mountain.

Post your photos and participate on Sky Watch Friday . Happy Sky Watch Friday guys.
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Mellow Yellow Monday-Agate Necklace


Mellow Yellow Monday once again. My entry for Mellow Yellow Monday is this Agate, Aventurine necklace I recently made. Love this necklace for it goes with black,yellow, brown outfit.On this photo, there are few yellow but I think it count. Check more of it at Agate-aventurine.

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Sky Watch Friday

Today is a really nice day here in North Central WA. Look like it is really spring, we don't have much snow here which is so unusual. That is mean that our summer would be very dry.

Anyway, here are my photos for today, sky watch Friday. Motorcycle is out, it is a really good day for walking and park hanging. It's a little bit cool, but not bad.

Join us on Sky Watch Friday. Happy Sky Watch Friday you all.
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Busy Like a Bee

Hi guys, Wednesday just turned to Thursday... and I am still up. I have been so busy that I could not update my three blogs often. Just want to let you all know that... I started my online jewelry store. I have been putting the jewelry together.

I am getting ready for my showing this coming Saturday March 6th. Hopefully it will turn out good. Cross your fingers for me guys and wish me luck I will be needing it.

If you have any time to spare at all.... please visit my online store.. Janes Fashion Jewelry . Please let your friend know who loves and enjoy fashion Jewelry to check out my store. Thank you and I appreciate it.
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Mellow Yellow Monday-Mix Bouquet


I took this photos yesterday, I love flower specially Lily and roses, whenever I get the extra cash I buy a bouquet of flowers, beside it is a gorgeous decoration for the house. So here is my entry for todays Mellow Yellow Monday- Mix flower bouquet....Lovely isn't it?

To join us on Mellow Yellow Monday just click on the badge above and post your entry. Happy Mellow Yellow Monday!
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Top Ten EC Droppers

It's appreciation time. I would like to say THANK YOU, to all my blogger friend who dropped on this blog, whether you made in on top ten EC dropper or not, I still want to say thank I appreciate you all. Thank you for the none stop visit. Thank you once again.

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