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Hold an Elegant Ball for New Year's Eve

Eating chips while wearing New Year tiaras and glasses getting boring? Have an Elegant ball. It's just the thing you need.
    Reserve a room at a restaurant, inn, or any other place where you would like to hold the event. If you are going to hold it at your home, you may want to decide where to move the furniture, where the coats will go, is there enough parking, is there enough seating areas, is it inviting, is it formal enough.
    Consider the decorations, or theme of the party. For example: masquerade ball. If you choose to have a theme mention it in your invitations
    The day after Thanksgiving (otherwise known as Black Friday) send out invitations. They should read something along the lines of:
           Please join us in celebrating the new year
           New Year Inn, Newyearsville 09923
           R.S.V.P 3-456-657-5467 (please do not call, this is a random number)
          Black Tie
    Once you have a general idea of how many people are going to come talk to caterers and tell them a general idea of the amount of people, and throw some idea around of the food they will serve.
    Consider hiring a pianist or cabaret singer to perform at your party. Otherwise you may want to stock up on some music for background noise or ballroom dance.
           If you are going to hire entertainment (dancers, fire breather, whatever you think would go best with your theme) book them.
    Find the perfect outfit for you.
    Host the party. You may want to turn on the television (on mute) to a channel that will show the ball dropping.

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SpitzTunes -- Bring on that New Year!

The holidays is a musical season ... can we continue that in the New Year? I wish I could ... I try ... but so often the non-musical parts of my life takes over. I really believe that if I could increase the musical me by 10%, I'd reap more than a 10% benefit in my life.

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Choose a Dress for New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve is a big enough night without the added stress of worrying about choosing the perfect dress. Here's a simple guide to help.
    List some stores you want to go in, and your shopping budget. Write down your thoughts about hemlines and necklines. Do you want a short prom style dress, or a long evening gown? It's also a good idea to think about colors which suit you. For New Years Eve, its usually better to pick "party colors" when buying a dress, such as gold, silver, purple, maroon, navy and black. Set some time aside for shopping. A good time to buy your dress is after Christmas, as shops are usually quiet then. It's best to avoid the first two days straight after Christmas though as stores are crowded because of the sales. December 28th or 29th are good days to go.
    Choose a dress which will suit whatever event your going to. If your going to a party which will have fireworks, buy a shrug or stylish shawl to go over what your wearing for when you go outside. If you know you'll be staying inside, then you probably won't need one. If the entire party is going to be hosted outdoors, a dress past the knee with cap sleeves may be an appropriate choice. Dress accordingly.
    Make sure the dresses fabric is suitable. Satin and cotton are good choices, however linen or suede may be less appropriate.
    Think about decoration. Bows, sequins, embroidery, and beads all look pretty on dresses, however certain types of decoration suit certain dresses. Embroidery is more suited to classical evening gowns, whereas bows can look better on prom dresses.
     Make sure your dress isn't too long or tight to dance in, if you're going to be dancing.
     Choose a matching or similar color to your dress for your handbag or clutch bag.
     Keep jewelry simple. It shouldn't outshine your dress, just accessorise it. Stick to silver or gold, and wear a maximum of three pieces.
     Have fun!
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Organize Your Closet

Sometimes, looking in your closet, clothes are everywhere. You reach for your suit, clothes pile on you. You open the closet door, you get avalanche. How can I prevent this?
    Take all the clothes out of your closet. This might take a while.
    Donate clothes that don't fit, that you never wear, or that don't make you feel great when you do(this is the key).
    Separate out items that are out-of-season. Sometimes you don't have anywhere to put your winter coat. Perhaps you don't have room under your bed, or even have an under-the-bed space. In summer, store your winter-season clothes at one end of your closet and summer-season at the other end.
    Organize all your in-season clothing while putting it back in your closet. The best way to do this is by type of clothing, occasion, hem and sleeve length, and then color. For example, first you might organize your skirts. You'd put all your skirts together, but you'd separate work skirts from casual skirts, and from special fancy going-out skirts. Then, within each category, you'd put the shortest ones first, so a miniskirt that you'd wear to work would come before a knee-length one. Finally, you'd organize by color, so that a red miniskirt would go before an orange miniskirt. If you do it this way, getting dressed in the morning will be WAY easier than ever before. You'll really be able to zero in on the right parts of your closet for wherever you're going and immediately see what your options are.
    Put different types of clothing in piles on shelves in walk-in closets. If you have a regular closet, you can put something in between clothes that organizes them.
   Put another piece of wood in your closet if your clothes don't fit properly. If you have more bedrooms in your house, do those!

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Give Your Home a Beautiful New Look and Save Money

Would you like a new home without buying a new one or spending a fortune? Just a few changes and affordable touches,and you can have one. Using the things you already have allows you to invite yourself into your own space and show others who you are. Decorating your home can be a very personal and creative experience, not just a chore. Follow this guide to make where you live to look beautiful and save money too.
    Choose a room in your home where you and your family will spend most of their leisure time.
    Make a list of the problems you see and the things that you feel you need, such as a bookshelf, more space, etc.
    Ponder a passion you have, such as the outdoors, animals, golf, family, etc.
    Take everything off of your walls and place it on a table in the room, pull out anything that is special to you such as family heirlooms, pictures, or just items that have a special place in your heart.
    Consider how you would like the room to feel. For example, more open, larger, safe, cozy, or organized.
    Place the largest pieces of furniture in first, such as the sofa. It is a common mistake to push all the furniture against the walls, and have too much empty space in the middle. Try to avoid this.
    After hanging of all the other pictures or wall coverings, add other pieces of who you are around them, preferably in threes.
    Place rugs in entry ways of high traffic areas to protect flooring and accent furniture pieces.
    After you have the room the way you like it and it feels right, you may want to consider accenting the room by painting a few walls.(The color will be determined by the effect you would like to achieve; whether adding depth or width to the room.) Doing the painting yourself will save you hundreds of dollar.
     One picture is all that is needed to create a color scheme for your new room.
     Hang all pictures at eye level as if you were standing in your room.
     For a cozier look, angle all furniture so as to imagine people sitting on each piece having a get together and talking about the most meberable time in their life.
     Aim for harmony, mixing and matching colors, of using many shades of one main color.
     Vary the size of objects you use as accent pieces.
     Varying the size and shape makes a more interesting composition.
     If additional items are needed visit your local Goodwill, they have great deals on beautiful things that will be just enough to make your room complete and save you money too.
    Place lamps at the end of tables to create more space for your room.
     Be careful not to clutter an area causing one's eye to lose the focal point of the room.
     Be careful to stay within your budget when purchasing paint and brushes.
     If you are going to paint your walls
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Create Christmas Games

Want to create great Chrstmas party games? Then just look here, this article has some great games to play over the Christmas period! Just like Headbandz This game is a different based game to HeadBandz

Get some sticky notes and write/draw random objects on them.
Write out questions according to the objects these can be Yes or No or random anwser questions.
Sit everyone down and Play! (putting the sticky notes on your head of course)
Rockin Around The Christmas Tree For this game you will have to put your Christmas tree in the centre of a room
Choose a hunter then spread chairs around the room these will be hides.
The Hunter has to find the others the room is dark but the tree will have lights on and the Hunter has a torch. The tree can also be used as a hide.

For RATCT, the room must be spacious and the tree is best of being a small size.
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Buy Inexpensive Quality Computers and Electronics

This is a simple guide for getting the best price on computer parts and consumer electronics.
    Make a habit of continuously visiting the websites listed below and try to keep from buying an item at the first advertised bargain. Do this for about 1-2 months; this will accustom you to the types of items they usually have listed and the prices they are listed at. This way you'll know if you're getting a good deal.
    Read the comments and forums on Slickdeals. The feedback from users will usually confirm a truly "slickdeal".
    Research product reviews on Google to see if a product is actually worth buying.
    When a product goes on sale for the 2nd or 3rd time, and all the research points to buying it... go for it!

     Dell products are always on sale. So if you're looking at a Dell computer, keep track of what computers go on sale until you find one you actually need.
     Rebates take a long time to come in.
     Remember "Cheap is not always Good" and some brands like Gateway and Compaq offer you a low budget cost, but a high cost on hassles.
     Acer offers you a great product too, with a low price guaranteed.
     If is a laptop you need to buy, nothing gives you better performance for the price than Toshiba, in other words is the best option for Laptops.
     Get accustomed to the terms: i.e. YMMV= Your mileage may vary, B&M = Brick and Mortar (meaning at the store only), PM = price match, BB= Best Buy, OD= Office Depot, BYOKAD (Bring Your Own Keyboard And Mouse)
     If you live near/in Portland, OR; consider FreeGeek, or their thrift store.
     Try online stores such as Newegg.com, Geeks.com, or other online stores. The prices there are usually much cheaper than in physical stores.
     If you really want a great computer with only what you need or simply the best you can get, just Do It Your Self, is not as cheap as it could be but as an IT let me tell you, it could be your best option.

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How to Make a Watermelon Martini

Take out your Martini Glass, pick up a good book, and enjoy a Delicious Martini with a different twist. Make enough for two, when you want to share it with a special friend. Either way, this is a new twist on the use for watermelon.

This recipe serves one.

   Place all ingredients in a shaker and shake until very well chilled, about 30 seconds.

    Strain into a chilled martini glass. A properly shaken Martini will have a very thin layer of ice crystals floating on top after it is strained into the glass.

     Shake the Martini long enough and with enough vigor to get the layer of crystals.

     This is habit forming, because it is so refreshing and has a different taste than the usual Martini.

     This contains alcohol. Be careful, don't drink to much!

 Things You'll Need

    * 1 1/2 oz. vodka

    * ½ ounce lime juice

    * ½ ounce Triple Sec

    * 6 frozen watermelon cubes (about ½ inch square each)

    * ½ shaker of ice

    * ½ ounce Chambord

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Where Do We Go From Here?

Thursday night will be clearing and cold, with lows in 15-21 range. That means a hard freeze to all that is on the ground today.

Friday should be a lot like earlier this week -- sunny but
continued cold -- possibly a few degrees colder than this current spell
-- with highs 25-28 and lows Friday night from 10-18.

Saturday also looks dry and continued cold with highs in the
mid 20s. But clouds will increase Saturday night, keeping lows around

Those clouds are a signal of our next great forecasting
challenge -- a storm heading in for Sunday. This one presents a whole
new set of variables, because Mother Nature has a devious sense of
humor and a thick playbook, it seems.

This storm is coming in from the west/northwest, and it looks
pretty wet. Second, we'll not only have some arctic air here in Western
Washington, but even more in Eastern Washington. That air is very
dense, and thus has higher pressure.

As the low pressure of the storm approaches, forecasting models
are hinting now that we could see some very strong, gusty east winds in
the passes to the usual North Bend, Enumclaw, Gold Bar east-windy
places -- perhaps as high as 40-50 mph.

That's challenge A. Challenge B -- if so, that would be blowing
in a lot of cold air from Eastern Washington into Western Washington --
the "North Bend gets to feel like Bellingham does now for a while"
scenario, getting even more cold air into the region ahead of this

So when the storm arrives, in the areas outside the wind,
depending on how warm the storm is and how much cold air is around,
it'll likely start as heavy snow, then gradually change to rain.

But in areas where that east wind keeps feeding the cold air
in, this could present some freezing rain problems along the I-90
corridor. (Portland people can tell us all about this, since they have
frequent experience with a similar set up with the east wind blowing
out from the Columbia Gorge. In fact, this set up presents them with
similar freezing rain problems for their area.)

Bottom line: Sunday could be real messy. It might be lucky for
us if the system comes in cooler and it stays as snow because while
it'd be quite a bit of snow, ice/freezing rain would be worse. (About
all that's left is the blizzard and we'd have collected the entire set
of weather problems :) ) Highs will be somewhere between 31-38.

Some lingering snow showers Monday, then we dry out again for
the afternoon into Tuesday with partly to mostly sunny skies and highs
in the low-mid 30s and lows still in the 20s.

Another not-so-frigid system moves through on Christmas Eve,
but at this point, this is looking like the kicker of just snow to rain
and highs into the 40s, perhaps ending the cold spell. But a more
southerly track, and we could get that White Christmas after all :)

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What's Up With This Convergence Zone

Convergence Zones are caused by colliding winds -- a north wind
from the north and a south wind from the south. When those winds
collide, they get forced upward, where the air condenses into clouds
and storms form.

Zones historically are responsible for some of the area's greatest
snows, and this one was no different. Arlington had a snow report of
23" as of 10 p.m. Wednesday, and all that snow that fell into Skagit
and Snohomish County from about noon on has been at the hand of these
colliding winds.

The massive snow storm of Dec. 18, 1990, was also born from a
Convergence Zone that set up shop over Downtown Seattle, as was the
snow and freeze of Nov. 29, 2006 (sort of a mix of a convergence zone
and arctic front for that event).

This time, the zone had a stronger southerly component, keeping the
zone up north for most of the day Wednesday. Computer forecasting
models correctly predicted this zone's formation, leading to forecasts
of heavy snow in the Seattle area Wednesday afternoon, but
underestimated the storm's southerly wind component, keeping the zone
north of the city. It wasn't until Thursday morning that this southerly
component weakened, allowing the north wind to gain strength and push
the zone south.

Zones form quickly and can shift very quickly, and many times
there is not much time to react, as many motirists found Thursday
morning. As much as it snarled the Thursday morning commute, imagine
if this happened at 1 p.m. Wednesday when everyone would have been in

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Winter Storm in Seattle

Snow tapered off Thursday evening across much of central Puget Sound
after snarling the morning commute in the Seattle metro area with
hundreds of spinouts, nightmarish traffic backups and stranded vehicles
on many highways and side streets.
The storm left behind a slick, frozen mess of icy roads and highways
that continued to bedevil the evening commute and threatened more havoc
for Friday morning, as temperatures plunge far below freezing overnight.

Snow continued falling Thursday evening in parts of south Puget Sound
and Tacoma. State Route 167 was shut down in both directions at State
Route 410 between mileposts 8 to 10 around 4 p.m. leaving drivers to
wait several hours in their cars for the road to clear. The road was
not expected to open until after 11 p.m., causing some drivers to panic
in the cold.

Many school districts throughout the region again closed or delayed
classes Thursday due to ice and snow, and a few had already announced
schedule changes for Friday as well.

Dozens of Metro transit routes were disrupted by the snow and by
collisions, leaving many commuters waiting in the subfreezing cold at
stops for buses that often never arrived.

The snowstorm was ushered in at about 5 a.m. by booming thunder that
echoed eerily across the region and sent flashes of lightning piercing
through the early morning darkness.

But as the day wore on, snow showers decreased in intensity and
frequency. Only a few flurries remained in most of the central Puget
Sound as darkness moved in, and the snow was expected to decrease in
the south Sound as well later this evening.

That opened the door for the next act in the wintry drama - a deep
freeze that could push overnight temperatures into the upper teens or
low 20s.

Areas especially hard hit Thursday included parts of State
Route 520 on the Eastside as snow buried the highway and drivers
abandoned their vehicles on the roadway. By Thursday evening,
transportation officials pleaded with motorists to avoid 520 and
Interstate 90 if at all possible.

Seattle-area motorists more accustomed to rainfall did their
level best to battle with the snow, but often the snow came out the

One of those who lost the battle was Mary Prince, who got caught in a 12-car pileup near Kirkland Thursday morning.

Earlier in the day, Bellevue city officials asked people to stay off of
the roads as near white-out conditions brought 3 to 5 inches of snow
throughout the city.

Throughout the region, crews worked all day to clear emergency routes
and primary arterials routes before the forecasted hard freeze settles
in and turns the snow to ice overnight.

State troopers and local law enforcement officers responded to
spinouts and crashes all day Thursday as drivers encountered compact
snow and ice in areas that saw snowfall Wednesday, and new snow showers
were catching many drivers off guard.

On I-405, I-5 and I-90 in King County, traffic was snarled in many
areas. DOT officials have plow and de-icer crews out, but the snow was
coming down faster than it could be cleared earlier in the day.

Throughout the region, side streets and hills continued to pose a
problem for drivers, with a steady stream of collisions being reported.
Those who decided to leave their cars at home and take public
transportation were only a little better off, as many buses could not
reach all roads on the schedule routes, and some were involved in

Despite the large number of collisions Thursday, there were no serious injuries reported.

In Kitsap County officials said freezing weather may have claimed the
life of a man who wandered from his house wearing only light clothing.
The sheriff's office said John Clarence Makepa Basso, 36, had been
suffering from a medical condition and had observed him behaving
erratically recently. He was found dead in a heavily wooded area near
his residence Wednesday afternoon.

In addition, a boy was seriously injured in a sledding accident
in Kent. Officials said the boy was riding on a sled being towed by a
car when the sled went under the back end of a parked vehicle near
226th Street and 127th Avenue.

A WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY will expire at 6 p.m. for the greater
Puget Sound area. In the Strait of Juan de Fuca area, the advisory
expired at 4 p.m.

For South Sound and Southwestern Washington, the advisory has
been extended until midnight, where scattered snow showers will
continue until then, putting down 1-3" in individual cells.

Thursday's snow is just part two of a major snowfall that
dumped 1-2 feet in parts of Skagit, Island and northern Snohomish
County through the day Wednesday. Steady snow fell for most of the day
there as the Convergence Zone stalled over the area. A spotter outside
of Arlington reported 23" as of late Wednesday afternoon.

Snow Totals So Far

Here are some unofficial snow totals with this storm:

  • Arlington (Outskirts): 23"

  • Darrington: 23"

  • Concrete: 21"

  • Elwha: 20"

  • Sedro-Woolley: 18.5"

  • Mount Vernon: 14.5"

  • Randle: 14"

  • Sultan: 13"

  • Bellingham: 13"

  • Monroe: 12.5

  • Port Angeles Outskirts: 10-15"

  • Hamilton: 12"

  • Redmond (Novelty Hill): 10"

  • Hoodsport: 10"

  • Stanwood: 10"

  • Onalaska: 10"

  • Grand Mound: 9"

  • Oak Harbor: 7"

  • Anacortes: 6.5"

  • Hamilton: 6.2"

  • Kirkland (Rose Hill): 6"

  • Beacon Hill: 6"

  • Olympia: 6"

  • Marysville: 6"

  • Woodinville: 6"

  • Rochester: 6"

  • Granite Falls: 5.5"

  • Clearview: 5.5"

  • Sekiu: 5"

  • Mercer Island: 5"

  • Tumwater: 5"

  • Neah Bay: 5"

  • Chimacum: 5"

  • Orcas Isl: 5"

  • Mukilteo: 3"

  • Ferndale: 4.5"

  • Bainbridge Island: 4"

  • Lynnwood: 4"

  • Port Townsend: 4"

  • Port Orchard: 4"

  • West Seattle: 4"

  • Potlatch: 4"

  • Lacey: 4"

  • Arlington: 4"

  • South Everett: 4"

  • Friday Harbor: 4"

  • Mill Creek: 4"

  • Ravensdale: 4"

  • Bellevue: 3-4"

  • Redmond: 3-4"

  • Ferndale: 3.5"

  • Gig Harbor: 3"

  • Lopez Island: 3"

  • Hoodsport: 3"

  • Freeland: 2.5"

  • Shelton: 2"

  • Kingston: 2"

  • Bothell: 2"

  • Seattle (Seattle Center): 2"

  • Tacoma: 1"

  • Mountlake Terrace: 1"

  • Duvall: 11"

  • Sammamish: 5"

  • Bainbridge: 5-6"

  • North Bend: 7"

  • North Tukwila: 7"

  • Graham: 6.5"

  • Bonney Lake: 5"

  • Parkland: 4"

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Throw a Cocktail Party

Cocktail parties are a great way to entertain because they accommodate any kind of guest list, ranging from neighbors to business associates. Regardless of what kind of crowd you're entertaining, however, there are a few basic guidelines to throwing a fabulous cocktail party...

   Set the appropriate time. The traditional time frame for a cocktail party is two to three hours in length held between 6 P.M. and 10 P.M. tst
      On the rocks
      On the rocks
      Buy more than enough ice. Remember that you're not just using it for drinks, but also for chilling bottles and cans. Generally, having 1 lb. of ice per guest should be adequate.
      Have a variety of glasses on hand, depending on the variety of drinks you plan to offer. You should offer wine glasses for wines, juice and water; straight-sided highballs for tall drinks; tumblers for spirits and juices; and martini glasses. In terms of quantity, be ready with approximately twice as many glasses as you'll have guests.
   Stock your bar.

           For the wine drinkers, have one bottle for every two people, assuming five servings per bottle.
           For the beer drinkers, have one six-pack for every two people, assuming 12 oz. servings.
           Get one or two liquors that can be made into a variety of cocktails (probably vodka, rum, gin, scotch, bourbon, blended whiskey, or tequila)
            Don't forget mixers and garnishes, including orange juice, soda, tonic, ginger ale, cola, grenadine, tomato juice, Tabasco, lemons, limes, horseradish, and Worcestershire sauce. The most important mixer, however, is seltzer (club soda - if you must).
    Prepare the menu. Aim for variety (meat, vegetarian, hot, cold, spicy, and sweet). If you're not serving dinner, estimate 6 bites per person, but remember that it's better to have too much food than not enough.
    Offer coffee to your guests towards the end of the party as a courtesy, but remember that coffee does not help increase sobriety. Keep the number of a local taxi service handy for those guests lacking a designated driver.

     Catering your cocktail party costs about $12 per person
     At a cocktail party, it is easy to mix guests who might not feel comfortable sitting across from one another at a dinner party.
     If it is not a dinner party, a good rule of thumb is to provide 1 seat for every 2 invitees. People circulate more and have a better time.
     For a 2-hour party where you only plan on serving wine and/or champagne, you'll need to have one bottle for every two guests. Have a mix of white and red varieties.
     If you anticipate your guests will be wine drinkers, you can prepare by uncorking a few bottles in advance, and then replacing the corks, however, reds are always best left to breathe.
     Ask your guests to dress up for the cocktail party. More formal attire will add to the experience - and guests are less likely to over-imbibe and get out of hand if they feel more respectable.
     Also, if you have invited guests to a party who may not have met other guests you may consider having a bar area where you would make cocktails and entertain people who might have problems socializing with strangers.
     If you see a guest who doesn't seem fit to drive home, offer to pay for their taxi, or give them a ride home yourself. It's your responsibility as host not only to make sure they have a good time, but also to be certain they make it home safely.

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Get it going with dNeero

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How to Eat Healthily over the Holidays

Eating rich meals for one or two days of the year won’t hurt you, but problems will arise if you're tempted to over-indulgence over several days, or even weeks. Follow these simple holiday eating tips, and you'll find it easier to make healthy choices.
    Don't serve enormous portions. The danger lies not in what you eat, but in how much you eat. Having a healthy snack before you go to a party can help to take the edge off your hunger.
    Don’t leave bowls of chocolate, candy and nuts standing on kitchen counters where it’s all too easy to dip in each time you pass. Serve nuts in the shell. Cracking them takes time, and stops you cramming them into your mouth in handfuls.
    At a buffet table, use a small plate and fill it just once. Help yourself to less meat, more vegetables and salads, but go easy on creamy sauces and dressings.
    Stock up with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables over the holiday season. Keep a stack of easy-peel citrus where people can help themselves. Before a meal, put a bowl of celery sticks, apple pieces or carrot curls on the table – kids and adults love to nibble on these.
    If you’re keen not to gain over the holidays, ration yourself to one or two unhealthy foods a day. Take time choosing the treats of the day, savour the flavour - then stop.

     Do your health an even bigger favour, and get off the couch and out of the door at least once a day. A brisk 30 minute walk helps you digest efficiently, and burns off some of those extra calories
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Help Unhealthy People

Many people all over the world are dying of health problems. You don't want to be one of them and you want to help save other people too. Both kids and adults necessitate facilitate and both kids and adults can help the unhealthy people. Soon this world will be safer and healthier.

    First, you should go to a neighbor and help them out if they need your help and ask for it.
    Next, you should talk to them about healthy lifestyle options which they could undertake.
    After, you should help a neighbor exercise by offering to go along with them for moral support.
    Then, you can learn from elder neighbors and provide companionship to them.

    You shouldn't go rigid on the people you are helping
     You should also make a fund for a hospital for all the people who need help.
     You should never ever tell them it is hopeless, because when you say that word it will turn out hopeless
     Lastly, tell how well they are doing the exercise every day, don't run them down.

     You should never impose your personal beliefs on others, but support them to find their own answers.

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Find Something to Do for People of All Ages

Get involved in a new activity the easier and more exciting way! Find something to do for adults, kids, seniors, and all ages.

Decide that you are going to find a way to incorporate a new activity into your life that is fun and healthy.
The next thing you need to do is spark your interest so you'll take the remaining steps to follow through with your decision. We recommend finding an activity that's right for your family, you and your significant other, or just you. The short descriptions are great for scanning while it provides guidance on each activity and resources for following through.
Once you choose an activity and your level of interest is high, try to identify some possible obstacles with a plan of action to overcome them. For example, if kids consume a lot of your time, find a way to incorporate them into the activity or try to get a babysitter so that you can spend some quality time on the activity.
After finding a way to overcome potential obstacles, it's time to starting learning about the activity and investigating resources that can provide guidance.

Remember that the entire process should be approached as though it is an exciting recreational experience. Even stuff like browsing the internet and reading different activities should be viewed as part of the experience.
Be lighthearted and be okay with being a beginner. After a little time and effort, you'll probably become an expert.
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Collection Agency

Economy is worsen,businesses are going under and closing globally.People are hurting financially.People can't hardly keep up with bills anymore, everybody is falling behind paying their bills.People are force to file bankruptcy.If you are among of those people who are hurting financially and falling behind paying debts that are filing on the top of your table and in the midst of filing bankruptcy.You might want to try controldatainc.com.CDI is a Collection Agency that can help you with your debts and help you to a recovery solutions.CDI has over 25 years of experience in the collection business and offers domestic and
international commercial debt collecting and consulting. Most collection agencies work on a commission basis,and they are not telling you is that, all collection agencies have hidden costs that add up, these are billed in addition to commissions.

Not like CDI,they don’t charge to place accounts or have any type of internal billing costs that lower our clients monetary returns.Our collection method is different for each collection.So,calling all business owner out there,if you are looking for a better and top rated client customer service in a
collection agency then CDI is a great choice for you. CDI is a fully
licensed collection agency there is .CDI is leading Florida collection agency that is initiating an active campaign for clients to literally save companies hundreds to thousands of dollars.Visit the link now .
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Choose an Outfit That Suits You

Do you hate shopping for clothes and often waste time wandering from store to store? Do you have a closet full of clothes that you don't like and never wear? Here are some suggestions for building a wardrobe of clothes that you will love to wear and that flatter your figure.

   Before going shopping, ask a friend to go with you. Choose someone who has a good sense of style, and whose dress sense you admire.
    Go to two or three of your favorite clothes shops.
    Select and try on anything you think you might like, but be open to try on things that your friend might suggest (even if normally you wouldn't try it on).
    When you've got an item of clothing on, ask your friend whether it suits you. If they say no, do NOT buy it! This is very important.
    If your friend does think that it looks good on you, check the price and also the brand. (Of course if it is a well known brand you can expect to pay more than if it is a cheap brand, eg. Grand People.)
    If it is something you really need do not hesitate to buy it. However, if it is something that you don't really need, stop and think about a: what other items of clothing, footwear, accessories etc you could spend this money on (do you want/need something else even more?), and b: what the money you are spending could do for people less fortunate then yourself (you could choose to donate it!)
    If you buy the item of clothing, remember to wear it or you will have wasted your money. However, if after a few times of wearing it you decide (or someone tells you!) that it looks really awful on you, donate it to a charity shop rather than leave it in the back of your wardrobe. Someone else will probably buy it, and you will have helped a charity!

     Go through your closet at the end of each season and remove anything you haven't worn that season. Donate these items to a worthy cause. You can deduct them on your income tax. Consignment is another alternative for higher-end clothing.
     Don't save clothes that do not fit. The chances are that they will never fit. Other people could use them.
     If you are a female who is 5'4" or under, you are considered petite.
     Make sure you have the proper basics first. It's hard to coordinate outfits if all your clothing is very stylized, loud or unique.
     Once you start to put these steps into practice you will feel better about your wardrobe and have more room in your closet.
     do not throw away old t-shirts or tops. If you buy another top then you can layer them over each other to create a brand new look!

     Make sure to pick someone who really knows about style to go shopping with you. Don't take just anyone with no fashion knowledge. This could prove to be more of a hindrance than a help.
     Think about what is already in your closet that you could pair with new items before you buy things.

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How to Afford Clothes and Accessories by Top Designers

Finding the latest runway fashions can be easier and cheaper than you think. These days there are lots of top fashion designers producing apparel for the under $100 market.

    Determine your style. Designers are designers because they are different. Research and decide which designers you like best. Look at current designers and past designers as well.
    Determine which designer brands you want and make those your targets. Go to vintage and thrift store first (if applicable). Many times you can find vintage designer duds, but you must be diligent and frequent in your search (it will pay off).
    Go to Last Chance, Nordstrom's "Off the Rack", Marshall's, etc to search. I've seen Versace jackets at Marshall's for much less than retail.
    Bluefly.com is also a good place to get high fashion for less than you would normally pay, but it can still be expensive.
   Peruse the outlet malls in your area.

     Remember, even though $300 might seem like a lot of money for one dress, if you make this dress last for 10 years it is worth it.
     Buy expensive items that will stand the test of time - go for classic looks not momentary fads.
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Be As High Class As You Can

Be high-class without going into debt!

Clean your house thoroughly, especially the common and guest rooms.
Organize everything to appear competent.
Bathe every day: proper hygiene is essential to any social interaction.
Cull your wardrobe (including undergarments). If anything is not new-looking or not perfectly white, donate it or take it to a tailor - they can do wonders for a low price! Then go to thrift stores/outlets and buy a new wardrobe.
Clean your shoes. High society notices things that you might not. Make them look brand new all the time.
Get brand-name sunglasses and bags, or knockoffs. Be sure to do your research though because high society can tell the difference.
Invest in a reliable, nice-looking car, but avoid anything too fancy or fad-ish. Camrys are very nice.
Speak proper English and pay attention to grammar. Using a dictionary, randomly choose one word per week (or per day depending on how much of a life you have) and learn to use it in your daily conversations.
Educate yourself, with special attention to history.
Make your teeth as white as possible.
Shave and wax regularly. Eyebrows can make or break your look; make sure yours are perfect.
Keep nails natural-looking and clean. Please don't bite, and always keep them French manicured.
Attempt to get clear skin. Buy lots of facial and acne washes and of course moisturizer.
Get a better job if you feel your potential is going untapped. You could always sell things on eBay.
Make your car shine. Clean any dead insects off your number plate and wipe away any bird manure.

Don't pretend to be someone you're not just to make people like you. Just be yourself.
People may find you out and lose trust in you.
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I Dont Get Blogvertise!

I subcribe to blogvertise a while back. Which is lst year. My blog was approved. Since then I'd only gotten two task from them. I reviewed the two task that has been given to me. One was for $8.00 & the other one was for $9.00 .Guess what both got rejected. I corrected it according to the message that I got from blogvertise. I have followed all the requirement that was needed to do.

It came back to me again & again & again. They rejected it several time. I was so  mad and ending up letting go those task. I just don't undestand. I have done some oppss form different  Social marketing and my post has always been approved. But the blogvertise! I don't get it. They have rejected my task over and over again. Eventhough I have followed all the requirements. Oh well! I guess blogvertise isn't for me.
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Balance Work and Going to the Gym

Making physical activity part of your routine starts with the right mindset.

   Set your mind about going to the gym as a necessity, not a optional activity. Your body is the most important thing you own. If you go to work, even when you don't feel like it to maintain the things you own; you can certainly go to the gym, even when you don't feel like it, to maintain your body.
    Make it all one trip. If possible go to the gym before your workday begins, bring all that you need for work so you can head to work after you shower. Alternatively bring you gym gear to work and hit the gym on your return home.
    Make it a lunch. If your work is close to your gym, head over for a lunch time workout. If possible negotiate a longer lunch hour with your boss by coming in earlier or staying later to make up the extra time.
     Associate the gym with positive thoughts. Before arriving at the gym, close your eyes and visualize the happiest moment of your life. Picture it in all it's details, focus on how you felt at that moment. While visualizing squeeze your wedding finger and your thumb together. Continue this for several minutes. When you're in the gym you'll be able to recall the positive emotions by squeezing your thumb and ring finger together.
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