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Dec 5, 2008

How to Afford Clothes and Accessories by Top Designers

Finding the latest runway fashions can be easier and cheaper than you think. These days there are lots of top fashion designers producing apparel for the under $100 market.

    Determine your style. Designers are designers because they are different. Research and decide which designers you like best. Look at current designers and past designers as well.
    Determine which designer brands you want and make those your targets. Go to vintage and thrift store first (if applicable). Many times you can find vintage designer duds, but you must be diligent and frequent in your search (it will pay off).
    Go to Last Chance, Nordstrom's "Off the Rack", Marshall's, etc to search. I've seen Versace jackets at Marshall's for much less than retail.
    Bluefly.com is also a good place to get high fashion for less than you would normally pay, but it can still be expensive.
   Peruse the outlet malls in your area.

     Remember, even though $300 might seem like a lot of money for one dress, if you make this dress last for 10 years it is worth it.
     Buy expensive items that will stand the test of time - go for classic looks not momentary fads.