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Dec 3, 2008

Be As High Class As You Can

Be high-class without going into debt!

Clean your house thoroughly, especially the common and guest rooms.
Organize everything to appear competent.
Bathe every day: proper hygiene is essential to any social interaction.
Cull your wardrobe (including undergarments). If anything is not new-looking or not perfectly white, donate it or take it to a tailor - they can do wonders for a low price! Then go to thrift stores/outlets and buy a new wardrobe.
Clean your shoes. High society notices things that you might not. Make them look brand new all the time.
Get brand-name sunglasses and bags, or knockoffs. Be sure to do your research though because high society can tell the difference.
Invest in a reliable, nice-looking car, but avoid anything too fancy or fad-ish. Camrys are very nice.
Speak proper English and pay attention to grammar. Using a dictionary, randomly choose one word per week (or per day depending on how much of a life you have) and learn to use it in your daily conversations.
Educate yourself, with special attention to history.
Make your teeth as white as possible.
Shave and wax regularly. Eyebrows can make or break your look; make sure yours are perfect.
Keep nails natural-looking and clean. Please don't bite, and always keep them French manicured.
Attempt to get clear skin. Buy lots of facial and acne washes and of course moisturizer.
Get a better job if you feel your potential is going untapped. You could always sell things on eBay.
Make your car shine. Clean any dead insects off your number plate and wipe away any bird manure.

Don't pretend to be someone you're not just to make people like you. Just be yourself.
People may find you out and lose trust in you.