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Dec 29, 2008

Organize Your Closet

Sometimes, looking in your closet, clothes are everywhere. You reach for your suit, clothes pile on you. You open the closet door, you get avalanche. How can I prevent this?
    Take all the clothes out of your closet. This might take a while.
    Donate clothes that don't fit, that you never wear, or that don't make you feel great when you do(this is the key).
    Separate out items that are out-of-season. Sometimes you don't have anywhere to put your winter coat. Perhaps you don't have room under your bed, or even have an under-the-bed space. In summer, store your winter-season clothes at one end of your closet and summer-season at the other end.
    Organize all your in-season clothing while putting it back in your closet. The best way to do this is by type of clothing, occasion, hem and sleeve length, and then color. For example, first you might organize your skirts. You'd put all your skirts together, but you'd separate work skirts from casual skirts, and from special fancy going-out skirts. Then, within each category, you'd put the shortest ones first, so a miniskirt that you'd wear to work would come before a knee-length one. Finally, you'd organize by color, so that a red miniskirt would go before an orange miniskirt. If you do it this way, getting dressed in the morning will be WAY easier than ever before. You'll really be able to zero in on the right parts of your closet for wherever you're going and immediately see what your options are.
    Put different types of clothing in piles on shelves in walk-in closets. If you have a regular closet, you can put something in between clothes that organizes them.
   Put another piece of wood in your closet if your clothes don't fit properly. If you have more bedrooms in your house, do those!