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Dec 24, 2008

Create Christmas Games

Want to create great Chrstmas party games? Then just look here, this article has some great games to play over the Christmas period! Just like Headbandz This game is a different based game to HeadBandz

Get some sticky notes and write/draw random objects on them.
Write out questions according to the objects these can be Yes or No or random anwser questions.
Sit everyone down and Play! (putting the sticky notes on your head of course)
Rockin Around The Christmas Tree For this game you will have to put your Christmas tree in the centre of a room
Choose a hunter then spread chairs around the room these will be hides.
The Hunter has to find the others the room is dark but the tree will have lights on and the Hunter has a torch. The tree can also be used as a hide.

For RATCT, the room must be spacious and the tree is best of being a small size.