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Dec 5, 2008

Choose an Outfit That Suits You

Do you hate shopping for clothes and often waste time wandering from store to store? Do you have a closet full of clothes that you don't like and never wear? Here are some suggestions for building a wardrobe of clothes that you will love to wear and that flatter your figure.

   Before going shopping, ask a friend to go with you. Choose someone who has a good sense of style, and whose dress sense you admire.
    Go to two or three of your favorite clothes shops.
    Select and try on anything you think you might like, but be open to try on things that your friend might suggest (even if normally you wouldn't try it on).
    When you've got an item of clothing on, ask your friend whether it suits you. If they say no, do NOT buy it! This is very important.
    If your friend does think that it looks good on you, check the price and also the brand. (Of course if it is a well known brand you can expect to pay more than if it is a cheap brand, eg. Grand People.)
    If it is something you really need do not hesitate to buy it. However, if it is something that you don't really need, stop and think about a: what other items of clothing, footwear, accessories etc you could spend this money on (do you want/need something else even more?), and b: what the money you are spending could do for people less fortunate then yourself (you could choose to donate it!)
    If you buy the item of clothing, remember to wear it or you will have wasted your money. However, if after a few times of wearing it you decide (or someone tells you!) that it looks really awful on you, donate it to a charity shop rather than leave it in the back of your wardrobe. Someone else will probably buy it, and you will have helped a charity!

     Go through your closet at the end of each season and remove anything you haven't worn that season. Donate these items to a worthy cause. You can deduct them on your income tax. Consignment is another alternative for higher-end clothing.
     Don't save clothes that do not fit. The chances are that they will never fit. Other people could use them.
     If you are a female who is 5'4" or under, you are considered petite.
     Make sure you have the proper basics first. It's hard to coordinate outfits if all your clothing is very stylized, loud or unique.
     Once you start to put these steps into practice you will feel better about your wardrobe and have more room in your closet.
     do not throw away old t-shirts or tops. If you buy another top then you can layer them over each other to create a brand new look!

     Make sure to pick someone who really knows about style to go shopping with you. Don't take just anyone with no fashion knowledge. This could prove to be more of a hindrance than a help.
     Think about what is already in your closet that you could pair with new items before you buy things.