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Gift For Special Occasion

Mother's Day is Coming Up! Why not make this one the best Mother's Day she's ever had?t can be nerve-wracking finding the perfect gift for the wide range of gift-giving occasions that we are faced with each year. Finding a gift that the recipient will like, enjoy and use takes a bit of forward thinking and an understanding of the recipient's personality and life circumstances, that is why designer outlet boutique is here for you.If you don't have any idea what to buy for your mom on mother's day ..just click the link above and view the wide variety of gift you buy for mom's special day. Shop by designer or by category.
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Thank's Dhemz

Hey guys! What do you think with my NEW templates? Cute isn't it? I love it! A friend of mine designed it. Demcy is so creative and talented. I don't know how to thank her. I can't imagine how hard it is to create this template!But she did it, I must say, she did a darn good job! Anyway... I have to get used to my new temp. Thank you sis for making this for me and I owe you big time.
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5 Facts About Me

Saturday tag named "5 facts about me". This tag has been given by me from Khaye . Thanks Khaye for passing me this tag. I appreciate it.

Here are the rules:

1. Post these rules on your blog.
2. Share 5 facts about yourself.
3. Tag 5 people at the end of your post by leaving their name as well as links to their blogs.
4. Link the person who tagged you.
5. Leave a comment for each blogger.

The following stuff are the 5 facts about me:
1) I can be overly protective and Sensitive.
2) I am a neat freak... I like things in order.
3) Can't leave the house with out my hair all fix up.
4) Love shopping! Well... only If I knew I can afford to buy the stuff (lol)
5) I am down to earth, out going and friendly person. But one thing you should know, just don't stub me on the back. I will bite back.

had fun doing this tag. And now, I would like to tag the following friend of mine.
Dhemz, Cecile, Meryl,David Funk, Rona, Umma, Bonz,

And this tag also open for a grab for all those who are on my blog roll. Happy tagging guys.
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How to Find a True Friend

Sometimes you just want someone to talk to, dang it. Here's some very basic tips to help you form a real friendship.

Find a ways to meet people. Google some of your interests, and read your local newspaper for events. There are tons of groups of people who meet weekly/monthly and talk about things that you're into. When you talk to people, be honest! That doesn't mean dumping all of your personal information in the first five minutes, but be clear about who you are. Don't agree with people just for the sake of agreeing with them, that builds fake relationships. Be friendly and pleasant. Smiling will make you seem approachable to other people. Even if you don't agree with something that someone says, do not be rude about it. Enjoy your time. You don't need someone around you 24/7, be comfortable with yourself. Read a book, take a walk, be a part of life. If you're dependant on people too much it's hard to build any real friendships- having friends won't make you feel less lonely, you'll only be less alone. Hang out online! Even if you don't make a great friend, there are lots of wonderful people who would be happy to chat with you. You can get some experience building friendships and have fun along the way.

Express yourself! Nothing says "let's hang out" like having everyone know who you are. Like Switchfoot? Wear a band T-shirt. Into Buffy? Wear a T-shirt... again. You get the idea.A true friendship is hard to come by. It's a gift to have that kind of bond with someone. Don't push and try to make it happen with someone you don't get along well with, and if you do find it- keep it!

If you're chatting online, never try and meet up in person unless you're absolutely sure that this person is legitimate. It's hard to tell, but be extraordinarily cautious. This means not meeting someone in person right away, wait a year. Don't give away personal information like phone numbers or addresses, and if you do meet- always meet in a very public place where there is security. Also, bring a trusted friend. Don't think having friends, even true ones, will make you feel better about yourself. You're the only one who can make you happy when it's all said and done. Never, Never, Never give out your personal information online.
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Paid TO Click

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If you want to make extra income, then click on the banner and get your free account and start making money online. I know $1.00 is notthat much but that $1.00 adds up quickly, you will never know it you will be making hundreds in no time. This is not a scam or anything.. all you need to do is view the ads and a lot of patient. If you think you can do that, then this earning PTC is for you.
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How to Find Your Perfect Fitting Designer Jeans or Top Brand Jeans

Finding your perfect fitting designer jeans or top brand jeans is not easy. It is like finding a needle in a haystack. So many jeans that you don't know which to choose and whether they will fit?

Look around and see what other women are wearing. Observe the style that you like, for example do you like the stretch jeans fit, embroidery, rise, leg style, hem style, etc. Make a note of this information and begin searching online for jeans that have what you want. This may take a while but remember the more research you do now the less time you will waste getting frustrated while shopping. Print out the pictures of the jeans that you like and visit the brands website to see what other styles are available that might interest you. (There are a few companies out there like zafu and myshape that are coming out that help recommend a style for your body and choices.) Visit your favorite mall with the pictures you printed and ask the sales rep for that style in your size. Hopefully this will help you save time and find your perfect designer jeans or top brand jeans.

Invite friends to do the research with you as they may find the perfect style for you.Your friends should go with you shopping so that they can give their opinion on the style you chose. Designer jeans are expensive. That's kind of the point. If you've never spent a lot of money on clothes, it can be hard the first time. Do a realistic assessment of your finances. If it's guilt or fear and not money limitations that are stopping you from buying the jeans, put that stuff aside and do it. You're here reading this page for a reason. Live a little, sister!
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Buy Comfortable Skinny Jeans

Maybe your jeans are big. Maybe a little too big? Maybe you're tired of your boxers showing, or you're just plain tired with your look. This Article is for the people who want to buy a comfortable pair of skinnies with ease. Skinny Jeans are used by Rock Stars, Skaters, Emos, and yes, Preps.

Find the skinnies. A good place to start is a specialist jeans store or a department store. Pick your size. Find one that fits tight but comfortable around the waist. Always get a longer length in the legs, but never so much that it bunches up incredibly.Try them all. Find a few in a certain size range (Ex. 29-32 waist). Worry about color later. Pick the colors. Get at least three or more pairs to work with, and get them all in different colors that you are interested in. Make sure the colors match the other clothes you have currently, otherwise you'll have to buy a new wardrobe.

Skinny jeans can run extremely small. You may usually be a 1, 2, or 3, but have to buy a 7. If you are a man, make sure you are "tucked" properly. If you are a woman, extremely tight pants can cause some health problems; leave some space. Have the right shoes for the pants; recommended - Vans slip-ons. Belts add to the style, wear black or white studs. If you can't get studs, go for a double holed belt.

(MEN) If you are not tucked properly, unwanted bulging or pain could occur. (WOMEN) If your pants are too tight, an uncomfortable uprising can occur, especially if you're not wearing underwear. This uprising is referred as Denim Camel Foot. (Not toe.)Don't wear running shoes with them, that is another form of bad tacky. Never wear a buckle with the belt. If you followed the first tip, it will give your stomach a strange shape.
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whoCelebsTweet.com - Celebrities on Twitter

Twitter is all the rage these days. WhoCelsbsTweet.com allows you to see what celebs are saying and who they're saying it about.

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Organize Your Home

Is clutter driving you crazy? An organized lifestyle can mean efficiency in your day and a more relaxing time while at home.

Begin by making a list of items needed in each area, keeping in mind that you want to have less to maintain in the future. Keep items closest to where they will be used. Store like items together. Work on one area of your living space at a time. Go area by area until your whole home is organized. Have three boxes or large bags labeled "KEEP", "DONATE", and "TRASH". As you pull each item off the shelves, from dusty corners, from under beds and couches, or wherever, put it in one of these boxes/bags. In general, if you haven't used an item in a year or more, it is probably safe to throw/give it away. Dispose of the "TRASH" box/bag immediately and give away your "DONATE" box/bag as soon as possible to a local charity like a church, Goodwill, or the Salvation Army. But allow enough time to prevent regrets, which may cause the need to repurchase an item. Assess your KEEP box/bag. You should ask yourself if these items belong in this section and how often you use each of them.If an item belongs elsewhere in your home, put it there. If you don't use an item frequently, consider how you can store it so it is out of the way of the items you use more often. Work throughout your living space weeding out all of the extra "stuff" and placing everything else where it belongs. Now that your possessions are organized, maintain this state by ensuring that items belonging in a particular area stay there. If you use something, put it back where you found it when you're finished. If you need to relocate an item to a cluttered area, re-assess why each item is there so you can make room for everything you need. Buy or re-use organizers to store items that would otherwise look cluttered if left out in the open.Decorative containers can be stored beneath a bed, couch, chair, bench or table. Stack different containers to create a table.

For important files (i.e. insurance documents, automobile information, receipts, instruction manuals), purchase a filing cabinet or look for one in a local garage sale. Designate a counter top as a "landing pad" for your keys, purse, cell phone, and other items to be put away at the end of the day. Keep one drawer in your desk for supplies such as pens, paper clips, and sticky notes so they are not roaming around the house. Always looking for a pen? Now you will always know where you can find one. Buy a planner. Write in designated times to maintain your newly organized space. Color-code your planner so you can easily pick out meeting times, due dates, and appointments. Use a planner to record your annual cleaning. Indoor cleaning in the winter. Outdoor cleaning in the summer. Allow for only one or two major projects for each month of the year. This gives an entire month to accomplish a project. As each year goes by, each area will become more efficient. Just by taking time away from an area, new thoughts will arise to utilize a space in a better way. By taking the time to plan, half the work is already done. If you continuously maintain your space, you will have less clutter building up.

When choosing which area of your living space to begin organizing, try starting with the area that you use the most, such as your study area, if you are a student, or the kitchen. A good way to store infrequently-used items is to invest in good quality organizers, such as CD holders, bookcases, and under-the-bed containers. If you have a birthday coming up or Christmas is around the corner, try asking relatives for gift certificates to the Container Store, Bed, Bath & Beyond, IKEA, Target, or Wal-Mart.

American culture is avid about organizing. Therefore, you can usually find organizers that are trendy and fashionable, so you won't have to worry about hiding items away that you store. Find ways to reuse your existing organizers. For example, if you have a candle holder but no candles, you can use it to hold pencils instead.Use compressible Space Bag storage bags for storing seasonal clothing or bulky bedding then store the compressed bags under the bed or in the garage. You'll keep your seasonal clothing/bedding together and protected and you'll create more space at the same time. Space Bags do not save nearly as much space as they seem to on TV, especially since air eventually will leak back into the bag(particularly the travel bags that you roll to push the air out, these can fill back up with air in a matter of hours). This product really isn't worth the money or time put into it, plus when it's time remove the items you packed away they will have an unpleasant plastic odor to them.

Keep in mind fire hazards while you are organizing. Some safety hazards include overloading a wall outlet with extension cords, storing huge stacks of newspapers, or not putting away shoes and other articles that block your exit path in an emergency. Be careful when moving furniture. Lift with your legs, not your back, and ask a friend to help you.
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Best Of Time

Choosing your watch such as Rolex is no different than choosing your wardrobe. Most important is to stick within your comfort zone and your personal fashion style. That said, it never hurts to step out of the box once in awhile.What's most important is that your jewelry matches up with your outfit. What you wear is the finishing touch on your total look. Make your fashion statement count. Introducing Rolex watches the Best of Time - Where Time Lasts Forever.Guys, mother's day is coming up. I bet, you are now trying to figure out what to buy for mother's day gift for your wife, mom, mother-in-law.Well,best of time have the beautiful watches you can ever find. Get your gifts from best of time, visit the link above and view men and women's Rolex watches collection.

Shop your heart out and enjoy the risk-free purchasing from best of time, one hundred percent insured buy safe. Choose from enormous variety of genuine Rolex. Affordable prices, high quality, guarantee watches you can ever find and fast free shipping. Rolex watch is one of a kind genuine jewelry. Buy yours now,make your fashion statement count.
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How to Be a Better Driver

Good drivers are both common and uncommon. It is possible you might encounter rash teenagers to truck drivers to overly-cautious senior citizens-- yet all contribute to how we can learn to be better drivers.

FOCUS! Paying attention to the traffic around you, frequently surveying your mirrors, and anticipating what other drivers are going to do is the most important step to becoming a courteous and safe driver.Allow someone to pass, if you happen to see them going beyond the speed limit. This is no 1950's drag race. Proving your need for speed leads to dangerous circumstances between your car and other cars. Use your turn signals, and use them at the right time. Notify other drivers of your intent to turn or to change lanes early enough that they are able to take appropriate action. Sitting at a red light is NOT the right time to turn on your blinker; if you had done so earlier, the person behind you would have been able to change lanes and avoid sitting behind you when the light turns green. Never switch lanes when in the middle of an intersection. Also, time your entry into an intersection so that you don't get caught blocking it once the light turns red (i.e. "don't block the box"). NEVER try to "beat the light." If the light turns yellow and you have enough space to stop safely, then stop. Cyclists, pedestrians, and even other drivers expect you to be completely stopped by the time the light turns red. You endanger yourself and others by running yellow lights--only to save a minute or two--it simply isn't worth it.

Keep in mind that it is courteous to allow a vehicle to turn into traffic if the driver is waiting for a break. Do not, however, suddenly slam the brakes in moving traffic in order to let a driver enter. This will most likely lead to a fender bender or worse--a collision from the unsuspecting driver behind you. This occurred at least once, killing the driver who drove behind the car that had suddenly braked in constantly moving traffic. Drivers in moving traffic never expect a sudden brake. Be extremely careful. Remember: maintaining a decently comfortable distance between you and the driver ahead of you is an excellent rule of thumb. You should keep at least 2 seconds distance between you and the person in front of you. You can use the signs or the paint dashes to judge this distance. Perhaps if the vehicle in front suddenly stalls or stops, you as a driver have enough room to stop safely, or turn into the next lane without causing a backup in traffic. Other weather-related conditions, such as snow and rain, also make it wise to prevent collisions by keeping a safe distance behind for slippery, sliding and swerving cars. Note that residential areas are common grounds for children to run spontaneously into the streets without looking for oncoming cars. Their minds focus on retrieving their ball in the street or catching up to friends by suddenly crossing roads on bikes, for instance. When driving through residential streets, be wary of unpredictable objects and people in the streets.

Remember that trucks often give their drivers difficulty stopping, turning, or backing up--we, as drivers, have all witnessed this. When passing a semi-truck, keep in mind that the truck driver has more difficulty braking. It is best to wait until you can see the truck in your rear-view mirror before completing a pass. Also avoid remaining beside a truck when in multi-lane traffic--if you cannot see the truck driver through his/her mirror, then he/she cannot see you. Be courteous of the senior citizens, as well. Senior citizens need to drive just like everyone else. This is especially the case when they have no other means to obtain essentials. Most senior citizens, however, tend to prefer driving during early afternoons when there is less traffic and more daylight. When driving behind a senior citizen, always keep a safe distance and watch for unexpected moves, such as lane changes. Some seniors may change lanes without prior signaling. Understand that the majority of drivers just aim to get to their destination, just like everyone else does. Accidents happen, but you can take a few steps to prevent many of them from occurring, either to yourself or others. By understanding the way various drivers react, you will have a better grasp of how to be a better driver. The best drivers learn to anticipate possible changes in traffic, and prepare for them in advance by adjusting their speed, their lane/direction, or where their attention is directed.

If you are in the fast lane, do not drive slower than the other cars in the same lane. Likewise, do not expect to be the fastest car on the road when driving in the slow lane--wait for your chance, then pass safely. When you see, hear or smell a possible malfunction with your vehicle, immediately move to the right-most (or left if you drive on the left in your country) lane. This gives your car easier access to the shoulder in case your car breaks down. Residential areas include kids. Children are unpredictable, especially on the roads. Be watchful, and drive slower than usual.Think with your brain, not your brake pedal. Watch for dangerous situations and be prepared to take evasive action, but resist the temptation to tap the brakes unless you really need to slow down. Swerving, or just continuing on your way, is often a better option than slowing down anyway.Keep an empty gasoline can in your car. If you run out of gas, you can walk to the nearest gas station or call for help. Your empty gasoline can will come in handy.

If you do not have a cell phone to call for help if you are stranded on roadside, keep the hood of your car propped up to signal to police that you need help. Whenever possible, move a broken-down car OUT of traffic--frequently able-bodied fellow drivers will gladly help out. Likewise, without a phone, be prepared in various seasons for the possibility of inoperable cars. In summer, keep lots of water with you, a large "help" sign and have a red triangular flag to tie to your antenna to indicate an emergency situation. In winter, store blankets in your trunk, snack foods and water, and keep your blinkers on until help arrives.Do not tailgate, no matter how badly the driver angered you. It is better to be mad for a short while than to pay thousands in monetary damages (or worse, suffer pain of injury) for an accident that could have been prevented. If you are tailgated, immediately move into the next lane. If you are approached by anyone, including police, open your window just low enough to allow them to hear you speak and show you their badge before proceeding.
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SpitzTunes -- Boyle-n' Over!

Do you think powerful concert mania equates to great singers?" "Do you enjoy outdoor summer concerts or do you find them packed and crazy?" "How much would you pay for a ticket to see Michael Jackson in concert?" "When does mania go over the top?"

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What's Wrong With People!

Watching the news is my daily routine. That keep me tub on what is going on with the world. Every time I turn the TV on, all I can hear is either the economy isn't doing well or child has been killed or kidnapped. What is wrong with people! What do they get on killing innocent children. It is making me sick, that is why I get so worried every time my kids wanted to go outside and play, or go to the park with their friends. You think that your neighborhood is safe for your kids to go outside and play!seem like you cannot be so sure this day. To many kids killing, kidnapping,raping etc..etc.

Just like the kid from CA that got killed by her mom's best friend. That was so sickening. Just don't know how safe the world anymore.
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I give Up

Well! I had taken some opps that were available for me to post from SS, and it was all approve. On November of last year SS started rejecting my posts until now. I give up... no matter what kind of correcting I have to do, my posts still get rejected. Even though I had corrected them and stuff ,but still no luck. I am very disappointed...wasted my brain. As I was going through blog to blog reading everyone"s posts that they had taken through SS, as far as I knew their posts had been approved. Take note! their posts content to many grammatical error as well! I just don't get it!

I am kind of prostrated and devastated, but that's life I guess... ! I don't know what am doing wrong with my writing. I had corrected the grammar and all but still, all my post got rejected. I had contacted them..if that's what you want to know. Yes I have.... they still saying that my post is content to many grammatical error. I give up!
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Interpret Personality by Looking at Someone's Room

Are you interested in psychology? Have you ever wanted to psycho-analyze someone? This article will teach you how to learn about someone, just by looking at their room!

First some info that will help you with interpretations: Many people consciously or unconsciously make their bedroom decorated in a fashion that symbolically or metaphorically represents aspects of their personality. This is especially true if that person has their own room. There are four ways to make interpretations of a room, they are: directive, metaphorically, abstractly, or foreshadowing.

Choose a room. Make sure it's a room of someone you don't know. Enter the room with your pencil and paper when you're ready. Try not to have any pre-conceived notions. Look at the room directive. This means to look for things that very obviously represent the person's likes or dislikes. This can be some Cd's, posters, etc. Look at the room metaphorically. Think of the objects of the room as being symbols representing a thought process and stage that the person is going through. An example of this would be a bucket in a teenager's room. The teenager might have had that bucket in his room, because he felt sick. Maybe from alcohol. The bucket could represent the alcoholic stage he's going through.

Look at the room obstructively. This means to try to look for objects or things that have abstract feelings attached to them. An example of this would be a red rose, which could represent the loving nature of that person, or their sensitivity. Blue curtains can mean a person is mellow, an analytical thinker, or maybe a sad person. Look at the room as a foreshadowing tool. This involves looking at objects as a representation of a future thought phase. The mind has a tendency to symbolically "project" physical items in a room, once it feels a different phase coming on. An example of this could be a statue of an angel. This could mean the person will soon start becoming in tune with their spiritual self. Or maybe it means that they will soon be content with their life. Or that they will treat people nicer soon.

Remember that some objects can have two meanings. For example, a red rose can mean the loving nature of a person, but can also hint at a future thought process involving love- (abstract and foreshadowing). make sure to take color into consideration, and the "way" they put things in their room.Try to get some kind of permission before entering the room. Don't take the interpretations too literally, except for the Directives.
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Perfect Training For Your Dog

Dog training program is an important decision that you make for your dog. Training a pet on our own can be so difficult, we sometimes felt like giving up because of our dog behaviors people train proactively, getting their dog involved in training before a problem emerges. Others want to teach their dog some advanced tricks. And there are plenty of us who first look to training when our dog starts having behavior issues. Do you want a dog that knows basic obedience? have the everything to offer to help you and your dog come to bond.

The dog father is a place where you can purchase DVD for you and your dog to bond together in a right way. Don Sullivan, "The DogFather", is a well known legend when it comes to dog training because he uses a System that truly works quickly. Get the train that your dog need. To find out the secret training that can straightens up your dogs dogfather.com. Dog father have all the training secret and accessories you need know to turn your dog into true fun loving and companion dog . Want to see a positive changes in your dog's behavior, order the complete training system today. You will be surprise the great attitude outcome of your pet.
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Post Comment Working Finally!

After all the work and prostrating comment setting editing, my post comment link is finally working. I just want to thank you guys for all your help. Now, everyone can leave a comment on my post.... that is if you want too. Again.....thanks for your help.
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Web Development Company

Interested in designing a website, but need some guidance?Choosing the right designer for your small business can be hard, if you do not know what you should look for. There are simple guides that you can use to make sure you ask the right questions and make an educated decision every time. Find a website design company that you can rely on is sometime hard to find,that where Web Site Design Company - Notion3 comes in. This web site designer can help you and your business get started. Notion3 is a Denver Colorado based interactive and creative services firm, focused on graphic design, website design, search engine optimization and custom web application development.

Notion3.com have the best talent and they will deliver you the website that your business need. They create your website from top to bottom . They use the latest technology to make sure you are satisfied for your sites outcome. If you are looking for a company to design your website with high pride and excellent work, then notion3.com is the best web designer for you.Want your business to be out there in the world wide web then visit the link above to get your web design started.
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Still Not Working

I tried fixing my post comment link yesterday, but I don't have any luck! My friends cannot comment on my post still. I tried changing the comment setting, but still not working. I would appreciate it , if someone could help me with this. Tried several tactic but no luck. Blogspot doesn't like me anymore :(.

Anyway.. I will try to fix it again. Don't know how. But someway, somewhat it will get fix. Thanks for your patient guys.
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Create a Healthy Lifestyle

A lifestyle is a long-term and sustainable approach to health and fitness. It stands in opposition to a diet; stressing a holistic solution to the barrage of challenges facing us in living a healthy life. The lifestyle has three interdependent prongs.

1. Nutrition: We should consume, according to the latest research, 5-7 small meals daily. The content of the meals should be geared toward foods rich in protein, low in fat and low in carbs. A sample meal: A veggie burger with tomatoes and lettuce on a wheat bun. Additionally, we should take one multi-vitamin daily and drink 8-10 glasses of water.
2. Resistance Training: The latest findings continue to reveal the multiplier effects of resistance training, including increased blood flow, increased energy, increased bone density, and many others. The core of such a program consists of 3-5 days/week of training. One should perform 3 sets of 8-12 reps per exercise, according to recent findings. A sample program: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, you will select 2-5 exercises per body part, according to body part size. On Monday, focus on chest and triceps; on Wednesday, back and biceps; on Friday, legs and shoulders.
3. Cardiovascular Training: Cardio strengthens the heart, expands the lungs, and increases energy levels while reducing one's odds of heart disease and other ailments. Cardio can be done through running, dancing, walking, playing basketball, elliptical machines, stairmaster, and other activities that increase one's heart rate. One should perform cardio 3-5 times/week at 35-35 minutes to achieve significant results, according to recent studies. A sample program: Run for 35 minutes on Monday, swim for 25 minutes on Tuesday, and play sports for 30 minutes on Sunday.

Break records! Track your results and continue to run harder, lift more, and eat better. Consistency is better than intensity and quality. No matter what, keep up with the program even if you slip -- as we all do -- into bad habits. Tell people about your new commitment; communication facilitates commitment. If it's not fun -- change the exercise and/or food. There are too many options not to make it enjoyable; be creative!
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Post Comment

My apology to all, for some reason the comment link on my post wasn't not working. I made some changes, hopefully my friend would be able to post their comment. I just log in and saw a bunch of message on my cbox from my friend saying that my post comment was not working. So I check my setting and made some change.That should make a different, should be able to leave a comment. Anyway. Thanks for letting me know guys. Have a great Monday and Tuesday ahead.
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Spring Blossom

I just wanted to share some photos of some spring flowers that I took yesterday. I know that they are tulips, different kind of tulips but the purple bush down below... I was not sure what they call it. Anyway here are some of the photos.

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Log Furniture

Are you thirsty for something new? Ever wanted that new look for your room, but have no clue where to start? Whether it's your living room, bedroom, parlor, or hallway. Tired of your boring old bedroom? Your room should be a sanctuary of your own. A place where you can escape from all the drama in your life. If your room doesn't fix that description, then it's time you give your room a makeover.

Scenic furniture brings a warm welcoming feeling to your home or log cabin. At the end of a stressful day, coming home to wood furniture build with quality craftsmanship that you can enjoy brings your mind to a different place where the scenery relaxes you. From bedroom furniture featuring log beds to to western and southwestern furniture made from woods ranging from oak to cedar to hickory, Scenic Furniture carries quality rustic furniture. Scenic furniture have the different kind of log furniture that fits your styles. Rustic Log Bed is one of my favorite log furniture at Scenic furniture. It's classic lodge look with Eastern Red Cedar .It's hand crafted and it's calming to look at.

If you are thinking about replacing your home furniture , shop at scenicfurniture.com .They have the amazing furniture for your home or log cabin.
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Limit Your Exposure to Lead

Lead, also known as Pb on the periodic table or plumbum in Latin, has been widely used for about 7000 years because of its weight and soft properties. Only recently have studies shown its negative effects on human health, including damage to the central nervous system, stunted growth, and decreased IQ in children. Lead is on its way to getting completely phased out. It has already been taken out of food, paint, and gasoline in most of the developed world.

Get your blood tested. Ideally, your level would be zero, but normal levels are less than 10 micrograms/decileter. If your level is any higher, then you will be perscribed medicine, usually EDTA, to make you excrete the lead. Be well nourished with necessary metals, such as iron and zinc. Don't have too much of them, or that could poison you too. Having those metals in your body can help stop lead from entering.Make sure nothing in your life includes lead. Have your tap water, products, and paint in your house tested for lead. Some things that may have lead in them are... bottom layers of paint in houses in US built before 1979. Since the paint will only be on the bottom layers, you will generally be fine as long as it's not peeling.

Hand-painted things from some developing countries. Bullets. Make sure to use copper/brass coated bullets (most are) to eliminate airborne lead when shooting, but still wash your hands when you are done.Tap water. Drink your water from a filter in your refridgerator or a container. car batteries. You generally do not touch these, but if you repair or manufacture them, you're in trouble.

Your body can get lead from inhaling it, inhaling its dust, eating it, or absorbing it through the skin. However, it should be noted that about 50 percent of lead inhaled is absorbed, 10 to 20 percent of lead ingested is absorbed, and less than 1 percent of lead touched is absorbed in adults. For children, those percentages are significantly higher. Today's pencils do not contain lead. The writing substance is made from graphite, which is not potentially hazardous to your health as is lead. People call it that because Romans used to write with lead rods.

Symptoms of lead poisoning include irritability, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, headaches, difficulty concentrating, constipation and abdominal pain. If you notice more than two of those symptoms, call a doctor.Be extra careful when traveling to developing countries.
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Make a Fun Easter Basket

Easter is a fun time of year for the children. There is nothing like crafting an old-fashioned basket by hand to get their Easter off to a good start. This is an easy and very traditional Easter project.

Set you up a work area, and assemble the Things You'll Need. Cut a piece of construction paper to wrap around the box; hold the paper up to the box and mark it with a (pencil or pen) to show how much that needs to be cut off. Cut the paper and glue it onto the box. Draw and cut out some paper Easter eggs; use crayons or colored pencils to draw some designs on them and set them aside to make a handle. Be sure that the handle strip is long enough; it is better if it is too long than not long enough, as you can always cut more off. Set aside. Glue the eggs onto the side of the box. Add decorative stickers if desired, including such designs as Easter chickens, rabbits, chicks, bows etc. Glue the handle onto the inside of the box. Glue one side at a time. Add the Easter grass to the Easter basket and fill it with jelly beans, tiny chocolate eggs,creme eggs etc. Enjoy!

The handle is mainly for looks. Unless the basket is filled with lightweight stuff, such as jelly beans, or marshmallow eggs, do not carry it by the handle. Coat the construction paper wrapping the box with glue; smooth it out and evenly coat the remaining items, such as the eggs and handle, before applying. When you put the Easter grass inside the box, be sure that some of it is left showing to make the basket more appealing.

Do not use too much glue; it will show and detract from the overall look of the basket.

Things You'll Need
* Small empty box (recycle a used one, such as an oatmeal box)
* Construction paper (yellow for Easter or your choice of color); pinks and yellows are good Easter color choices
* Bright color or pastel color paper for Easter egg shapes
* Scissors
* Paper glue
* Craft grass
* Easter design stickers
* Crayons or art pencils
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Decide What to Do on Your Birthday Outing

Are you having trouble deciding what to do on your birthday? The possibilities and factors can sometimes be overwhelming--this article may help you get over these worries and make the birthday party fun and enjoyable.

First, consider your budget--this may rule out some more extravagant party ideas. Consider, also, your friends' budgets. For instance, if one of your closest friends just lost her job, she may not be able to afford to barhop in an expensive city. Pick a setting and theme. Do you want a loud night on the town? Do you want a backyard luau? Would you rather curl up with your closest pals and watch movies? It's your birthday, so pick what is most appealing to you.
* If you're having trouble deciding (and you probably are, if you're reading this article), ask your friends for input. Have they always wanted to attend a murder mystery dinner? Do they have to work the following day, so heavy drinking is out? Do they know of a new place in town that might be fun to try?Make a list of things you will need. If you are going out, you may just need a fabulous new outfit. If you're throwing a themed party, you may need to visit a party supply store. If you're renting a venue, find out what they provide, and decide if you'll need to bring snacks, extra decorations, etc. Remember that pretty much any party you throw at your house will require you to provide snacks and drinks. Schedule your desired events. Sometimes, you really don't need to plan much of anything--just decide on a start time and let the party run its course! Invite your friends. Let them know what time the party starts, and what you plan to do. It's courteous to make it clear if a meal will be involved or not, so they know whether to eat beforehand, or whether to budget money for a dinner out. If there is a definite end time to the party, let them know that as well. Try to make a decision and let them know well in advance. Have fun! Enjoy the party the best you can.

Try to invite people who get along with each other--or who are willing to call a truce--to avoid having drama ruin your birthday. If you are planning a themed party several weeks in advance, you may be able to get cheap and fun party supplies from oriental trading.com.

While it's important for you to have fun, sometimes throwing a birthday party for yourself can become an exercise in self-centeredness. Keep your guests' wants and needs in mind. . . and consider why nobody is throwing *you* a party instead of the other way around. . .
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What Is Umoo?

UMOO is the leading fantasy stock trading game, offering the thrill and profit opportunity of the financial markets in a unique competitive format.

It's an alternative, virtual stock market game contest where risk is minimal and the opportunity to win is real.

Traders pay a fee (buy-in) in order to enter a tournament of their choice, where they receive virtual money with which to build and cultivate virtual portfolios based on real-time stock market quotes in competitive trading tournaments.

The objective of the players is to earn the highest returns on their portfolios. Throughout the tournament, players are bench marked against others in real-time; at the end of the tournament the winners are those with the highest returns relative to the other traders in the tournament. Winners receive cash prizes according to The payout structure of the tournament.

Real-time market data and a variety of information & research/reference tools are offered on the UMOO platform to help traders make informed dynamic decisions while trading. Real market trading tools are also offered, including limit and stop loss orders and the ability to sell short.

In sum, traders on UMOO can both develop and deploy trading skills for fun and profit.Make real money from stock trading games.To join and learn more about it, visit the link above.
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Avoid Getting Sick from Food when Traveling

Here are some home remedies to prevent stomach related illnesses while traveling in places with poor sanitation.

Add a cupful of white vinegar to every 8oz of water, this creates an acidic environment that most microbes can't live in (kills germs but does NOT eliminate toxins) AND the accumulation of vinegar gives your skin a bad taste so that mosquitoes (and other insects) won't bite you.In new environments, especially when eating seafood in foreign countries, always eat very spicy foods or accompany your meal with at least 1oz of hard alcohol. While this might kill some microbes, it should not be considered a fail safe method.[4] These two factors are best done at the time of consumption, or just before, but it is only slightly reduced if taken right after consumption. Avoid prolonged periods between either treatments and meals.

These home remedies are not 100% effective and should only be used if no other sanitary solution is available. Results vary.Don't buy sushi from rest stops!Be polite! Do not insult your host needlessly. For many Americans, it is cliche to think of other countries as unsanitary. Please notice the current state of the American food system before you make any comment that could be construed as rude towards any other country. Keep in mind that some countries have far superior food checking systems than the broken American way.

Things You'll Need

spicy food
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The Earth ... You Touch It ... Then What?

This convo is about our feet. You've probably heard the expression "Come down to earth." ... well, when we get there, those two dangling appendages that stay in constant contact with the earth, can be the cause of pain. Most of us put up with it, and for some of us it becomes unbearable.

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My Daughter Look All Grown Up

This is my daughter Avory, she is 9 years old. Looking so grown up.

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Avoid Getting Dry Eyes from the Computer

People are staring at computer screens more and more. This gives you dry eyes, but luckily, the problem is only short-term and can be avoided in the first place.

Blink. People blink at least half as much as normal when staring at the computer screen, because people usually squint and your eyes are not made for looking at monitors. It may be hard to remember to do this constantly, so every now and then you can close your eyes for a few seconds. 10-10-10. Every 10 minutes, look at an object 10 feet away for 10 seconds to get them adjusted to long-distance too, so you are ready when you get off the computer.

Adjust the screen settings. You will find that if you make your screen a bit more dull, it is actually easier to read. The screen should be just as bright as your surroundings, and should not appear to be a glowing box nor pitch black object. You will find that you can actually get used to a brightness of 0. Contrast should usually be in the level of the 80s, but they are different for different screens. Contrast is the strength of the colors compared next to each other. Back up the screen, but not so much that you have to strain to read the text. 16-24 inches is a good distance, depending on your eyesight and the size of the screen. Consider changing the settings to show larger text on every site accessed on your browser.Use the computer less and make your time count. Learn to type faster so that you can type up an email faster and be able to get off faster. It is also very efficient to print up long pages that you would have to read on the computer. If you are really sensitive, consider getting a job that doesn't require computer use on a daily basis.

Ignore the myth about looking at computer screens making you nearsighted because of the pixels. Looking at computer screens is just like reading a book. Before and after long periods of time with computer use, lubricate your eyes with non-preserved or sensitive eyes artificial tears or take a steamy shower but don't get regular water in your eyes as this dilutes and flushes out your natural tears. Some of this information can also apply to other types of screens, such as that of TVs, handheld games and cell phones.Stay hydrated so you are sure to have enough tears to make.

Too much time on the computer can also cause fatigue. Take breaks often. Your eyes can also become bloodshot from being dry but don't use "get the red out" drops since these can cause rebound redness and this makes the bloodshot condition chronic. Get rid of the dryness and the bloodshot appearance goes away.
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Cope With Allergies to Peanuts

Allergies towards peanuts are fairly common in the world today, and peanuts seems to be everywhere. These easy steps will show you how to avoid a allergic reaction.

If you're eating in a restaurant, ask if any of the food has come in contact with peanuts. This is a very important question to ask because most cases of peanut allergic reactions is due to consuming peanuts. You should always ask because you never know if your next allergic reaction will be deadly. Make sure people know about your allergy. Don't keep your allergy a secret; that's a disaster waiting to happen. Make sure people are familiar with you and your allergies. Tell them what will happen if you come in contact with peanuts, and what to do if you are incapacitated. This is extremely important! Always read food labels to check for peanuts. Seemingly tedious, this step is worth your time. Check for labeling that says 100% nut free or This product has come in contact with peanuts. Doing this will decrease your chances of having a preventable allergic reaction. Be familiar with foods that contain peanuts or nuts. Many foods seemingly without peanuts actually contain them or peanut oil: pastries, cakes, chocolate bars, and many more. Just make sure you know a lot of them.

Avoid foods you make think came in contact with peanuts. Foods made without peanuts can still pick up enough peanut product from being in contact with peanut-containing food to provoke a reaction. Don't take the chance of eating a food you don't know to be completely safe. Be sure of what you're eating. Just because someone claims that what they're giving you is peanut-free, it doesn't mean it may be completely safe for you. Not everyone will be as thorough a peanut-checker as you, and some people may not believe the danger that a peanut reaction can provoke. When offered unfamiliar foods or foods from different cultures, ask about the ingredient(s). Use this as an opportunity to gain a closer understanding of the different people and cultures.

Carry your allergic reaction supplies (like your epipen or any medication)in case of accidentally consuming peanuts.This article can apply to all different types of food allergies, not just peanuts.
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February EC Dropper

I would like to thank everyone below for never ending drop through my EC. I appreciate all the visit. I will pay you a visit as well. Once again thanks for my February Ec dtopper.

Dropper # of drops

Silver Sachet -----------------------25
Gems by Jerri------------------------17
Alterity Art ------------------------17
Limitless Adventure------------------17
SPORTS PPV---------------------------16
Sweet Nothings-----------------------12
Doi Speaks---------------------------11
Basic Bloganomics---------------------9
D' Luxe Designs Blog------------------9
My Life's Perception and Inspiration--7
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Make Money On The Internet

So you want to ditch your corporate cubicle and join the ranks of web workers? But you have a mortgage, maybe a dependent or two, and a taste for Venti Mochas from Starbucks? You can make money in the new economy, though it might not be as easy or cushy as keeping your old economy job. I am talking about Make Money Online.Making money requires work , even in the stock market. There are many business ventures that can be found on the internet. All it takes is some searching, imagination, and thinking about what type of service you can offer by reaching out to others, by way of the internet.

Visit reallysimplemethod.com and get some information in how to make money online without costing any dime. Find out secret that enables you to make money on the internet without spending hours of your time creating your own products and services and step-by-step blueprint that reveals exactly how you can build a huge empire that brings in cash over and over.

Visit now and make money online in no time.
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Cope with Minor Illnesses

It is that time of the year again. Cold Season. When you come down with the sniffles, the flu, or a cold,make sure you take care of it, before it turns into something worse.
Don't do too much. If you know you're sick or feel yourself getting a scratchy throat, don't overwork yourself. Get to bed early that night and wear thick socks to bed. Wear warm clothes. If you still feel sick in the morning, put on a sweater or robe when you get out of bed and put socks on if you slept with your socks off. If you have a fever you don't have to bundle up as much, but you should still wear as much as you feel comfortable with. Brush your teeth, gums, and tongue really well to kill any germs in your saliva. Rinse with mouthwash. Use hot water. If you have a cold, wash your face with hot water; for a fever, wash with cold but not too cold. Take a hot bath if you have a cold, and a room-temperature bath if you have a fever. Have a substantial breakfast with the freshest ingredients you have; this means real food like fruit and toast or cereal if you're in a pinch. Whatever you, do don't skip breakfast, unless you feel like you're going to throw up. If you're going to throw up, have a little bit of some bread or similar dough products.
Have a hot drink with your breakfast, and make a thermos of some hot liquid to take to work or school. Stock your purse or backpack with the following on-the-go supplies:

* Halls or other sore throat/cold lozenges;
* Tissues;
* A thermos full of hot liquid.
Wear the most comfortable clothes you can - at school, you'll probably be allowed to wear a sweater and track pants, but if you have to work in a professional setting then at least wear comfortable shoes. Don't exert yourself too much. Walk slowly and sit down as much as possible. Take short breaks every hour or so. If you work at a desk, put your head in your arms on the desk and close your eyes for a few minutes to refresh yourself.

If you need to sneeze but you don't have a tissue, sneeze into your armpit instead of your hands to reduce the spread of germs. Tea and broth-based soups are the best liquids to drink when you're sick. Coffee can make you jittery and nauseous. Ginger Ale commonly works, too. In the end, the only thing that can kill the cold virus is your body's immune system. Your goal for the next few days should be to make yourself as comfortable and rested as possible so your body can do it's work.

Don't share any food, drinks, or any object that goes in your mouth with other people. Throw dirty tissues into the toilet, or into a paper bag just for this purpose. If you have a very high fever, take a fever-reducer like Tylenol and then towel yourself off with cool water, especially behind the neck and under arms. This will lower the fever. If the fever does not get lower than 103, then call the doctor Check dosages for all medicine you take, go to drears.com for child dosages. If you're feeling really bad, just stay home. If you force yourself to go to work you'll make yourself more sick and will end up staying home for even longer. If the illness lasts for more than 2 weeks or is accompanied by ear pain, hoarseness, difficulty breathing, rash or muscle aches, see your doctor. It could be a more complicated disease requiring antibiotics.
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Guide To Okinawa Japan

Do you enjoy traveling all over the place? Do you want to explore? Relax? See a completely different place? There are many different places you can explore, like Okinawa Japan. Explore the beauty of Okinawa japan,the rich cultural heritage, and friendly people of the Ryukyu Islands. Get Okinawa Travel Guide at okinawa-information.com. Okinawa-Information.com offers you to find out some information about the place , where to go, what to see, and current events in Okinawa.Okinawa-Information.com is a pure information site focusing on the very niche market of the subtropical South Islands of Japan.

Okinawa-Information.com is to help inform people interested in Okinawa Japan about sightseeing spot, festivals, culture, and history on this beautiful island chain. Okinawa-information.com has this discussion forum is where people can answer questions about Okinawa and the rest of Japan or just share their experiences. This site is where you can find information guide with over 500 pages and it's where you can find articles about news, upcoming events, photographs, and travel stories. Anything you want to know about Okinawa Japan, just visit okinawa-information.com
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Be a Good April Fooler

April Fools is a great day for pointless and fun pranks. Here are things you will have to learn if you want to have a good time on that day. Just make sure you read everything carefully. Don't forget the warnings.

Get up early, read the warnings section to find out why. As you see someone, prepare a plan to fool them before they fool you, you don't want them thinking it's a payback if they did something to you already. When your plan is ready, have a little think about it, what are the results most likely to be? Will it turn out to have him/her chasing me everywhere? Is it dangerous? Will I feel guilty for it? That sort of thing. This helps you really decide if it's right to do your fool. As you do it, say, if the prank was to spill a bag of beans on someone's head, you could do it without being seen, then act like where did that come from? then finally let it on that it was you who pulled the prank.

Why do we play April Fools jokes?:

The custom may have begun in France when, in 1852, the calendar was adjusted to be more accurate. It meant that New Years Day was moved from 25th March to 1st of January. Anyone who continued to celebrate the end of the New Year Week on 1 April was said to be a fool. An April Fool.

Don't do another one on the same person. If you want to keep pranking, it'll have to be on different people. If you did a prank on the same person, they would know the truth, if you did it to another person with the other person around, they are obviously going to tell the other person if they are not with you on the prank. Do not I repeat do not fool someone after noon. Otherwise you will end up as the fool yourself.If you want to be a good trickster, be aware always that it is April Fools.
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Make Friends in Your New Neighborhood

Making new friends in a new neighborhood can be intimidating. Others have established their social structure without you, and you're the outsider. With time, patience, and a little care you'll meet people and fit in.

1. Introduce yourself. "Hi, I'm ___. What's your name?" is simple enough. Pay attention and repeat back the name of the person you are meeting, and try to remember his or her name.
2. Acknowledge that you're new and say where you're from. Sometimes, that's all it takes to get people's attention or perhaps catch their interest, especially if you're from someplace distance or interesting.
3. Show who you are. Remember, you are just as strange to your new community as they are strange to you. A little self-expression and outward good humor can go a long way toward breaking down that barrier.
4. Bring something to share. Have a story or joke handy, or learn to make some simple gifts to hand around. Learn to make a cool paper airplane, a yarn doll, a friendship bracelet, or a friendship pin, or an interesting piece of origami. Bring in a favorite thing to share, such as a comic book. Food is also a good choice. Regardless of what you decide to share, it will help to open people up if you are willing to give something first.
5. Ask questions. If you're in a new neighborhood, you probably have every reason to ask people to help you find your way. Where are the restrooms? The parks? The good shops? What restaurants, schools, teachers, clubs, or programs should you check out? You'll not only get good, inside information, you'll start conversations. People love to share their opinions.
6. Listen. Listening to others is a good way to learn the community and start to understand the people in it. You may hear others talking about people who interest you. Ask if you can be introduced.
* Jump in to the conversation if you have something to add. Say, "Hey, I notice you were talking about ___." Then say what you have to say.
7. Go out. Probably people in your neighborhood are outdoors at some time during the day, perhaps in the afternoons when school is out. You won't meet new friends if you're just watching TV or at home in front of the computer, so get out there.
8. Look for common interests. As soon as you start talking to somebody, be on the lookout for similar interests to yours. Does he like to listen to music? Who? Who's her favorite author? Do you play sports? It doesn't have to be an exact match, just common ground you can use to start a conversation.
9. Join groups. Ask around about sports teams, book clubs, volunteer organizations, and anything else that interests you. Having a common cause tends to unite people, and many organizations welcome new members.
10. Invite people over. Meet with one or two people at a time, or have a housewarming party or larger get-together.
11. Take the initiative. If you see someone who seems bored, lonely, or unhappy, ask what's up and whether you can help.
12. Offer a compliment. Anything from, "Cool shirt, where'd you get it?" to "I've really enjoyed talking to you" can be just the amount of encouragement someone needs to remember to talk to you again. Be casual, and don't go overboard. Just drop in a sincere compliment whenever it seems fitting.
13. Be approachable. Others might just come to you.
14. Be positive. Even if you're not completely at home yet, try to be confident, outgoing, and reasonably cheerful. Nobody wants to befriend a grouch.
15. Have some fun. If people see you having fun, they might be inclined to join you.

* Be yourself! A friendship should be about honesty.
* Have fun! Play tag, or truth or dare! Maybe even go swimming or skateboarding, skiing or hiking. Do whatever interests you and you will naturally attract others with similar interests.
* Be patient. Friendships don't necessarily form overnight. It may take your new community a bit of time to warm up to you.
* Make friends with newcomers. Once you've established, take the time to welcome others who join your neighborhood or community. Introduce them to others, show them around, and help them find their own places. Even if you don't end up good friends, you'll feel good knowing that somebody else's transition was a little easier.
* Don't force it, and don't force anybody. Friendship is something that happens naturally, over time. There may be some trial and error before you find the right people.
* Be open to differences and different people. This is a new neighborhood and a blank slate, so this is a good time to try new things. Who knows? You might just hit it off with somebody you don't expect.
* Keep in touch with old friends, too. Is there somebody back home who would love to get a phone call or email? They'll keep your spirit up while you're still getting a feel for your new place.

If they're doing something wrong, don't hang around. That's not the sort of friend you want, anyway.
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