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Apr 1, 2009

Be a Good April Fooler

April Fools is a great day for pointless and fun pranks. Here are things you will have to learn if you want to have a good time on that day. Just make sure you read everything carefully. Don't forget the warnings.

Get up early, read the warnings section to find out why. As you see someone, prepare a plan to fool them before they fool you, you don't want them thinking it's a payback if they did something to you already. When your plan is ready, have a little think about it, what are the results most likely to be? Will it turn out to have him/her chasing me everywhere? Is it dangerous? Will I feel guilty for it? That sort of thing. This helps you really decide if it's right to do your fool. As you do it, say, if the prank was to spill a bag of beans on someone's head, you could do it without being seen, then act like where did that come from? then finally let it on that it was you who pulled the prank.

Why do we play April Fools jokes?:

The custom may have begun in France when, in 1852, the calendar was adjusted to be more accurate. It meant that New Years Day was moved from 25th March to 1st of January. Anyone who continued to celebrate the end of the New Year Week on 1 April was said to be a fool. An April Fool.

Don't do another one on the same person. If you want to keep pranking, it'll have to be on different people. If you did a prank on the same person, they would know the truth, if you did it to another person with the other person around, they are obviously going to tell the other person if they are not with you on the prank. Do not I repeat do not fool someone after noon. Otherwise you will end up as the fool yourself.If you want to be a good trickster, be aware always that it is April Fools.