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Apr 8, 2009

Avoid Getting Sick from Food when Traveling

Here are some home remedies to prevent stomach related illnesses while traveling in places with poor sanitation.

Add a cupful of white vinegar to every 8oz of water, this creates an acidic environment that most microbes can't live in (kills germs but does NOT eliminate toxins) AND the accumulation of vinegar gives your skin a bad taste so that mosquitoes (and other insects) won't bite you.In new environments, especially when eating seafood in foreign countries, always eat very spicy foods or accompany your meal with at least 1oz of hard alcohol. While this might kill some microbes, it should not be considered a fail safe method.[4] These two factors are best done at the time of consumption, or just before, but it is only slightly reduced if taken right after consumption. Avoid prolonged periods between either treatments and meals.

These home remedies are not 100% effective and should only be used if no other sanitary solution is available. Results vary.Don't buy sushi from rest stops!Be polite! Do not insult your host needlessly. For many Americans, it is cliche to think of other countries as unsanitary. Please notice the current state of the American food system before you make any comment that could be construed as rude towards any other country. Keep in mind that some countries have far superior food checking systems than the broken American way.

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