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Apr 16, 2009

Interpret Personality by Looking at Someone's Room

Are you interested in psychology? Have you ever wanted to psycho-analyze someone? This article will teach you how to learn about someone, just by looking at their room!

First some info that will help you with interpretations: Many people consciously or unconsciously make their bedroom decorated in a fashion that symbolically or metaphorically represents aspects of their personality. This is especially true if that person has their own room. There are four ways to make interpretations of a room, they are: directive, metaphorically, abstractly, or foreshadowing.

Choose a room. Make sure it's a room of someone you don't know. Enter the room with your pencil and paper when you're ready. Try not to have any pre-conceived notions. Look at the room directive. This means to look for things that very obviously represent the person's likes or dislikes. This can be some Cd's, posters, etc. Look at the room metaphorically. Think of the objects of the room as being symbols representing a thought process and stage that the person is going through. An example of this would be a bucket in a teenager's room. The teenager might have had that bucket in his room, because he felt sick. Maybe from alcohol. The bucket could represent the alcoholic stage he's going through.

Look at the room obstructively. This means to try to look for objects or things that have abstract feelings attached to them. An example of this would be a red rose, which could represent the loving nature of that person, or their sensitivity. Blue curtains can mean a person is mellow, an analytical thinker, or maybe a sad person. Look at the room as a foreshadowing tool. This involves looking at objects as a representation of a future thought phase. The mind has a tendency to symbolically "project" physical items in a room, once it feels a different phase coming on. An example of this could be a statue of an angel. This could mean the person will soon start becoming in tune with their spiritual self. Or maybe it means that they will soon be content with their life. Or that they will treat people nicer soon.

Remember that some objects can have two meanings. For example, a red rose can mean the loving nature of a person, but can also hint at a future thought process involving love- (abstract and foreshadowing). make sure to take color into consideration, and the "way" they put things in their room.Try to get some kind of permission before entering the room. Don't take the interpretations too literally, except for the Directives.


Daisy said...
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Daisy said...

Oh this is indeed so true! And I grew up knowing that as well as know the status of the person based on the bathroom. lol.

April 18, 2009 at 4:39 AM