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Apr 13, 2009

Create a Healthy Lifestyle

A lifestyle is a long-term and sustainable approach to health and fitness. It stands in opposition to a diet; stressing a holistic solution to the barrage of challenges facing us in living a healthy life. The lifestyle has three interdependent prongs.

1. Nutrition: We should consume, according to the latest research, 5-7 small meals daily. The content of the meals should be geared toward foods rich in protein, low in fat and low in carbs. A sample meal: A veggie burger with tomatoes and lettuce on a wheat bun. Additionally, we should take one multi-vitamin daily and drink 8-10 glasses of water.
2. Resistance Training: The latest findings continue to reveal the multiplier effects of resistance training, including increased blood flow, increased energy, increased bone density, and many others. The core of such a program consists of 3-5 days/week of training. One should perform 3 sets of 8-12 reps per exercise, according to recent findings. A sample program: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, you will select 2-5 exercises per body part, according to body part size. On Monday, focus on chest and triceps; on Wednesday, back and biceps; on Friday, legs and shoulders.
3. Cardiovascular Training: Cardio strengthens the heart, expands the lungs, and increases energy levels while reducing one's odds of heart disease and other ailments. Cardio can be done through running, dancing, walking, playing basketball, elliptical machines, stairmaster, and other activities that increase one's heart rate. One should perform cardio 3-5 times/week at 35-35 minutes to achieve significant results, according to recent studies. A sample program: Run for 35 minutes on Monday, swim for 25 minutes on Tuesday, and play sports for 30 minutes on Sunday.

Break records! Track your results and continue to run harder, lift more, and eat better. Consistency is better than intensity and quality. No matter what, keep up with the program even if you slip -- as we all do -- into bad habits. Tell people about your new commitment; communication facilitates commitment. If it's not fun -- change the exercise and/or food. There are too many options not to make it enjoyable; be creative!


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Your body is an absolute reflection of your healthy lifestyle choices. For the most part it is very basic to tell what someone thinks about their own health which is seen in their physical body and how they look.

March 14, 2013 at 2:47 AM