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Apr 17, 2009

I give Up

Well! I had taken some opps that were available for me to post from SS, and it was all approve. On November of last year SS started rejecting my posts until now. I give up... no matter what kind of correcting I have to do, my posts still get rejected. Even though I had corrected them and stuff ,but still no luck. I am very disappointed...wasted my brain. As I was going through blog to blog reading everyone"s posts that they had taken through SS, as far as I knew their posts had been approved. Take note! their posts content to many grammatical error as well! I just don't get it!

I am kind of prostrated and devastated, but that's life I guess... ! I don't know what am doing wrong with my writing. I had corrected the grammar and all but still, all my post got rejected. I had contacted them..if that's what you want to know. Yes I have.... they still saying that my post is content to many grammatical error. I give up!


Darksaturn7 said...

I gave up on getting in with them a long time ago ;/ I got into to PPP but got not a single offer, but kep getting declined for SS which should've been easier for low PR blogs...too much struggle so I went elsewhere.

April 17, 2009 at 4:39 PM
hopeful said...

We're the same. I tried posting 2 opportunities at SS then all were rejected. I tried my luck also on their CPC but sad to say that they don't record all the clicks and some of my clicks were invalid. Oh SS, you are really no good.

April 21, 2009 at 6:05 PM