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Apr 8, 2009

Decide What to Do on Your Birthday Outing

Are you having trouble deciding what to do on your birthday? The possibilities and factors can sometimes be overwhelming--this article may help you get over these worries and make the birthday party fun and enjoyable.

First, consider your budget--this may rule out some more extravagant party ideas. Consider, also, your friends' budgets. For instance, if one of your closest friends just lost her job, she may not be able to afford to barhop in an expensive city. Pick a setting and theme. Do you want a loud night on the town? Do you want a backyard luau? Would you rather curl up with your closest pals and watch movies? It's your birthday, so pick what is most appealing to you.
* If you're having trouble deciding (and you probably are, if you're reading this article), ask your friends for input. Have they always wanted to attend a murder mystery dinner? Do they have to work the following day, so heavy drinking is out? Do they know of a new place in town that might be fun to try?Make a list of things you will need. If you are going out, you may just need a fabulous new outfit. If you're throwing a themed party, you may need to visit a party supply store. If you're renting a venue, find out what they provide, and decide if you'll need to bring snacks, extra decorations, etc. Remember that pretty much any party you throw at your house will require you to provide snacks and drinks. Schedule your desired events. Sometimes, you really don't need to plan much of anything--just decide on a start time and let the party run its course! Invite your friends. Let them know what time the party starts, and what you plan to do. It's courteous to make it clear if a meal will be involved or not, so they know whether to eat beforehand, or whether to budget money for a dinner out. If there is a definite end time to the party, let them know that as well. Try to make a decision and let them know well in advance. Have fun! Enjoy the party the best you can.

Try to invite people who get along with each other--or who are willing to call a truce--to avoid having drama ruin your birthday. If you are planning a themed party several weeks in advance, you may be able to get cheap and fun party supplies from oriental trading.com.

While it's important for you to have fun, sometimes throwing a birthday party for yourself can become an exercise in self-centeredness. Keep your guests' wants and needs in mind. . . and consider why nobody is throwing *you* a party instead of the other way around. . .