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Apr 24, 2009

How to Find a True Friend

Sometimes you just want someone to talk to, dang it. Here's some very basic tips to help you form a real friendship.

Find a ways to meet people. Google some of your interests, and read your local newspaper for events. There are tons of groups of people who meet weekly/monthly and talk about things that you're into. When you talk to people, be honest! That doesn't mean dumping all of your personal information in the first five minutes, but be clear about who you are. Don't agree with people just for the sake of agreeing with them, that builds fake relationships. Be friendly and pleasant. Smiling will make you seem approachable to other people. Even if you don't agree with something that someone says, do not be rude about it. Enjoy your time. You don't need someone around you 24/7, be comfortable with yourself. Read a book, take a walk, be a part of life. If you're dependant on people too much it's hard to build any real friendships- having friends won't make you feel less lonely, you'll only be less alone. Hang out online! Even if you don't make a great friend, there are lots of wonderful people who would be happy to chat with you. You can get some experience building friendships and have fun along the way.

Express yourself! Nothing says "let's hang out" like having everyone know who you are. Like Switchfoot? Wear a band T-shirt. Into Buffy? Wear a T-shirt... again. You get the idea.A true friendship is hard to come by. It's a gift to have that kind of bond with someone. Don't push and try to make it happen with someone you don't get along well with, and if you do find it- keep it!

If you're chatting online, never try and meet up in person unless you're absolutely sure that this person is legitimate. It's hard to tell, but be extraordinarily cautious. This means not meeting someone in person right away, wait a year. Don't give away personal information like phone numbers or addresses, and if you do meet- always meet in a very public place where there is security. Also, bring a trusted friend. Don't think having friends, even true ones, will make you feel better about yourself. You're the only one who can make you happy when it's all said and done. Never, Never, Never give out your personal information online.