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Apr 8, 2009

What Is Umoo?

UMOO is the leading fantasy stock trading game, offering the thrill and profit opportunity of the financial markets in a unique competitive format.

It's an alternative, virtual stock market game contest where risk is minimal and the opportunity to win is real.

Traders pay a fee (buy-in) in order to enter a tournament of their choice, where they receive virtual money with which to build and cultivate virtual portfolios based on real-time stock market quotes in competitive trading tournaments.

The objective of the players is to earn the highest returns on their portfolios. Throughout the tournament, players are bench marked against others in real-time; at the end of the tournament the winners are those with the highest returns relative to the other traders in the tournament. Winners receive cash prizes according to The payout structure of the tournament.

Real-time market data and a variety of information & research/reference tools are offered on the UMOO platform to help traders make informed dynamic decisions while trading. Real market trading tools are also offered, including limit and stop loss orders and the ability to sell short.

In sum, traders on UMOO can both develop and deploy trading skills for fun and profit.Make real money from stock trading games.To join and learn more about it, visit the link above.