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Mellow Yellow Monday


It is mellow Yellow Monday once again. For entry for today is Baby Turtle made with Bendaroos.

My daughter love creating things with bendaroos. It is a stick wax, you can buy it anywhere. It's a fun kind of toy for kids, you can create any thing you want with it and it's fun, grown ups can play with it too.

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Avory and The Gator

Last night school event was successful, a lot of people attended to see the reptile man and different kind of animals. He told the facts about the animals he brought and showed. Very informative about animal, do you know that a cobra cannot hear at all? I did not know that until last night ... was so interesting. I'd learned that the quickest snake in the world is from africa.

Anyway, after the show avory wanted to hold one of the animal and take a picture. She was debating if she wanted to hold the snake or the alligator. The snake was kind of long..10 feet long, so she decided to go with the alligator. I just wanted to share some photos here taken during the event.

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Affordable Eyeglasses

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Daing (Dried fish)

Yesterday, I cooked some chicken apritada (chicken stew Philippine style) for dinner, and also I cooked three pieces dried fish that I bought from the oriental mini mart. Since it was cold outside and I was kind of lazy to cooked it outside, so I decided to cooked it inside. I turn on the exhaust fan, I light up candles, spray febreeze all over the house hoping that the odor will would not be obvious. But, I was wrong, the dried fish odor won, I haven't cooked dried fish for long,long,long,long time. I end up opening the main door and spray that febreeze again. The odor it went away, but it took some time. I would not be frying any dried fish anytime soon. ,

The good side of cooking that dried fish was that my daughter loves it. She was hesitant about putting it on her mouth at first, but when she tasted it, she said she love it, infact she eat it with rice, at she was asking for more (humihirit pa)! I told here if I go back to the oriental mini mart I will buy some more, but this time we will cook it out back. Dried fish, smells but its darn good though! LOL
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Give Gifts Unconditionally

Giving gifts unconditionally is not necessarily simple. Gift giving can sometimes feel like a chore that makes us resentful. Other times we give gifts in order to get something in return, even if it is simply the gratitude from the recipient. Seen in this light, we are really giving to get what Daniel Goleman terms a "narcissistic hit", something that isn't exactly motivated by altruism.

How can we learn to give gifts without strings attached when we are accustomed to feeling either a sense of duty, or we want gratitude from others in return? Unconditional gift-giving starts by sharing a piece of yourself - your love or esteem and care for the other person shown by the time taken to select a gift in a considerate manner, and combining this with not wanting anything at all in return.

Find a gift that means something about the other person to you. Be proud of what you choose. Don't just buy something because it is in the bargain bin or because it was the most expensive item in the store. Put effort, care and consideration into the purchase or creation of the gift. Making the gift yourself is definitely an option too, and is even more a "piece of you", so feel free to do so. Let it be a surprise. A gift prompted by persistent requests for it is not as exciting or fulfilling as a gift that is a total surprise. This does not mean that you cannot give things sorely needed by the recipient but how you will know this is by observing their life and knowing them, rather than heeding direct requests for items.

Think beyond stuff. Stuff is all very nice and cute when wrapped up but stuff ends up drowning us. Sometimes, giving stuff is giving a burden to another person and the "condition" involved in such a gift is that the recipient puts up with shelving your stuff in their already over-crowded life. If you are gifting the "person-who-has-everything", avoid stuff. Consider alternatives that won't oblige the condition of adding to clutter on the recipient, gifts such as:

* A promise to visit monthly to take an elderly recipient to art galleries or botanical gardens;
* A service - nappy (diaper) washing service, house-cleaning service, car-wash etc.
* Plants for the garden that will produce food, scent, colour or shade
* A voucher for a massage, spa treatment, fitness class.

Think carefully about what the other person would not buy for themselves. If you give items that a person is already very adept at getting for themselves, muzzling in on this territory can be a means of invading it and substituting their sense of style with yours. Don't even bother; if you know the person well, you will know already what they do well enough without your help. Look instead for the things they'd never consider purchasing - like the red shoes with really high heels you overheard them pondering about but muttered that they couldn't afford, a trip to a spa resort that they would never think to slow down for normally, or a new food that is something they've never tried before etc.

Let the recipient know gently and without great "Ho-ha" that your gift can be returned to a store, re-gifted, or donated if it doesn't make them feel comfortable or happy. You do not want to create a noose around their necks. If you ever had an experience growing up when someone in your family gave your family something hideous and it was ferreted out each time this person visited, you will know that the sense of obligation can turn gift-receiving into a burden rather than a delight.

Avoid giving "useful" items that the whole household needs and will make use of. The toaster for mother on Mother's Day, the car-cleaning gear for dad... These things do service for everyone and are not gifts in the usual sense. An exception would be if you give something like the car-cleaning gear, include with it "coupons" the recipient can cash in to you to wash and wax the car for them. Otherwise, if you must produce such items as gifts, gift them to the house, the car, or the family as a whole. These sorts of items are just too impersonal to be true gifts and this makes them conditional--you are giving something provided that everyone else gets to use it.

Expect nothing in return. You are giving because you want to. If you don't want to, then you need to reassess the point of what it is that you are really doing. Do not expect gratitude, smiles or something in return. Although most respectful and well-mannered people will demonstrate gratitude, there are times where this will not be forthcoming for one reason or other but that does not necessarily mean that the person doesn't respect your gift-giving or not appreciate it. Sometimes people are embarrassed, too surprised, shy, ashamed, or self-conscious to react in a gracious manner. If you have given with good heart, their reaction or lack of one should not bother you. Look deeper and you will see truly how the gift has been received.

Be considerate about presentation. Wrapping and presenting the gift will show your sense of style and also that you have taken care to present your gift nicely, a demonstration of respect for the recipient. It doesn't have to be complex, and scalability is De rigour.

If both the gift-giver and the recipient are well-versed in civil interactions, the giving of gifts unconditionally will go very smoothly; the giver will give without expecting anything back and the recipient will show appreciation without prompting. That's an ideal world and mitigating factors always intervene, so always be generous in your interpretation of the recipient's reaction. Maybe not today, but some day down the track, you might learn that your act of selfless generosity and kindness turned that person's life around.
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Valentine Drop Box

My daughter and I were working on her valentine drop box project for valentine. And it is due today, I had to find a small size box. I had to wrapped it with paper and my daughter get to decorate it.

She used some of her bendaroos for decoration. She made a love castle made from foil, and put it on the top. Today she and her class had to bring their box to school and every student on her class will be dropping valentines card for each students. It is kind of cool and can't wait for her to bring it back home and see the valentines card she got.
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Easy To Use Coffee Machine

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Basket Ball Game Photos

This basketball game photos was taken the 25th of January. My daughter's Team played against Leavenworth... I am just now have the chance to upload them and post them here. Avory's team won this game 30/10, It was fun watching the kids. I just wanted to share with you all.

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Last Month Top 10 EC Droppers

.....a bunch for the none-stop EC droppings that each you made in the last month. I am truly grateful for all your visit. I hope that each one of you will come back and visit again...eventhough sometimes I missed visiting your blog. Once again...Thank You..Thank You!

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Yesteday's Basketball Tournament

My daughter Avory had her basketball tournament yesterday at the Cashmere Middle School. Cashmere played first against Cascade ( Leavenworth WA), my daughter's team won over cascade. The score was Cashmere was 24 and Cascade was 8. It was a great game.. both Cashmere and Cascade school did a really great job.

The second was Cascade Vs. Entiat WA. Entiat team was very aggressive and good team they end up winning over Leavenworth. The third round was Entiat Vs. Cashmere... cashmere end up losing. The score was 6 to 16. Cashmere was behind 10... was frustrating because we all want Cashmere to win but can't win it all....but otherwise very good tournament.
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