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Feb 1, 2010

Yesteday's Basketball Tournament

My daughter Avory had her basketball tournament yesterday at the Cashmere Middle School. Cashmere played first against Cascade ( Leavenworth WA), my daughter's team won over cascade. The score was Cashmere was 24 and Cascade was 8. It was a great game.. both Cashmere and Cascade school did a really great job.

The second was Cascade Vs. Entiat WA. Entiat team was very aggressive and good team they end up winning over Leavenworth. The third round was Entiat Vs. Cashmere... cashmere end up losing. The score was 6 to 16. Cashmere was behind 10... was frustrating because we all want Cashmere to win but can't win it all....but otherwise very good tournament.