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Apr 9, 2009

Make a Fun Easter Basket

Easter is a fun time of year for the children. There is nothing like crafting an old-fashioned basket by hand to get their Easter off to a good start. This is an easy and very traditional Easter project.

Set you up a work area, and assemble the Things You'll Need. Cut a piece of construction paper to wrap around the box; hold the paper up to the box and mark it with a (pencil or pen) to show how much that needs to be cut off. Cut the paper and glue it onto the box. Draw and cut out some paper Easter eggs; use crayons or colored pencils to draw some designs on them and set them aside to make a handle. Be sure that the handle strip is long enough; it is better if it is too long than not long enough, as you can always cut more off. Set aside. Glue the eggs onto the side of the box. Add decorative stickers if desired, including such designs as Easter chickens, rabbits, chicks, bows etc. Glue the handle onto the inside of the box. Glue one side at a time. Add the Easter grass to the Easter basket and fill it with jelly beans, tiny chocolate eggs,creme eggs etc. Enjoy!

The handle is mainly for looks. Unless the basket is filled with lightweight stuff, such as jelly beans, or marshmallow eggs, do not carry it by the handle. Coat the construction paper wrapping the box with glue; smooth it out and evenly coat the remaining items, such as the eggs and handle, before applying. When you put the Easter grass inside the box, be sure that some of it is left showing to make the basket more appealing.

Do not use too much glue; it will show and detract from the overall look of the basket.

Things You'll Need
* Small empty box (recycle a used one, such as an oatmeal box)
* Construction paper (yellow for Easter or your choice of color); pinks and yellows are good Easter color choices
* Bright color or pastel color paper for Easter egg shapes
* Scissors
* Paper glue
* Craft grass
* Easter design stickers
* Crayons or art pencils