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Dec 27, 2008

Give Your Home a Beautiful New Look and Save Money

Would you like a new home without buying a new one or spending a fortune? Just a few changes and affordable touches,and you can have one. Using the things you already have allows you to invite yourself into your own space and show others who you are. Decorating your home can be a very personal and creative experience, not just a chore. Follow this guide to make where you live to look beautiful and save money too.
    Choose a room in your home where you and your family will spend most of their leisure time.
    Make a list of the problems you see and the things that you feel you need, such as a bookshelf, more space, etc.
    Ponder a passion you have, such as the outdoors, animals, golf, family, etc.
    Take everything off of your walls and place it on a table in the room, pull out anything that is special to you such as family heirlooms, pictures, or just items that have a special place in your heart.
    Consider how you would like the room to feel. For example, more open, larger, safe, cozy, or organized.
    Place the largest pieces of furniture in first, such as the sofa. It is a common mistake to push all the furniture against the walls, and have too much empty space in the middle. Try to avoid this.
    After hanging of all the other pictures or wall coverings, add other pieces of who you are around them, preferably in threes.
    Place rugs in entry ways of high traffic areas to protect flooring and accent furniture pieces.
    After you have the room the way you like it and it feels right, you may want to consider accenting the room by painting a few walls.(The color will be determined by the effect you would like to achieve; whether adding depth or width to the room.) Doing the painting yourself will save you hundreds of dollar.
     One picture is all that is needed to create a color scheme for your new room.
     Hang all pictures at eye level as if you were standing in your room.
     For a cozier look, angle all furniture so as to imagine people sitting on each piece having a get together and talking about the most meberable time in their life.
     Aim for harmony, mixing and matching colors, of using many shades of one main color.
     Vary the size of objects you use as accent pieces.
     Varying the size and shape makes a more interesting composition.
     If additional items are needed visit your local Goodwill, they have great deals on beautiful things that will be just enough to make your room complete and save you money too.
    Place lamps at the end of tables to create more space for your room.
     Be careful not to clutter an area causing one's eye to lose the focal point of the room.
     Be careful to stay within your budget when purchasing paint and brushes.
     If you are going to paint your walls