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Feb 18, 2009

Prepare For Your Honeymoon

This is a quick list of things to do, when preparing for a honeymoon.
Romantic Weddings.
Set a budget, go to a travel agent and find the best and cheapest travel packages available. After all this is your honeymoon you want it to be special but you also don’t want to come back from your honeymoon, and then realize that you are broke and have to live off bread and peanut butter for three months.
Arrange all your honeymoon plans before hand, you don’t want to run around and make travel arrangements on the day of your wedding. Make your reservations at least 4 to 6 months ahead of time, to get the most suitable rooms and the best flight times.
Don’t go to a particular destination at the wrong season. Your time there will be boring, uninteresting and you will wish that your honeymoon was over. Plan ahead and find out which season is suitable for a great honeymoon.
Don’t check in your wedding dress at the airport. Take it with you on the plane. You don’t want to arrive at your destination and find that your dress has disappeared. This will only upset you and you will start thinking about funny little things, like this is a sign that you shouldn’t get married. Please take your dress with you on the plane we don’t want you to leave your husband to be, high and dry at the altar (the same goes for the groom).
Take all your documents with you in your handbag. Don’t leave it in the hands of airport officials. When your luggage disappears, all you will get from them will be a look of confusion.

Make sure your passport is still valid before you travel! Some places may allow you to travel with a passport a few days out of date, even up to a month, but don't take this for granted!
Remember to keep all travel documents safe with you on the plane.
And also, don't forget to get a wax.
Set realistic expectations of how much you will do and how many sights you will see. The object of a honeymoon is to become even more intimate with your mate... not to see as many tourist traps as possible.

Very important: When making travel reservations (especially if you are leaving the country), ensure that you use the bride's correct name (i.e., if the bride is going to take the husbands surname, she may not have changed all of her identification (driving licence, credit cards, library card, etc.). If the passport or driving license says one name, ensure that the airline reservations, cruise reservations, etc., all reflect the same name. Otherwise, you get to go through the hassle of having to carry copies of the marriage license, or other "proof" that the bride is who she says she is.