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Feb 17, 2009

Be an Exotic Ethnic Girl

Ever felt jealous at the sight of those seducing and alluring island girls? Here is how to feel and be like them.

Give your wardrobe a makeover. Fill it with ethnic clothes.Exotic girls' style is ethnic,so you have to go for it. Shorts, miniskirts, loose trousers in earthy colors will do. As for shoes, wear anything you want at summer. At the winter you can wear leather boots with fur, or just plain.
Buy wooden and leather jewelery. Belts with macramé patterns and beads are perfect.
Grow your hair very long and wear flowers on it.
Expose your shoulders,waist and legs. Not all at one time,of course.
Start listening to the music of the world. Buy CDs with songs from other countries, such as Africa, Japan, India, etc.
Practice being outgoing and friendly all the time. Smile and flirt a lot. Free yourself from the burdens of everyday life, and act like you live in a permanent summer. Try to transmit this feeling to everyone. People will feel nice having you around.
Fall in love with somebody who came to your city/town/village as a tourist and develop some romance. Make sure he will never forget the time he spent with you. When he leaves, talk about it a lot and say romantic, sad things, such as: "It wasn't right for us to be separated...We are meant for each other...Now he is gone and he may never come here again...At least I have this bracelet he gave me." Get the people hooked on your story.

Be careful and don't really get your heart broken by some tourist who was looking for a local girl to toy with. Just act so.
It might add to an exotic appearance if you have a tanned, sandy or chocolate skin.
Avoid looking too slutty.

Many people may perceive you as outlandish and weird. Try to be nice to them, but avoid them as much as you can.


pehpot said...

This is so cool.. you can also listen to Reggae music.. yay! I sometimes wish I can look like that.. ok if only my stomach is not that bad LOL

Miss you Mommy Jane!

Make or Break

February 17, 2009 at 11:38 PM