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Feb 5, 2009

Be Glamorous

The word "glamour" has its roots in spell-casting, sorcery and magical enchantment.[1] While perceptions of glamour may have changed with the times, the core of it remains the same: Being glamorous is all about creating an attractive and exciting illusion that you lead an envied life.

Choose the image you wish to portray. Think about what everyone admires and is attracted to. Consider both appearance and lifestyle. There are many ways to be glamorous.
Focus on quality over quantity to demonstrate wealth. Stop buying inexpensive things and save that money to buy fewer but more expensive things. Instead of having three different dresses, for example, invest in one expensive, high-quality dress and wear it often. Take care of your expensive possessions, as they are critical in portraying an image of glamour.

Dress to impress. Wear clothes that accentuate your glamorous image. You have a lot of leeway here, but the important thing is to be consistent. If you want to be fashionably glamorous, for instance, wear trendy clothes all the time--don't wear the latest fashion one day and sweatpants the next.
Take up unique and interesting hobbies. You may not be able to hop on a jet and lounge on a Brazilian beach just like that, but you can be selective in your activities. If you want to lead the glamorous life of an artist, for example, it's more fitting to hang out in coffee shops discussing art history with like-minded people till the early hours of the morning than to go bar-hopping.
Incorporate elements of glamour into your public life. Remember that since being glamorous is about creating a fantasy, you only have to be glamorous when you are seen by others. Every time you step outside your home into the public eye, strive to convey your image of glamour. Imagine that you have photographers following you around all day--if they're snapping pictures, what do you want them to capture? And is it glamorous?

Find qualities about you that you like and find a way to show them off. This way you will find a way to be confident about yourself, even if it is for a reason you would have never thought of.
Go to the most expensive stores. Even if you don't have enough money to actually buy things from there, the simple idea of being spotted frequenting one of those places is glamorous itself. This also works for other places like fancy restaurants, nightclubs and so on.
Always look your best when going out. Be sure that there is nothing about you for which you can be considered low maintenance. Take care of your skin, hair and teeth and try wearing designer stuff (get at least one designer item, it will considerably raise your status).
Decorate your home in a tasteful manner. Choose expensive-looking furniture and decorations, buy famous art pieces (if you afford) and go for classic style in decorating.

Learn from celebrities (actors, models, singers) who lead a glamorous lifestyle. What do they do that makes them glamorous? Remember to focus on the positive things. Generally speaking, saying little and doing very little that would be considered gossip-worthy will give you a lot more glamour and mystery than trying to create an image you can't control involving other people, events, or substances (including gossip, rumors, sex, & drugs)
Just because you're creating an illusion doesn't mean you have to lie. It's better to be mysterious and vague than to get caught lying, which will look desperate, not glamorous. Remember that you don't have to tell anyone anything, and not telling them will leave them wanting to know more.
Feel glamorous and confident. You will never be able to get the attitude if you think of yourself as the average Joe.
Get inspired by the Gossip Girl novels and series- the characters are perfect examples of glamour.

Leave your glamour hat at the door. Glamour is an act, nothing more. Use it on occasions, not all the time. Don't try and make it your 24-hour reality. When you try to act overly glamorous all the time, you lose yourself. Despite this, if you can mix glamour in with your personality, don't be afraid to do so.
With all supporting attributes of glamour, the most important thing required is conquering temptations, hypes and conventions. It makes you insuperable, invincible and uniquely glamorous. Thus liking beautiful things and respecting people around, but not getting bogged down by anything is essential for being glamorous.