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Jun 2, 2009

Get a Job Without a Car

Not having a vehicle can make obtaining employment difficult, however, if you implement some creative strategies, you can get employed, and an income puts you that much closer to wheels of your own.

Look for employment within walking distance of your home or school. If you live in a city, find out if there is public transportation available. This is low cost, and even people that own vehicles opt for this mode of transport. Take a taxi. This is not very economical, but in an emergency situation, it can be handy. Seek out friends that do own cars, and barter services for rides to work. Then when you have some money coming in, you could pay them. Find a good used bicycle. Riding is great exercise, and you'll save money, too. Buy a Bike lock and make sure you leave early so you have plenty of time to sweat down. Work from home, you can get a job doing telemarketing and you can do it right from your own house

When interviewing with a prospective employer, emphasize your strengths, not your way of getting to work. If you come across as confident and teachable, you'll get hired.If you get a job, find out if any other employees live near you. You could ride with them and make a friend or two.

Don't apply for jobs that require driving (pizza delivery, messengers, etc.) It will be a waste of time. Don't forget to thank the individual who gets you to work on time.Be sure that after you get a car, you help someone that is in the same boat you are in right now.