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Oct 13, 2009

As Seen On Tv

Everyone deserve to have an easy way to trim hedge. Try Garden Groom,
makes yard work easy! On board collection container for less mess. Use the Volume Bag for bigger jobs.Ideal for trimming and shaping. Lightweight design anyone can use it. Concealed blade makes it ultra-safe.

button 2 The Garden Groom’s unique on board collection container makes trimming all your hedges easier than ever before with no leftover waste. That saves you time and effort! Ultra-fine Shredding Action and Concealed Blade Design. The Garden Groom’s trims and shreds so fine it reduces waste volume by 10:1. Thorny or spiky clipping disposal is quick and easy. Shredded clippings are ideal for composting!Garden Groom is the world’s only collecting hedge trimmer that has a completed sealed blade. Keep you hedges healthier by removing the cut waste. Buy your very own Garden Groomer today.

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