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Oct 30, 2009

Halloween Sparkle Punch

A chilling way to spend Halloween. No, not the spooking "chill", but a cold and refreshing punch with a scoop of ice cream. Here is how to make a Halloween sparkle punch. Makes 16 servings.

* 1 pint of ice cream (raspberry, blackberry, or orange sherbet)
* 4 cups of cold water
* 2 cups of cold ginger ale
* 2/3 cup of TANG Orange Flavor Drink Mix

Combine the cold water and TANG in a pitcher. Stir it until the powder dissolves in the water. Keep the pitcher in the refrigerator until the drink is ready to be served. When it is ready to be served, take the pitcher out and mix the ginger ale into the drink. Pour the punch into individual cups. Place a scoop of the desired kind of ice cream into each cup. Serve and enjoy.