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Dec 8, 2009

Help Others on Christmas

Christmas is about caring and spending time with your family, right? Well, needy children usually don't have a caring family and home; so here's how to help make Christmas day great for that little boy or girl, just like when you were a child.

Decorate a Christmas tree with a family in need. If you don't know of anyone in your local area or street, you can find out who you might be able to help by visiting a local charity that works directly with needy people. Ask them to suggest a family and also ask them to arrange a meeting, so that you are not barging in on someone's life. Remember, everyone is sensitive to feeling like a charity recipient and you must respect their dignity. Take the children out shopping to buy the children and their family a gift. While doing that, teach them about how giving is more important than receiving. Don't overdo it though; their need is greater than yours. Let the children enjoy the occasion by seeing all the decorations, sensing the excitement in the atmosphere and soaking up the enjoyment of the season.

Take the children out to lunch and enjoy a lovely time before the big Christmas day. This might be the same day that you take them shopping. Let them choose anything they'd like. Spend time together. On Christmas Eve, sit down and watch holiday shows on TV or watch a DVD with the family. Or have them help you prepare for Christmas by cooking, wrapping gifts, singing carols or reading stories about Christmas. Share some of your Christmas Day with them. Perhaps spend time together on Christmas morning, opening presents with the children and having breakfast. Or choose dinner time to share with them. Alternatively, you could celebrate the whole day together. Show the children they are loved!

Always show love and care, and the children will feel comfortable and happy. Don't leave their parents out of it. Welcome them to share the festive spirit as well. Don't treat this like your charity project for the year. Keep in touch with the family afterwards and show a genuine in interest in how the children are going.