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Dec 31, 2009

Migraines Treatment

Various medications are usually the choice of treatment for migraine attacks. Advances in medications are helping migraine sufferers cope with their condition much better. Over the counter pain medications do not work as treatments for migraines.

The best treatments available at this time are migraine-aborting medications. Migraine-specific abortive medications work by constricting the temporal artery, which seems to be the source of the pain because of the impact it has on the nerves that surround it.

Triptans are the most common form of migraine-specific abortive medication that physicians prescribe. Until recently doctors did not regularly prescribe triptans as a migraine treatment unless a patient first tried counter medications. Now triptans are seen a viable option for treating migraine headaches as the first form of treatment. For maximum efficacy, migraine sufferers must take triptan medications in the beginning stages of a migraine attack.