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Dec 28, 2009

Feel Good About You and Your Life

Scientists and philosophers may say "Life is about...." when they really only base it on their facts. We don't live our world by facts, but by emotions. Life is about how you value your life. Because if you think your life is a dark abyss, it will probably will end up as one.

Write down everything you are grateful for. If you can't think of anything, write down everything that makes you happy. Another option is getting a "Grateful Stone". Pick up a rock, wash it off, and keep it in your pocket. Everytime you touch it, (i.e. picking it up, taking it out of your pocket, reaching for change, etc.) think of everything you are grateful for.Think about this list every time you have painful emotions, (i.e. hatred, sadness, etc.) as well as every morning and night. Create a goal for yourself. The goals could be following:
* Make someone smile everyday
* Expect a paycheck in the mail instead of a bill

Believe you can do something! Even if it is odd, like "I believe I can water this plant!" Make sure you are physically able to do it, for it increases proudness, even if it is watering a plant. When you look in the mirror, say to yourself you are beautiful. If you think you are pretty, your looks will get better. A touch of confidence never hurt a personality. Control what you can in life. Even though it may be only the foods you eat, make sure you are eating what makes you happy.

Start a hobby! Some people who don't really have time for a big hobby, start collecting stamps. Or make a scrapbook out of pictures! This step is optional, because not everyone wants a hobby.Laugh! Go out with your friends, or do something silly with your kids! (Kids might not want you to do this in public.)Get active in a sport! Dance in your kitchen while you cook, or run/jog every week.Read! Many people say that if you are engulfed in an interesting book, you feel better.Instead of saying, "I look hideous in this shirt." say, "I look sexy in this dress!" Confidence in the way you look never hurt anyone! Increase youre emotional and physical endurance and NEVER give up on your life. You don't need to go to great lengths for your emotional being, and physical being you can usually do from home.

Become accustomed to yourself and your life.Laugh a lot, but not randomly or over-animatedly. Gain confidence. Remember to have confidence, not to be snobby. Some people may hate you for being happy. Ignore them