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Nov 21, 2008

Look Good on a Lazy Day

Having a lazy day in is great, but there's always the nagging doubt someone might call round or your brothers cute friends might arrive! You don't want to be looking a total mess, but you must still be comfortably unkempt. This look also works great for sleepovers.

   In the morning (when you eventually get up!) you face an important decision: to shower, or not to shower. As you're aiming to look mildly acceptable, with the worry that someone might see you, you should probably shower, although having a bath would be a better alternative, for extra chilling out. Freshen yourself up well, and brush your teeth, apply deodorant etc. If a friend calls around you don't want to smell gross.
    Next put on some comfy clothes. Pajamas are best, but whatever you feel most relaxed in is fine. Add some cosy socks or slippers, and something to keep you warm (bath robe or snuggly jumper). You obviously want to look presentable if you are called upon, so don't wear last weeks stained t-shirt or your oldest socks with the huge hole in.
    This IS your lazy day, so don't get hung up on make up or styling your hair. Just leave your hair to air dry, and if you must use make up, use it very lightly. Perhaps just some concealer and lip balm. You can't get comfy if you're worrying about your mascara smudging!
    Think about what you will do all day (see related articles). When you are getting comfy on the couch, try not to spill drinks or crumbs everywhere, and make sure the cushions and blankets don't stink.
    Enjoy your day, happy in the knowledge that if someone was to unexpectedly interrupt your day you wouldn't look like a total slob!

    Don't worry too much about looking nice. Your day is meant to be for chilling, but just in case someone calls for you, you don't want to have to dash around frantically sprucing up before opening the door.
    If you think you might have to go out make sure you have some clean clothes at the ready.
     To avoid someone ruining your day (therefore meaning you can totally slob out, woo!) unplug your landline phone, turn off your mobile, appear offline on instant messengers, and turn off lights so it looks like you're out. Obviously, if all else fails, don't answer the door!

    Having too many lazy days means you will damage friendships and become unhealthy due to eating junk food and not exercising.
     Trying to look great on a lazy day will ruin your fun, so just make yourself look presentable.