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Nov 11, 2008

Seem Like Never Get Use to It

I am talking about the weather folks. I have been here (US) for almost 12 years and yet I am still not use to the cold weather. I like it better when it's summer. Autumn is not bad either. But when that cold air hit your face , you will know that winter is here. I know snow is pretty much enjoyable with the skier and snow lover. I can actually enjoy my self at the snow once in a while, sled is gun. But once the below % temperature hit in , that isn't so fun.

I could still remember.I think , it was 2000 after I just had my second child. One morning coming home from work. I was working night shift, from 4:00Pm til 1:00 Am  . Was coming home from work, it wasn't snowing but I saw the powder of snow down the road sparkling. I told my self it was so pretty , while admiring it. I wasn't paying any attention that the road was kin of sleepery . I was going speed limit. As I turn on one of the road street. My car span, it happend so fast.I didn't realized that the road has a compact ice. My car actually turn 360. I was so scared, the good thing was , there wasn't any car coming from the opposite direction or else I will be dead by now or someone else got hurt. I guess God was watching over me that time.

I still drive on the snow though even though that horifying experienced happend to me. Just had to pay attention my self and more cusious .


little zoie said...

be careful next time, sis...

November 11, 2008 at 5:36 PM