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Mar 18, 2009

Simplify Your Life

Wish your life could run more smoothly? Life is like a roller coaster. It has its ups and downs. Life may never be hassle free, but it can be simplified.

Teach independence. Teach your children and partner to be more responsible for themselves. Free your time.Record your day. Log on a calendar or in a notebook. It takes the time and guess work out of trying to find or remember important information.
Learn to live with less.Have a small, but comfortable home. Renting enables you to be free to leave without incident. Decide upon the fewest versatile possessions. Less is more. Less time to earn and take care of things and more spare time to relax.

Have a versatile wardrobe.Choose a few basic essentials and styles. Mix and match two or three colors.Add different tops to black pants or blue jeans.You'll spend less time deciding what to wear.

Review the pros and cons. All possessions require a certain amount of your time. Children require care and direction throughout the day. Dogs may require more care and attention than cats.Acquiring bigger and better possessions require more time at work. Create a minimalist budget. Learn to manage your money regardless of your income.

Save for the future. Pay cash. If you don't have the money, you won't spend it. Think before you buy. You may not really need it. Save receipts for six months to a year. Store receipts in a large envelope or shoe box.Keep important receipts with warranties. Make it easy to find everything.Keep receipts safe!Keep receipts safe!

Save for an emergency. One credit card and $1,000 should be sufficient for an unexpected car or home repair.Find a good physician. Be sure they listen carefully before treatment is prescribed.Request copies of your doctor visits and tests for review. Your accurate history enables a physician to make a better decision. At times, alternative treatments may be more beneficial.Maintain your health. Prevent further complications. Choose a healthy diet and exercise daily. Monitor your blood pressure and heart rate at home. Keep a record of comparison for your physician.Avoid smoking, alcohol, drugs and risky behavior.

Prepare quick meals. Find recipes that are quick to prepare. Spend the spare time enjoying the meal and your family. Be yourself. Don't try to be what others want you to be. It's stressful to be anyone other than yourself. Give and return. Some people take without giving in return. Don't try to please others by neglecting yourself. Use your instinct. Don't be easily led. If you feel there is something wrong, there probably is. Limit your worries. Make an active decision to spend less time worrying and more time having fun!
Dream your dream. Then live it! Make them come true.