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Mar 14, 2009

How to Celebrate Easter

Easter has never really been much of a big deal, and you never celebrated it and you want to celebrate it now? You've celebrated it before and it turned out to be a horrible disaster? Well, here are some simple steps how to celebrate Easter!
Easter Holiday Specials.
Invite over a friend or family member to play an Easter game. Hide some eggs while your friend's eyes are closed. When you're ready, tell them to open their eyes and search for the eggs. If your friend finds them all, give them a treat and it's their turn to hide the eggs. Or you can use chocolate eggs and whoever finds the chocolate egg can eat it.

Be fun and creative with eggs! Paint the shell of the egg any color of your choice and let it dry. When it's done drying, give it as an Easter gift to someone or keep it yourself. That way,you will have an Easter decoration. Make some Easter gift baskets for your family and friends! Get a basket and some food wrap. Put some plashes, toys, candies,etc. into the basket and put the food wrap all over the basket. Also,to show more Easter spirit,leave a little note saying Happy Easter or something similar.

Plastic eggs may be better if you're clumsy. You can put glitter or googly eyes on your egg,or anything else that might make it a perfect egg. Hide eggs in places you don't expect them to be in. If using real eggs, ensure they are not in a place they could easily fall or break.If you use real eggs, hard boil them before hiding so they won't break. Make sure you get all the eggs! You don't want to find a rotten egg in your house in June.