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Mar 2, 2009

Not a Good Monday To Start With

Monday didn't go well for me. Had a terrible headache last night hoping that it will go away by today. Lucky me, I woke up with smashing headache . Felt like my brain got shake so hard, felt like one of my eye ball is going to pop out. Took some med, it calm down for a little bit, that's when I start working ( blogging, doing laundry the same time ). It's a lot of tension around the house, can't say it specifically but I am just trying to be invisible from everybody. I am tired, my body and my mind feels like it's really worn out. I am barely hanging on. I told my self had to hang in there and keep my self together.

To get myself distract , grab my PM3, put the earphone on, turn the volume up and start working at home like nobody are around me. I guess, life is like that... there is ups and down. But felt like mine is all going down. There are times that I about to give up, but the other side of me saying" hold on, you are going to make it" think about your kids and people that loves you. That's when I start tearing up. Life is full of trials. Sometimes you can bare it, sometimes you can't. I guess I can just hold on til until I can't no more.