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Mar 3, 2009

Live a Posh Lifestyle

Living a posh lifestyle doesn't necessarily mean having to be wealthy, although that doesn't hurt. Being posh, however, is a state of being rather than a monetary situation, so you can "live posh" if you so choose. Here is how.
Keep a refined home. Only buy things that add value to your surrounds. Posh people are stylish, not cluttered. Keep things clean, tidy and spacious.
Wear good quality clothing. Rather than buying lots of cheap items, buy several expensive, well-tailored and classic items. Wait for the sales if they are too expensive now, or try consignment stores. But good clothing is a sign of self-respect and an expectation that you like the finer things in life. And that's posh.
Be articulate. This does not mean putting on airs and graces (that is snobby, not posh) but it does mean that you should speak clearly, use English properly (know your grammar) and be well read. You should have at your fingertips a wide range of knowledge so that you can speak with a variety of people and impress them with the things that you know. You do not need depth but you do need breadth, which enables you to be a good people person.
Be an entertainer. Posh people like to show others the good life and how they live themselves. Have dinner parties and other functions at your place to let people see how graciously you live and how well versed you are in dining etiquette.
Know your etiquette. This is very important. Posh people have good manners and know the boundaries in human relations. They know not to tread on toes but equally they know how to upbraid people who do tread on toes. Manners are a form of currency for the posh person and the more you know of them, the better. Start with Emily Post if you haven't a clue yet.
Be careful not to become materialistic. Posh people are not materialistic - that easily becomes garish and common. Rather, posh people seek out quality and style whatever it may be - a handbag, a house, a car. Buy the best that your money can afford and go without the trinkets.
Keep healthy. The same for your body - buy good quality food to nourish yourself. Posh people respect themselves. Exercise regularly - find the right type of exercise for you, don't just join the latest trend. Never over-eat and never over-indulge. Posh people know their limits and respect them; especially since respect in the eyes of others is also very important for a posh person.
Look for posh people you admire. Don't copy them precisely but do allow their way of being, their style and attitudes have some influence on yours. That way, you can build a strong foundation on which to become a posh person in your own right.

Examples of famous posh people: Grace Kelly, Sir Alec Guinness, the Queen of England.


Mizzy Jhen said...

Nice Info...Thanks for Sharing...

March 4, 2009 at 8:34 AM