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Mar 11, 2009

How to Act Cool when You Have Few Friends

Do you ever feel down-in-the-dumps because everyone else has an entourage while you have a few friends? Do you feel insecure because of your unpopular situation? Being cool is easy if...
Realize that everyone feels insecure, no matter how many friends they have. Ask yourself "Would I rather have a few really close friends, or a lot of acquaintances?" Remind yourself that while you don't have a huge group of pals, you do have some; they're your friends for a reason. Act like you are on top of the world. If you have an "I am awesome!" attitude, people will, most likely, assume that you are awesome. You might even acquire some new friends with this attitude! Understand that the number of friends you have isn't a measurement of how great of a person you are. You won't lose "points" in life if you don't have friends, and you won't gain "points" by having a lot of friends, either.

Have a positive attitude. If your friends or people in your life achieve something than show them praise.Listen very hard to when people are talking to you. Being a good listener will win you many friends. There is nothing worse than talking to someone who pretends to listen.If you find yourself just sleeping around, getting wasted and always wanting to party, this has to stop. Turn it around and start to have a plan and goals. People respect that attitude more than you know.

Don't act cocky, this is a big turn-off, and may offend people.
Make sure you don't hog conversations. Always express interest in other people's views. Even if you think other people are weird, try to get along with them.
Don't think of sports as a vicious competition. You lose friends that way.
Don't ignore some potentially good friends just because you think they are not cool, attractive, fun or popular enough. It's a big loss for you, it does not matter what others think about your friends, as long as you guys have fun!