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Mar 11, 2009

Always Have People to Hang out With

Most people get bored easily! The solution is to have many friends to do things with, so most of the time, you'll be out with friends and not stuck at home bored.

Make different friends. This is the key! If they all have different schedules, then they could hang out with you at separate times!
Do not always appear bored. It can make the person appear as if you don't have a life! Your main goal is to have people you can hang out with whenever, not every second of your life, even if you do have lots of friends!
Chat with people in an unusual setting, such as your uncle's birthday party that appear your age. Making friends wherever you go is important!
Introduce one group of friends to another. That way, it's easier to hang out and maybe they can be good friends, too!

Though, to some teens, it may sound a little dorky, hang out with your family if none of your friends are available!
Don't suffocate them. They have other things to do, so lay off if you feel that they're getting annoyed!